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Ah, the writers. These are the guys and gals who send in articles. Some of 'em are staff writers, some of 'em are guests, and at least one of 'em is Randall. Read on, brave surfer.

Women on the sword path in the Iron Mountains
[08/28/2017] [Lightning]
This essay explores how the Iron Mountains can be more inclusive to fighters who are women.

Amtgard Communication
[06/24/2015] [Randall]
There are several things a person can do to make their communication more successful.

Doing Facebook Better
[05/08/2015] [Randall]
A few thoughts on Facebook, Monkey business, and what we need to improve.

Strength Matters
[03/19/2015] [Randall]
In Amtgard combat, strength is an advantage for both men and women--and it's insurmountably more important for women.

Kingdom Level
[03/02/2015] [Randall]
It's important for expectations to match reality.

Archery Drills
[10/22/2014] [Quiet]
Archers must practice constantly to maintain their accuracy.

The Best Bad Influences
[09/09/2014] [Syntaury]
My history is always calling to me.

Regarding Companies
[06/24/2014] [Pumyra]
Joining a company is one of the most awesome and important things you can do in life, let alone in Amtgard.

[05/20/2014] [Jester]
Communicate and calibrate.

Armor is Cool
[05/14/2014] [Randall]
“We use light swords” is not an argument to allow unrealistic armor.

Awards: Too easy?
[02/13/2014] [Randall]
Top awards should be for top performance, but does that always happen?

Opening Paladin and Anti-Paladin
[02/03/2014] [Glen]
Paladin and Anti-Paladin should be open to all players without restriction.

Amtgard Armoring: An Introduction
[01/30/2014] [Avi]
These general points should make entry-level armoring easier.

V8 is Amtgard
[01/23/2014] [Randall]
There is only one word in existence that sums up V8.

Skill Gap
[01/03/2014] [Randall]
It's important to learn how to address skill gap at your park.

V8: A Skeptic's Journey
[08/30/2013] [Korderellin]
What had initially seemed like drastic changes really hadn't done anything to the core of the Amtgard experience.

On Wizards and Staffs
[07/11/2013] [Roger]
The staff has been at times mocked, but it isn't exactly a useless weapon.

Running a Kick-Ass Event
[07/01/2013] [Okami Cio Cio]
The more you're prepared, the better you'll be able to deal with the challenges.

Cleaner, not Harder
[06/27/2013] [Bowen]
Sloughers are bad, but ramping up your blow strength is not the right answer.

What is Wrong With Knighthood?
[03/06/2013] [Etah]
Masterhood should be a goal in and of itself instead of just being a part of a longer journey.

The Meaning of the Office of Knighthood
[12/17/2012] [Michael]
Service, mentorship and maintenance.

Duties to Squires
[11/29/2012] [Michael]
These are the duties I feel I owe my squires.

A Time for Choosing
[10/01/2012] [Randall]
Going forward, Amtgard should protect its members and itself.

The Next Generation
[08/24/2012] [Randall]
I am happy with aetherfoam as a noodle replacement.

Baby, Be a Simple Kind of Battlegame Designer
[08/02/2012] [Randall]
Keep 'em simple, keep 'em focused, and make sure people get to play.

Brennon asks Bangor the Riddle of Change
[07/18/2012] [Bangor]
For Bangor, this is a question of how roleplay is affected, if any requirements or system features are missing, and is most importantly - it larpable?

Steamgard Part IV: Heaven and Earth
[07/06/2012] [Asmund]
The supernatural special effects might be down-played, but spells are still as important as ever.

Steamgard Part III: Silence and Thunder
[04/17/2012] [Asmund]
Steamgard is a setting in constant motion, always far ahead of where one might expect.

Steamgard Part II: Blood and Brass
[04/02/2012] [Asmund]
Now we shall begin our exploration of the classes of Steamgard.

Steamgard Part I: Introduction
[03/23/2012] [Asmund]
"Steampunk", you say?

Archetype Usage
[02/24/2012] [Avi]
Look beyond the name of a class.

It’s Circle Time… For Your Children
[02/23/2012] [Andromeda]
Kids at Amtgard should be a good thing!

Knighthood, Beyond an Award
[01/25/2012] [Medryn]
"Be the change you want to see" is a phrase that has recently become popular in the Amtgard lexicon, and this is what I call you to do.

Amtgard Fitness: Counting the Calories
[01/06/2012] [Glen]
Glen spent the last year taking careful measurement of my caloric usage at Amtgard.

Amtgard in Croatia
[11/22/2011] [Eques]
I was expecting something along the lines of Knoblander. I was sorta right, and entirely unprepared.

Representing Amtgard
[11/04/2011] [Lurker]
Stomping out the perceived dregs will not improve Amtgard.

[10/31/2011] [Okami Cio Cio]
While you're in office, you're in politics. What's important is to remember that you're a good politician.

Inauthentic Armor
[07/18/2011] [Trieste]
Why should armor weigh close to historical standards to receive full value? We're certainly not using it to ward off weapons that weigh close to historical standards

Hey Amtgard, I have a modest proposal
[06/21/2011] [Fionnigan Hellblazer]
The proposal that I present is dramatic, but I believe it is in the best interests of all players.

Of Chains and Rules
[05/10/2011] [Randall]
Is it okay to allow exceptions to the rules? Is it smart to even have rules?

Amtgard Politics 101
[04/22/2011] [Kaadiart]
If you got rid of politics, a minority of the people would be upset.

Parable of the Flurb and the Warlord
[04/11/2011] [Glen]
Love combat with all your heart, with all your soul, and never fail to take the field.

Crown Quals on a Budget
[04/07/2011] [Egil Njalsson]
Crown Quals is a place to show off your talents rather than your bank account.

Re-Inventing Events: Reflections on The G.A.M.E.
[04/06/2011] [Cassandrah]
It's said, "hope for the best, plan for the worst." Part 4 in the series.

Re-Inventing Events: Reflections on The G.A.M.E.
[04/05/2011] [Cassandrah]
The are several standard items you definitely want to place prominently in your schedule. Part 3 in the series.

Re-Inventing Events: Reflections on The G.A.M.E.
[04/04/2011] [Cassandrah]
In my opinion, the place you choose to host your event is the cardinal planning point. Part 2 in the series.

