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Amtgard is changing. Make e-Samurai your one-stop location for all the breaking news as it happens.

Awards Standards, New Kingdom Approved
[07/22/2007] [News]
The Circle of Monarchs voted at Clan on two very important issues.

Violence Addressed by Emerald Hills Queen
[10/18/2006] [News]
Zero tolerence policy emerging in the Emerald Hills.

Rising Winds Keeps Kizmit, Rigor
[05/30/2005] [News]
The 'no confidence' motions were defeated.

Election Fraud in the Rising Winds
[05/26/2005] [News]
The whole thing was in the process of being swept under the rug...

Balthizar Resigns
[01/19/2005] [News]
Goldenvale examines their corpora to see what to do.

7.0 Confirmed
[01/10/2005] [News]
The new rulebook will take effect officially midnight March 31st.

Nine Kingdoms for 7th Edition?
[01/10/2005] [News]
Unofficial reports say that Goldenvale and the Wetlands have voted yes.

Clan 2005
[12/27/2004] [News]
The Burning Lands is looking to involve those interested in creating a better event.

7th Edition Released
[11/21/2004] [News]
Download it, playtest it, tell your monarch what you think about it.

Balthazar's Four
[11/14/2004] [News]
Four new knights at Goldenvale's midreign.

6.5 Released
[10/11/2004] [News]
This is the most recent copy of the rulebook. Post feedback.

Wander into another world
[08/15/2004] [News]
For four days the clans practiced their talents with energy and dedication. From the Alamogordo Daily News.

Warriors of the Woods
[04/25/2004] [News]
They meet, they fight, they imagine, all on a Sunday afternoon. From the Tallahassee Democrat, by Kathleen Laufenberg, staff writer.

Rising Winds Crime Policy
[03/03/2004] [News]
The Rising Winds will pay you if you turn in Amtgarders who you believe have committed crimes.

BLBOD Threatens Rising Winds
[09/22/2003] [News]
Aramithris threatens to expel the Rising Winds from Amtgard, compares them to Nazi Germany.

Mystic Seas Althing Appoints Monarchy
[09/08/2003] [News]
Squire Walliss to be the pro-tem leader.

Goldenvale Stabbing
[08/25/2003] [News]
An Amtgarder stabbed another Amtgarder with a decorative sword. The Goldenvale Duchy of the Crystal Groves is seeking his explusion from the game.

Goldenvale Standardizes Awards
[08/20/2003] [News]
A recent Goldenvale Althing brings awards into line with the rest of Amtgard but regresses on weapon safety.

'Rakis 2003: Cultural Olympiad Results
[07/03/2003] [News]
The top ten winners of the cultural side of Olympiad, with lists of individual scores in each category. Includes a link to the complete Excel spreadsheet containing judges' scores.

'Rakis 2003: War Olympian Results
[07/01/2003] [News]
A complete breakdown of placings and individual points, showing the results for the top twenty fighters in the Olympiad tourney.

'Rakis Problems Settled
[06/30/2003] [News]
Emperor Michael and the Iron Mountains Circle of Knights bring 'Rakis 2003 one step closer to closure.

Clan Site Found
[05/18/2003] [News]
Clan will be held on July 24-27 at a new site outside of Ruidoso, New Mexico.

King Arion Dissolves Tir a Sol
[05/13/2003] [News]
Voting irregularities led to the abolishment of the Celestial Kingdom split; talks are taking place to voluntarily end the Grand Duchy of the South.

Goldenvale Crisis Resolved
[02/05/2003] [News]
King Goliath offers Dame Willow the position of champion.

Willow Was Running, Goldenvale List Confirms
[02/02/2003] [News]
10th Kingdom still in violation of their Corpora.

Goldenvale Responds to Charges of Corruption
[02/02/2003] [News]
"[Dame Willow] gave me no impression that she was running for Champion," King Goliath says.

Coup in Goldenvale
[02/02/2003] [News]
King Goliath reverses the results of Goldenvale's crown quals.

The Accident
[12/31/2002] [News]
An article by editor Todd Wildermuth of the Raton Range tells what happened on December 27th, 2002.

Mystic Seas Update
[12/16/2002] [News]
The Mystic Seas continues to crumble, but one critical group votes to stay.

Inland Ocean Leaves Mystic Seas
[12/15/2002] [News]
They also support confederating with other dissatisfied parks nearby.

BLBOD Intervenes in Alamogordo
[11/24/2002] [News]
The Burning Lands rejects Sir Deathstalker's new shire and yanks Shadowvale's contract.

Wetlands Updates and More
[09/30/2002] [News]
The Wetlands has been accepted and Amtgard Combat is back, plus news from Forest Evergreen and the folks at Redhawk Radio.

6.1 Released for Playtest
[09/21/2002] [News]
And as always, e-Samurai is there.

Breaking News in the Wetlands
[09/15/2002] [News]
The Wetlands approved the letter.

Clan XX Monarch's Meeting
[08/28/2002] [News]
The Circle of Monarchs approved the minutes of their informal Clan meeting and released them to the public.

Wetlands Knights Support Compromise
[08/28/2002] [News]
Pope O'Banion: "I fully support this and ask that you do the same."

The Monarchs Met at Clan
[07/29/2002] [News]
And we're one step closer to reuniting Amtgard.

Mystic Seas Supports BLBOD, Controversy Ensues
[07/21/2002] [News]
The gulf between Mystic Seas proper and its vassal states grows wider with two controversial decisions.

Wetlands: The Emerald Hills Landslide
[07/17/2002] [News]
Amtgard's second-oldest Kingdom recognizes the Wetlands and rejects the decision of the BLBOD.

Wetlands Update: Golden Plains Makes it Official
[07/15/2002] [News]
They decided a long time ago, but now it's official.

Crisis in the Wetlands: NW Recognizes Wetlands
[05/22/2002] [News]
Neverwinter now recognizes the Wetlands as a Kingdom of Amtgard, making Neverwinter the third kingdom to reject the BLBOD decision.

Crisis in the Wetlands: GV
[05/09/2002] [News]
Goldenvale's position -- it's not neutral.

Crisis in the Wetlands
[05/08/2002] [News]
Breaking news from the Kingdom of Neverwinter.

Crisis in the Wetlands
[04/10/2002] [News]
Dragonspine and the Iron Mountains recognize the Wetlands and call for interkingdom government.

BLBOD Drops Wetlands.
[04/03/2002] [News]
Breaking news.


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