Re-Inventing Events: Reflections on The G.A.M.E.
[04/01/2011] [Cassandrah]
As a guest staff member of the Great Amtgard May Event, I noted several ways that the planning and execution of this event were different. Part 1 in the series.

Amtgard Fitness
[03/29/2011] [Glen]
A journey of discovery into the world of fitness and body measurement devices.

Thoughts on Knighthood
[03/25/2011] [Grimbold]
Let’s hold the idea of knighthood to a higher standard, making those who strive for it have to achieve more before they are granted the belt.

Rules Are Rules
[03/23/2011] [Delphos]
Wouldn't it be so nice to just blindly follow rules?

The Things We Forget
[03/20/2011] [Sev]
I doubted the "family" part of Amtgard back them.

A Treatise on the Promotion of Knightly Orders Within the Amtgard Peerage
[03/18/2011] [Ethryn]
Knights can uphold the prestige of their peerage by organizing into knightly orders.

Fourteen Kingdoms in Twelve Months: Wetlands
[12/22/2010] [Randall]
What looks like an old park but feels like a young park?

You Are Not the Flurb Messiah
[11/04/2010] [Randall]
Let all who are hungry for roleplay, come and roleplay with me.

Thirteen Kingdoms in Twelve Months: Iron Mountains
[10/19/2010] [Randall]
Querna Tema is good people with a good park.

Feast of the Dead: Everyone Warned Me
[09/28/2010] [Glen]
The event gave me a new perspective on Crystal Groves.

Auditing the Prime Minister
[09/16/2010] [Randall]
One of the most common problems in Amtgard seems to be bad record-keeping.

Adventuring Within Amtgard:
An Introspective Behind Modern Harvest Wars

[09/13/2010] [Lurker]
The element of choice is essential to fun for any group of Amtgarders.

Amtgard Parenting Thoughts
[09/10/2010] [Okami Cio Cio]
I know that my Amtgard experience is enriched by my family. I hope yours can as well.

Battlefield Cowardess
[08/05/2010] [Sutra]
Along with the brave and noble characters of myth and legend, so do exist their antitheses.

Rekindling the Spark
[08/02/2010] [Evan Tranginoire]
Chances are that you or someone you know has been affected by apathy.

Thirteen Kingdoms in Twelve Months: Burning Lands
[06/17/2010] [Randall]
This was not the Burning Lands I remember visiting as a teenager.

Thirteen Kingdoms in Twelve Months: Golden Plains
[05/10/2010] [Randall]
Dark Oasis is happy Amtgard, the way it should be played.

How to Grow a Shire to Kingdom Size in Under Two Years
[04/11/2010] [Collin the Red] is a powerful tool that can help Amtgard lands grow in both members and public recognition.

...And Justice For All
[03/29/2010] [Grendel]
Justifying your behavior doesn't mean your behavior is just.

Thirteen Kingdoms in Twelve Months: Emerald Hills
[03/29/2010] [Randall]
The weekend was enjoyable and full, and the little taste I got of these wonderful parks made me want to stay longer at each of them.

The Coming Noodlepocalypse
[03/19/2010] [Randall]
Will we be able to use noodle in 2011?

Last Century Amtgard
[03/15/2010] [Randall]
We should embrace the good and learn from the bad.

You're the Monarch . . . Now What?
[02/12/2010] [Okami Cio Cio]
Do your best, stay cool, and keep smiling.

Amtgard Language
[02/10/2010] [Randall]
With just a few small changes, we can change the game.

Building and Evolving Larger Group Awareness and Identity
[01/13/2010] [Sindari]
Building an Amtgard larger group consciousness starts with many people in the individual provinces wanting and believing.

Packing for Events
[01/11/2010] [Brother Fredrik]
The key is planning.

Peripheral Amtgarders (and A&S)
[01/04/2010] [Randall]
If you host a regular A&S, make a point to invite your peripherals. If you don't have one, start one.

Mainstream: The Future of Medieval Combat is Now
[11/20/2009] [Brennon]
Medieval Combat Sports is at a turning point.

Dr. Strangelucas, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wiki
[07/14/2009] [Lucas the Lost]
What's Amtwiki? It's a Wiki for Amtgard.

American Amtgard vs Canadian Amtgard
[06/26/2009] [Magnus]
Many veteran Canadian players recall Goldenvale’s ‘Great Eastern 4’ as the turning point where Canadian Amtgard changed.

Get Some Class!
[05/22/2009] [Judas]
There are three principal reasons to choose a class to play.

A Framework for Roleplaying in Amtgard
[04/24/2009] [jewishjedi]
Roleplaying does not work.

The Problem with Drama (and Amtgard Burnout)
[04/08/2009] [Shalingh]
How many of you have been sitting at home, puzzling over your Amtgard career, when suddenly the idea comes into your mind: Maybe I should just quit?

Some People Don't Get Us. Do We Really Get Them?
[03/11/2009] [Chekers]
If we can cooperate, I get to smack some more people around. That's all I really want.

Between Stick Jock and Flurb
[02/27/2009] [Randall]
Make the other side want to play in your reindeer games

E-Samurai Interview: Heartwynd
[02/20/2009] [The Interviewer]
The Interview travels to Western Gate, which really exists this time.

Better Online Communication - For Amtgard and Beyond!
[02/19/2009] [Okami Cio Cio]
There are a number of simple tricks that can make Internet communication easier and more effective.

How To Change The Game
[02/04/2009] [Potato]
Imagine if PAG had attempted to spear-head the production of 7.0.

E-Samurai Interview: Grix
[01/23/2009] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer gets Grix rolled.

Why We Fight Against Each Other
[01/12/2009] [Chekers]
This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

Recollections of Doomsday
[01/11/2009] [Grendel]
I understood that Fight Club quote because I felt it.

Talk versus Walk
[01/10/2009] [Bowen]
Bring about a change and find your enjoyment through, not only your deeds, but the enjoyment others get from those deeds.

Amtgard Misperceptions
[01/09/2009] [Randall]
What if people assumed I was boycotting the reign?

Challenges to the Game
[11/21/2008] [Brennon and Flare]
Amtgard has many positives in its favor, but it also possesses fundamental challenges in critical areas.

How To Give Awards
[10/09/2008] [Okami Cio Cio]
Your peace of mind - and the people you're wanting to see properly recognized.

Goblin! Are You Man Enough?
[09/22/2008] [Gideon]
Get your smelly-ass garb, and make sure to stand up-wind as you kill them.

Anyone Can Judge
[09/04/2008] [Okami Cio Cio]
There are many challenges the novice judge runs into.

Most Lefties Suck
[07/10/2008] [Glen]
Let's remedy the epidemic of craptastic Lefties slaughtering mediocre Righties.

Those Things That Count
[06/30/2008] [Guy]
Memories and relationships will carry you farther than any individual achievement or glory.

Ostracism the Just
[05/23/2008] [Randall]
A viking election consisted of drowning the old king in a river. We are more like the Athenians.

Amtgard Cavemen
[05/19/2008] [Randall]
I'd like to say that it's so easy that a caveman could do it, but it's really the other way around.

Themed Reigns For Stick-Jocks And Flurbs
[04/29/2008] [Asmund]
Sometimes a minor six-month make-over is all it takes to bring everyone together.

Building Your Flower Garden
[04/22/2008] [Harold]
I am by no means the all-knowing guru of service, but I do know a few little tricks to get noticed.

Women, Children, Midgets, and the Lame
[04/01/2008] [Chekers]
Being able to judge strengths and weaknesses is very useful if we want our game to grow.

The Best
[01/19/2008] [William]
I don't consider how to make a foam plug a super-duper, double-plus-secret secret.

Children are our Future
[01/18/2008] [Fenris Blackwood]
Don't let your monarch take away the children.

Amtgard Thanksgiving
[11/27/2007] [Randall]
This article would've been something great to write last week.

Letter to a New Knight
[10/01/2007] [Tanath]
It was with these thoughts in mind that I kneed you in the balls.

Evolution of a Game
[09/28/2007] [Kurse]
If we are to grow as a society, we must nurture the positives in our membership.

Communism & Capitalism: Two Mindsets in Amtgard
[09/21/2007] [Brennon]
Why do some people not strive towards excellence?

Discussions from a Tuesday: A Mountaintop without Women
[09/11/2007] [Glen]
"Just one" is practically the same as "none".

The Knight/Squire Relationship
[08/16/2007] [Guy]
Make each other look good and, for sanity's sake, have fun.

Fighting Burnout
[07/31/2007] [Micah]
Burnout can be a very dangerous thing for a growing park.

Awards Standards, New Kingdom Approved
[07/22/2007] [News]
The Circle of Monarchs voted at Clan on two very important issues.

Circle of Almost Monarchs
[07/18/2007] [Randall]
If we want to be Amtgard, empowering and trusting the Circle of Monarchs is the way.

The End of Archery?
[07/11/2007] [Ethan]
Amtgard archery can be perfectly safe and a fun part of the game.

What's In a Name?
[07/09/2007] [Tanath]
There are 139 references to Shadow on the ORK, 27 of which are just “Shadow.” Is there something we can do about this?

Sometimes in Winter
[02/27/2007] [Ursus Bear]
With care and a bit of coddling, winter attendance can flourish just as well as any other.

Ouch, My Hand: Newbie Combat from a Veteran's Perspective
[02/21/2007] [Glen]
We need to provide an atmosphere where newbies can be heroic and important instead of faceless chaff

A Point to Roleplaying
[02/21/2007] [Styx]
The game is moving towards being a sport because people want to have goals they can reach.

Handling Death
[02/20/2007] [Glen]
Proper handling of death in Amtgard can do a great deal to facilitate role-play.

What Ails Amtgard?
[02/19/2007] [Roger]
In overcoming our obstacles, did we lose the drive to keep us going?

Promoting Roleplay At Your Park
[02/15/2007] [Celwyn]
You want to have ongoing plots in your park.

Consent: A Cooperative Approach of Role-play
[02/14/2007] [Glen]
Consent is required for successful role-play in Amtgard.

Thoughts from a Frustrated Writer
[02/13/2007] [Arminius]
Sit back, enjoy the randomness of my brain, and let your mind idle for a bit.

Portland Syndrome
[02/12/2007] [Randall]
If this is 'The Dream', then wake me up.

Do You Remember Your Persona?
[02/12/2007] [Raven]
Personas are still important

Shire Troubles and Learning to Let Go
[02/08/2007] [Shalingh]
We are the problem.

Flail: It Isn’t a Crutch
[02/06/2007] [Arminius]
Lack of honor is what makes the flail a crutch.

The Good Old Days
[01/23/2007] [Shanti]
Amtgard has become like the real world.

Spearweasel Was Right
[12/19/2006] [Randall]
Everyone in the game seems to be assigned into two categories - stick jocks and flurbs.

StickJock - Striking Misnomer
[11/01/2006] [Sutra]
Does riot grade police head-gear constitute being in character?

Violence Addressed by Emerald Hills Queen
[10/18/2006] [News]
Zero tolerence policy emerging in the Emerald Hills.

A View of What We Are Becoming
[10/16/2006] [Sparhawk]
While my company may have won World Banner Wars, it does not feel like a victory.

A Message to Veterans
[09/25/2006] [Tanath]
The next time some 15-year-old kid backstabs you, you should smile.

The Opinionated Seamstress On Writing Event Notices
[09/13/2006] [Liana]
What information should go into an event notice to make it useful?

Strategic Spellcasting 101
[09/12/2006] [Khanar]
One of the most common problems on the field is the lack of the proper magic at the proper time.

Pooping Freely and Staying Happy
[09/11/2006] [Okami Cio Cio]
Why does my duchy have so little political upheaval?

Monster Crafting Tips
[09/10/2006] [Matthias]
Once you get the hang of it, making a monster never before seen in Amtgardia can be as fun as actually playing it.

Cover Story
[09/09/2006] [Ascolis Wyldfire]
Maybe we should be looking to ban a different type of cover.

Let us be Flurby
[09/08/2006] [Raven]
Would it hurt for any kingdom to do a little role-playing? Give ‘em the option!

Effective Amt-Sites
[09/07/2006] [Ursus]
Nothing kills a group like contact information for a Monarch that hasn't played in three years.

Trashy Garb and Positive Perceptions
[06/12/2006] [Randall]
It's important for Amtgard chapters to look good, have good attitudes, and get involved in the community.

E-Samurai Interview: Sponge
[05/18/2006] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer soaks up this guy's story like a. . . uh, like a thing that you use to soak things up. That thing with holes.

A Successful Battlegame
[05/17/2006] [Brennon]
You can craft and run battlegames that are fun for newbies and old ditch monkies alike.

Hatred of the New
[04/15/2006] [Matthias]
Consider whether you are letting personal taste cloud your judgment.

Of Troublemakers and 'Official' Amtgard
[04/13/2006] [Randall]
Amtgard troublemakers should not be able to excuse their abuse of other Amtgardians by claiming they weren’t at an Amtgard.

Preparing Your Items For Judging
[04/04/2006] [Okami Cio Cio]
What can you do to increase your scores?

Of Rats and Sinking Ships
[04/03/2006] [Randall]
It’d be so much easier to just let the damn thing sink and go home. But there are reasons not to.

Cross-Country Beltlines
[04/03/2006] [Arminius]
Keeping your own beltline strong keeps the entire belted system strong.

Why Be Bad When You Can Be Good?
[03/13/2006] [Okami Cio Cio]
Keep your balls aloft and please people.

[03/02/2006] [Some Tennessee Guy]
Apathy will destroy the game that we all love.

Honor in Jugging
[03/01/2006] [Calidran]
The odds are simply not in a reeve’s favor when trying to adjudicate a jugging match.

[02/02/2006] [Randall]
Winning elections is easy if you know how.

Amtgard Politics and Yelling at Empty Rowboats
[02/01/2006] [Okami Cio Cio]
Are their motivations nefarious?

The Value of Assholes
[01/26/2006] [Okami Cio Cio]
Appreciate them for what they offer.

To Flurb or Not to Flurb
[01/25/2006] [Fenrix]
Whether 'tis nobler in the game to suffer the slings and arrows or outrageous stick-jocks. . . or to simply be in a park in a weird costume about to get attacked by one of your friends wearing face paint and carrying a foam stick.

The Reeve Guildmaster's Art: Making Good Tests
[01/24/2006] [Matthias]
Be impartial, fair, have a good eye, and be well-versed in the rules.

Crown Knighthood: A Reformation Proposal
[01/23/2006] [Glen]
There is one order of knighthood that differs from all of the others in Amtgard.

Election Patterns
[01/09/2006] [Randall]
Is the champion-as-heir pattern a permanent fixture in the Kingdom of Dragonspine?

The Most Unimportant Article
[01/03/2006] [Randall]
What happened that made us stop having fun?

E-Samurai Moving
[06/28/2005] [Randall]
There's some changes on the horizon.

Leadership in Amtgard
[06/20/2005] [Lord Muerte]
Leadership is an easy thing to define. Much harder is defining the exact qualities of a good leader.

Olympiad Cultural Results
[06/14/2005] [Azmandius]
Check out how the contestants did in the Rising Winds!

E-Samurai Articles
[06/09/2005] [Roger]
It had seemed to me that the rate of articles in e-Sam had been down of late.

E-Samurai Interview: Talisin
[06/07/2005] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer has some very strange questions for the tyrant of the Iron Mountains.

Rising Winds Keeps Kizmit, Rigor
[05/30/2005] [News]
The 'no confidence' motions were defeated.

Election Fraud in the Rising Winds
[05/26/2005] [News]
The whole thing was in the process of being swept under the rug...

Autopsy of a Quest
[05/19/2005] [Corbin]
Three long hours of confusion, frustration, and consternation when the game is finally called.

Bad Becoming Normal
[05/09/2005] [Rewth]
Have we degraded certain aspects of our game while not noticing it?

So are you going to SKBC?
[02/08/2005] [Michael]
To maximize the learning elements of SKBC, I have some suggestions.

How It Happened
[01/26/2005] [Brennon]
This is not the story of 7.0.

The Grind
[01/25/2005] [Randall]
Sometimes things stop being fun and start being work.

Balthizar Resigns
[01/19/2005] [News]
Goldenvale examines their corpora to see what to do.

Public Access Amtgard
[01/13/2005] [Glen]
In the 1920's radio became a big hit. We have Redhawk Radio. In the 1990's the Internet became a big hit. We have E-Samurai. We seem to have missed one of the big communication revolutions though: Television. So now I give you Public Access Amtgard.

Flavor and Usefulness
[01/12/2005] [Michael]
I have been thinking hard about the place of the Arts and Sciences in Amtgard.

7.0 Confirmed
[01/10/2005] [News]
The new rulebook will take effect officially midnight March 31st.

Nine Kingdoms for 7th Edition?
[01/10/2005] [News]
Unofficial reports say that Goldenvale and the Wetlands have voted yes.

Too Many Events
[01/07/2005] [jewishjedi]
We have more going on than can be handled.

Persona Lite II
[01/05/2005] [Drilillithon]
It’s not hard to be in character if the character is simple but still believable.

Be Happy
[01/04/2005] [Jynx]
If you aren't happy with what you're doing in Amtgard, do something else.

Best Thread Evar!
[01/03/2005] [Matthias]
A newbie's guide to the Electric Samurai.

The Year in Review III
[12/31/2004] [Randall]
We wished for a good year for Amtgard and that’s exactly what we got.

Ask the Monarchs
[12/30/2004] [Randall]
Four questions for all the kings and queens of Amtgard.

Persona Lite
[12/29/2004] [Drilillithon]
We are already roleplaying.

Amtgard's Unsung Heroes
[12/28/2004] [Bayushi Mano]
You may have never heard of them. They may never make the top ten list.

Clan 2005
[12/27/2004] [News]
The Burning Lands is looking to involve those interested in creating a better event.

Keep it Simple, Stupid
[12/27/2004] [Kenshin]
Go easy on the newbies. They’ll figure it out.

The Scrooges of Amtgard
[12/24/2004] [Matthias]
The more you tell someone that they're not good enough, the more they will believe it.

Flurby Weapons No More
[12/23/2004] [Simon Blackfell and Arminius]
Some of us play this game as stick flurbs.

Lord Minimus
[12/22/2004] [Arminius]
If you want title standardization, don’t give a space holder one.

Things I've Learned
[12/21/2004] [Kuma the Painted]
I never wanted to become one of the heavy-duty flurbs.

Nobody Sluffs
[12/20/2004] [Randall]
This article isn’t late. You have to take it.

Things a Newbie Needs
[12/19/2004] [Zoah]
There are some things we can improve upon with helping newbies.

The Ideal
[12/18/2004] [Sir Angrist]
I cringe when people tell me they want to be a knight so they can play Paladin.

Best of Amtgard Combat:
A Brief History of AmtSwords

[12/17/2004] []
I remember using PVC swords. . .

My First Vigil
[12/16/2004] [Arminius]
There is no better way to salute a new knight than by having a vigil.

E-Samurai Interview: Sanchez
[12/15/2004] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer goes to Goldenvale and comes away with a Knight of the Sword interview.

Armor Revision
[12/14/2004] [Drilillithon]
The armor rules have stayed fundamentally the same while the rest of Amtgard moves forward into the future.

The Stigma of Belt Hunger
[12/13/2004] [Fitz]
Are they belt hungry? Or are they just driven?

Persona or Pseudonym?
[12/12/2004] [Matthias]
Is a pseudonym all we should aspire to in Amtgard?

Qualify It
[12/11/2004] [Randall]
If you’re qualified for a belt, you should be fit to be a knight.

Best of Amtgard Combat:
I Will Not Be Bested By My Ankles

[12/10/2004] []
Who wants to stop playing on account of your dumb ankle?

Best of Amtgard Combat:
Like a Blister in the Sun

[12/09/2004] []
Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a hundred people on the sideline and ten people in a trench.

Thing I Learned Over Thanksgiving Vacation
[12/08/2004] [Glen]
Is it hubris to think people really care about my side trips to local parks, or is it just a frank recognition of reality?

The Shrinking Amtgard
[12/06/2004] [Arminius]
Without our internet tools, we would be playing in the dark ages.

7th Edition Released
[11/21/2004] [News]
Download it, playtest it, tell your monarch what you think about it.

Top Ten Most Famous Amtgarders 2004
[11/18/2004] [Randall]
Who are the most well-known Amtgarders? e-Samurai asked and the people answered.

The Northern Experience
[11/15/2004] [Arminius]
Things are a bit different here.

Balthazar's Four
[11/14/2004] [News]
Four new knights at Goldenvale's midreign.

Rules Review
[11/08/2004] [Randall]
The 7th edition is a fine offering.

6.5 Released
[10/11/2004] [News]
This is the most recent copy of the rulebook. Post feedback.

E-Samurai Interview: Tar'get
[10/07/2004] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer questions Tar'get and hits DeMark.

Optimism in Amtgard
[10/04/2004] [Randall]
I wonder if this will work.

E-Samurai Interview: Brennon
[09/28/2004] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer seeks perfection from one of Amtgard's newest knights.

The Case for Crown Quals
[09/05/2004] [Randall]
Ten reasons why we should keep Crown Quals.

Amtgard Travel
[08/30/2004] [Dalos]
Make Amtgard travel cheaper, safer, and more enjoyable.

Best of Amtgard Combat:
Madu Combat Theory in Application

[08/18/2004] []
The madu is the most versatile weapon available.

Wander into another world
[08/15/2004] [News]
For four days the clans practiced their talents with energy and dedication. From the Alamogordo Daily News.

The Three Games of Amtgard
[08/04/2004] [Jabberwock]
What kind of player are you?

Horoscope: Cancer
[07/28/2004] [Sage]
Your past, present and future.

Upkeep of a Land
[07/20/2004] [Arminius]
Recruitment must be an ongoing process.

Do Something
[07/19/2004] [Randall]
You don’t need permission to make Amtgard better.

The Flurb's Perspective on Armor
[07/05/2004] [Arminius]
We should give modern materials a chance.

Keeping it Fresh
[06/30/2004] [Luke Wyngarde]
Are regular local days just no fun anymore?

Forecast: Gemini
[06/30/2004] [Sage]
It's full of stars.

Dear Brennon and Arthon
[06/03/2004] [Brennon and Arthon]
I almost feel silly writing this...

Horoscope: Taurus
[06/03/2004] [Sage]
Better late than never!

Why Jugging?
[05/27/2004] [Franchesca]
I'm going to try my hand at this sport.

SKBC Notes: Train the Trainer, Part III
[05/24/2004] [Michael]
Tips for when your student starts to get good.

Best of Amtgard Combat:
Warlord: Definition and Types

[05/17/2004] []
Beyond all the other masterhoods, companies, and awards, there is the title of Warlord.

SKBC Notes: Train the Trainer, Part II
[05/13/2004] [Michael]
Tips for teaching new players in search of more training.

RedHawk Radio
[05/12/2004] [Larin]
Thinking back on the shit we've pulled on the air always makes me smile.

SKBC Notes: Train the Trainer, Part I
[05/12/2004] [Michael]
Training first-contact newbies.

Origins of the Flurb
[05/10/2004] [Randall]
The whole story, from flurby beginnings to the modern day.

E-Samurai Interview: Arthon
[05/03/2004] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer bounces on the knee of Amtgard's favorite uncle.

stick jock 3: Return of the Queen
[04/29/2004] [Zumat]
Somewhere between half a koan and someone else's wisdom, self-indulgent masturbation returns.

Why Amtgard?
[04/27/2004] [Arminius]
Remind yourself why you have stuck with Amtgard these long years.

Warriors of the Woods
[04/25/2004] [News]
They meet, they fight, they imagine, all on a Sunday afternoon. From the Tallahassee Democrat, by Kathleen Laufenberg, staff writer.

Amtgard Dinosaurs
[04/13/2004] [Randall]
Are your ideas as obsolete as a PVC core?

Best of Amtgard Combat:
Twenty Tips for Aspiring 'Stick Jocks', Part Four

[04/07/2004] []
These five tips round out the four-part series on how to improve your game.

Best of Amtgard Combat:
Twenty Tips for Aspiring 'Stick Jocks', Part Three

[04/07/2004] []
Hitting your foes a bunch and other tricks of the stick jock trade.

Best of Amtgard Combat:
Twenty Tips for Aspiring 'Stick Jocks', Part Two

[04/06/2004] []
From aggression to practice, here's five more tips on how to improve your game.

Best of Amtgard Combat:
Twenty Tips for Aspiring 'Stick Jocks', Part One

[04/04/2004] []
Go to SKBC fully-armed with these tips from an old warrior.

Combat Arrows
[04/04/2004] [Thorne]
These are instructions to make Amtgard legal combat arrows.

Best of Amtgard Combat:
M is for Master

[03/23/2004] []
20 Questions with Duke Sir M'deth of Benden, Warlord.

A United, Divided Amtgard
[03/08/2004] [Randall]
It is time for all kingdoms to establish geographic boundaries.

A Stick Jock Rebuttal
[03/08/2004] [Zumat]
The "Sport" of Amtgard is here to stay.

Ditching for Charity
[03/07/2004] [Dalos]
Get as many people as possible ditching for the children!

Rising Winds Crime Policy
[03/03/2004] [News]
The Rising Winds will pay you if you turn in Amtgarders who you believe have committed crimes.

Things That Piss Me Off
[03/03/2004] [Kuma the Painted]
I hate “The Dream.”

Ultralight Weapons - An Experiment
[02/24/2004] [Malek Marlschev]
Dominant fighters will come out on top, regardless of the weapon tech used.

Horoscope: Pisces
[02/24/2004] [Sage]
Pisces is the realm of mutable water, ocean, where things are constantly changing.

Specialist Spellcasters
[02/15/2004] [Luke Wyngarde]
I couldn’t comprehend how the few classes allowed a player could encompass the full range of fantasy professions.

Heralds and Jesters
[02/15/2004] [Paiden]
Why is a joke funny 300 times, but not 301?

Dear Brennon and Arthon
[02/02/2004] [Brennon and Arthon]
I was made the champion in my park and any help would be appreciated.

A Time To Kill
[01/28/2004] [Arthon]
I shall stand alone on that mountaintop and know that I have conquered all.

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event: Neverwinter Coronation

[01/27/2004] [Michael]
This event was damned good.

Horoscope: The January Forecast
[01/25/2004] [Sage]
The following is a reading of the New Moon chart that applies to all of us, no matter what sign the Sun was in at birth.

Spellcasting 101
[01/22/2004] [Luke Wyngarde]
Magic is the foundation upon which all fantasy is built.

Cold Weather Primer
[01/19/2004] [jewishjedi]
At least you’re not at work.

The Year in Review II
[12/29/2003] [Randall]
A good year for news. . . a great year for Amtgard.

E-Samurai Interview: Michael
[12/02/2003] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer ambushes Michael like a ninja.

Horoscope: The December Forecast
[12/01/2003] [Sage]
This new moon is a Total Solar Eclipse!

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event Eight: Rosewood

[11/06/2003] [Michael]
VSR has a reputation for playing Amtgard differently.

Confederacies Done Right
[11/03/2003] [Randall]
A confederacy grouped around a strong central group is the way to go.

Horoscope: The November Forecast
[10/27/2003] [Sage]
This month brings the focus back to the self.

So You Want to be a Master Smith?
[10/21/2003] [Luke Wyngarde]
The Smith is the foundation upon which all Amtgard is built.

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event Seven: World Banner Wars

[10/14/2003] [Zumat]
Banner. Wars. Kicked. Ass.

Amtgard Lesson in Leadership
[10/01/2003] [Randall]
Take the advice of one of the most talented logisticians of the 20th century.

Politicians in Amtgard
[09/30/2003] [Lukor]
Take your Amtgard group back from the politicians who snuck in during the night and stole your voice.

Rats Eye View, Dragon Con 2003
[09/23/2003] [Rift]
I know that this has little to do with Amtgard, but give an old Duke his due.

BLBOD Threatens Rising Winds
[09/22/2003] [News]
Aramithris threatens to expel the Rising Winds from Amtgard, compares them to Nazi Germany.

Amtgard Quiddich
[09/18/2003] [Orlando, Medryn and Zumat]
The flurbiest game in Amtgard -- and one of the most fun.

Political Tips for the Aspiring Monarch
[09/10/2003] [Kurse]
Aspire to become the King of Kings.

Mystic Seas Althing Appoints Monarchy
[09/08/2003] [News]
Squire Walliss to be the pro-tem leader.

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event Five: Harvest War

[09/04/2003] [Michael]
A bad event is better than a good day at work, but Harvest War 2003 was not a very good event.

Overheard at Spring War
[09/02/2003] [Michael]
Amtgard to English translations.

Horoscope: The September Forecast
[09/01/2003] [Sage]
We should expect an alternately peaceful and volatile month.

Northern Expectations
[08/28/2003] [Arminius]
I cannot help but wonder what sort of things will be different in Amtgard's northern frontier.

Goldenvale Stabbing
[08/25/2003] [News]
An Amtgarder stabbed another Amtgarder with a decorative sword. The Goldenvale Duchy of the Crystal Groves is seeking his explusion from the game.

Goldenvale Standardizes Awards
[08/20/2003] [News]
A recent Goldenvale Althing brings awards into line with the rest of Amtgard but regresses on weapon safety.

Horoscope: The August Forecast
[08/12/2003] [Sage]
Any changes begun last month, especially on the home front, will continue driving right on ahead through August.

E-Samurai Interview: Galen
[08/11/2003] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer tracks down the rare and elusive Grand Duchess of the South . . . the last of her kind.

Atomic Clock is a Crutch
[07/31/2003] [Rufio]
I gleefully continue my pursuit towards excellent fighting with my superior rules.

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event Five: Gathering of the Clans

[07/30/2003] [Michael]
Clan is a normal kingdom event in size but the interkingdom Amtgard community runs all the best activities.

Outside the Comfort Zone
[07/28/2003] [Andrew Campbell]
If the Wetlands had never become a kingdom, wouldn’t Amtgard as a whole be lessened?

Worst Clan Ever
[07/28/2003] [Sir Feral Lynn]
Essentially we paid Burning Lands for the right to gather and hold our own event.

The Care and Feeding of Newbies
[07/24/2003] [Crosser]
Everyone starts out as one, and your group needs a constant supply of them.

Goldenvale and Olympiad
[07/23/2003] [jewishjedi]
Hold Olympiad at Great Eastern and leave Great Eastern where it is.

Remove Your Officers
[07/16/2003] [Randall]
Without accountability, the dictators in charge can do whatever they want.

Amtgard Should Stay Out of Amtgard
[07/15/2003] [Luke Wyngarde]
Amtgard does not need an Inter-Kingdom Movement to survive. It needs to be left alone.

stick jock 2: the wrath of khan. . .
[07/14/2003] [Zumat]
More "self-indulgent masturbation".

Battle of the Dens 6
[07/14/2003] [Greywind]
I can't believe how much BotD has changed through the six years we have been holding it.

E-Samurai Interview: Zumat
[07/04/2003] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer frees Zumat . . . to answer his many questions.

'Rakis 2003: Cultural Olympiad Results
[07/03/2003] [News]
The top ten winners of the cultural side of Olympiad, with lists of individual scores in each category. Includes a link to the complete Excel spreadsheet containing judges' scores.

Horoscope: The July Forecast
[07/01/2003] [Sage]
Happily, July brings a fundamental change in attitude

'Rakis 2003: War Olympian Results
[07/01/2003] [News]
A complete breakdown of placings and individual points, showing the results for the top twenty fighters in the Olympiad tourney.

'Rakis Problems Settled
[06/30/2003] [News]
Emperor Michael and the Iron Mountains Circle of Knights bring 'Rakis 2003 one step closer to closure.

Lessons From a Paragon
[06/29/2003] [Jabberwock Pentacles]
This article is an attempt to share lessons with those unlucky enough to have never had Sir Michael Hammer of God as their knight.

Goldenvale is Changing Your Corpora
[06/26/2003] [Randall]
If you change what an award means for your kingdom, you change what it means for all of Amtgard.

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event Four: Rakis/Olympiad

[06/26/2003] [Tonbo]
The event succeeded in the most important way possible: I want to go back next year.

Politics Isn't a Dirty Word
[06/18/2003] [Randall]
Politics isn’t bad, and neither are politicians.

Disenchanted, Disenfranchised
[06/08/2003] [Randall]
It's seven weeks 'til Clan. Do you know who your 6.1 rep is?

Amtgard Baseball
[06/01/2003] [Baked Potato]
It was the most fun twenty minutes of the day.

Apple Pies and Floating Crowns
[06/01/2003] [jewishjedi]
All Amtgarders should one day hope to have a floating crown over their land.

Horoscope: The June Forecast
[06/01/2003] [Sage]
June is going to take things to the opposite extreme.

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event Three: Great Eastern 5

[05/29/2003] [Michael]
I would rate Great Eastern as a highly recommended event.

A Lack of Standards
[05/27/2003] [Randall]
Jearden made the right decision in the Wetlands, but the problem is bigger than one kingdom.

Banning Sir Jamus
[05/20/2003] [Randall]
VSR has acted with good intentions, but their good intentions are laying the foundation for bad precedents.

Clan Site Found
[05/18/2003] [News]
Clan will be held on July 24-27 at a new site outside of Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Sword Knight Has Been?
[05/14/2003] [Jetara]
Are you ready to be a sword knight ten years later?

King Arion Dissolves Tir a Sol
[05/13/2003] [News]
Voting irregularities led to the abolishment of the Celestial Kingdom split; talks are taking place to voluntarily end the Grand Duchy of the South.

1000 Stars
[05/13/2003] [Malek Marlschev]
This was the 4th year of the event and it was just as much fun as last year.

The Cure for Apathy
[05/12/2003] [Arminius]
Fall in love with the game all over again.

SKBC Drill Book
[05/08/2003] [Michael]
Drills, exercises, and tricks to become a better fighter. Learn what was taught at Sword Knight Boot Camp.

Spatial Awareness
[05/08/2003] [jewishjedi]
One of the keys to surviving on the battlefield is to have a good sense of spatial awareness.

E-Samurai Interview: Lukor
[05/06/2003] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer bravely exchanges words with infamous 'net legend Sir Lukor the Lush, unofficial champion of the Mystic Seas.

What's In a Name?
[05/05/2003] [Arminius]
Dagorhir is willing to cooperate, yet the BLBOD seems to not want to do the same.

Tourney Fu – Thinking Like a Winner
[05/01/2003] [Michael]
The magic acronym is SPARK.

Making Battlegames Better
[05/01/2003] [Dalos]
These ideas should help people have more fun each week.

Horoscope: The May Forecast
[05/01/2003] [Sage]
This May, we're all relating to our inner Ferdinand.

Feast of Fools
[04/30/2003] [Lord Muerte]
The event was a rousing success. Lord willing, I'll be back again next year.

Ten Things I Learned at Sword Knight Boot Camp
[04/29/2003] [Randall]
It was the best new event of 2003 and I even learned something about fighting.

Of course, he threatened me...
[04/21/2003] [Glen]
If you are making threats to another player, the best advice I can give you is to shut your pie hole.

Amtgard Football
[04/18/2003] [Dalos]
The object of Amtgard-rules football, a full-class battlegame, is to score ten goals.

Fixing the Wizard
[04/17/2003] [Matthias]
I conclude that the Wizard is unbalanced as written.

The Decline of Amtgard
[04/09/2003] [Jearden]
At the bottom of every hill is the foot of a mountain.

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event Two: Wetlands Mid-Reign

[04/01/2003] [Michael]
All events are good and I knew I would enjoy this one.

Horoscope: The April Forecast
[04/01/2003] [Sage]
This month is overwhelmingly about new beginnings, initiations, and firsts of all kinds.

6.1 Scout
[03/31/2003] [Randall]
Minus my pet peeves and suggestions, all it really needs is an editor.

Twelve Kingdoms in Twelve Months
Event One: Spring War 12

[03/17/2003] [Michael]
From the moment I pulled into the site I had friends to see and fun to have.

An Outlander's Guide to Obtaining Knighthood
(without being seen as belt hungry)

[03/10/2003] [Guy, Michael, and Jetara]
These valuable hints and suggestions will provide information that will help you get recognized.

The Best Event I Never Fought In
[03/09/2003] [Arminius]
You can have fun in Amtgard without ever touching a weapon.

E-Samurai Interview: Moonshadow
[03/04/2003] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer phases in like an agent from the Matrix so he can learn the secrets of King Moonshadow of the Golden Plains.

Horoscope: The March Forecast
[03/01/2003] [Sage]
As March opens, we'll have the sense of waking up to a new day.

stick jock:
[02/24/2003] [Zumat]
All of Zumat's 'Stick Jock' nuggets of wisdom.

Making Interkingdom Government Work
[02/20/2003] [Arminius]
The groundwork and foundation are already in place.

Geographic Nationalism
[02/18/2003] [Sir Angrist]
The time has come for grouping by geography to become the way we handle kingdoms being made.

A Lesson Learned
[02/10/2003] [Isoroku Masaru]
It is a credit to King Goliath that he acted decisively and quickly.

Is My Knight Like Your Knight?
[02/10/2003] [Azmandius]
There is a bit of variance between the kingdoms.

Watching Your Event Become More Successful
[02/05/2003] [Arminius]
The best events are the ones that grow beyond the capacity of their creators. Plus, the author's thoughts on Goldenvale.

Goldenvale Crisis Resolved
[02/05/2003] [News]
King Goliath offers Dame Willow the position of champion.

Goliath's Dilemma
[02/03/2003] [Randall]
The Kingdom of Goldenvale is in violation of its contract, its Corpora, and its duty to act in a manner befitting a kingdom of Amtgard. What will King Goliath do?

Willow Was Running, Goldenvale List Confirms
[02/02/2003] [News]
10th Kingdom still in violation of their Corpora.

Goldenvale Responds to Charges of Corruption
[02/02/2003] [News]
"[Dame Willow] gave me no impression that she was running for Champion," King Goliath says.

Coup in Goldenvale
[02/02/2003] [News]
King Goliath reverses the results of Goldenvale's crown quals.

Horoscope: The February Forecast
[02/01/2003] [Sage]
February is very much about money and the things you value.

E-Samurai Interview: Hawk
[01/31/2003] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer tracks down Sir Hawk, a hard-to-find former king from the Valley of the Silver Rains and the most infamous four-belted knight in Amtgard.

A Brief History of Peter La Grue and the Founding of Amtgard
[01/30/2003] [Matthew Amt]
We eventually got it through our thick skulls that he was a jerk and a liar.

E-Samurai Interview: Trelath
[01/29/2003] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer askes questions better left unanswered when he interrogates the disturbingly-named Sir Trelath Mourningwood.

One City, One Land!
[01/28/2003] [Randall]
Or is it? Let's take a look at some other split cities that aren't getting the Alamogordo treatment.

Why You Never Let a Flurb Run a Quest
[01/27/2003] [Arminius]
Flurbs are notorious for not having a full grasp on the game and the way things work within its dynamics.

Reflections on a Year as a Squire
[01/15/2003] [Arminius]
This means more to me than receiving a belt and a title tacked on the front of my persona name.

A Summary of the Rising Winds List
[01/14/2003] [Lord Lothair das RabeWulf]
If you are not on the Rising Winds list, give thanks.

The Bottom-Feeders of Amtgard
[01/05/2003] [Kuma the Painted]
Everyone was a newbie once, and some of us still are.

Revisiting Emerald Hills Knightings
[01/05/2003] [Kayrana]
It rates with some of the more crazy knighting situations in Amtgard, but have some perspective.

Trends in the Awarding of Knighthoods in Amtgard
[01/05/2003] [Kayrana]
Examine trends for changes from year to year and from kingdom to kingdom. Do the facts reflect your stereotypes?

Is it Still Possible to Have Fun at Court?
[01/05/2003] [Trelath]
It's not that hard to turn a boring court into something that people remember.

What is a Fruit Elf?
[01/05/2003] [Michael]
The ten flurbiest things I have done in Amtgard...

Game Balance in Amtgard
[01/05/2003] [jewishjedi]
All of the class groups in Amtgard are fairly well-balanced when we look at the big picture

Reconciling Persona and Class
[01/05/2003] [Yamamoto “Spearweasel” Kansuke]
A creative player can certainly find what he is looking for without having to alter the balance of play.

The Year in Review
[12/31/2002] [Randall]
Here are the things we’ll remember when we look back on 2002.

The Accident
[12/31/2002] [News]
An article by editor Todd Wildermuth of the Raton Range tells what happened on December 27th, 2002.

Ten Things to Bring
[12/17/2002] [Vigus]
You should be able to maximize your pleasure while minimizing your beer loss.

Knightly Quotas
[12/16/2002] [Randall]
Knighthood is too complex, and the kingdoms too unique, to lay down numbers, rules, or hard guidelines.

Mystic Seas Update
[12/16/2002] [News]
The Mystic Seas continues to crumble, but one critical group votes to stay.

Inland Ocean Leaves Mystic Seas
[12/15/2002] [News]
They also support confederating with other dissatisfied parks nearby.

Redheaded Stepchild of the Peerage
[12/12/2002] [Trelath]
I hope to see respect for the Crown belt rise to match the other orders of peerage.

The Art of Reeving
[12/10/2002] [Glen]
Being a reeve places a tremendous burden of responsibility upon a person.

How Does Your Garden Grow?
[12/09/2002] [Yamamoto “Spearweasel” Kansuke]
How do we lure the RP Weenies and the Stick Jocks into the same imaginary place?

Hothouse Flowers and Weeds
[12/05/2002] [Yamamoto “Spearweasel” Kansuke]
No matter how jockey the stick jocks, they were still geeky enough to get roped into a boffer LARP.

Amtgard is Not a LARP
[12/03/2002] [Quintus]
Just in case you still don't get it... Amtgard is not a LARP.

Sum of its Parts
[12/03/2002] [jewishjedi]
Is Amtgard a LARP, a sport, or a medieval reenactment group?

It's the Foam, Stupid
[12/02/2002] [Randall]
Unless you’re showing up to the park, you’re not playing Amtgard.

The Flurbs of Summer
[12/02/2002] [Sir Angrist]
The newbies are going to be the leaders when I'm gone, and I treat them with the respect they deserve.

Different Fighting Styles
[11/29/2002] [Brennon]
A simple breakdown of the most common fighting styles and where they fit into the grand scheme of Amtgard fighting.

Magic in Amtgard
[11/25/2002] [jewishjedi]
Go read those extra thirty pages at the end of the rulebook.

BLBOD Intervenes in Alamogordo
[11/24/2002] [News]
The Burning Lands rejects Sir Deathstalker's new shire and yanks Shadowvale's contract.

The Burning Lands Doesn't Suck
[11/21/2002] [Randall]
Cast aside your prejudices as I tell you why they ain’t that bad.

Whose Responsibility is it, Anyway?
[11/21/2002] [Snicker Furfoot]
Why do we continue to reward failure, and congratulate incompetence?

The Shoe On The Other Foot?
[11/21/2002] [Corum Hibernius]
Will anyone say they are sorry for the jimmy-jack, headshot, full-swing action? Probably not.

Pretenders: What Shall We Do?
[11/20/2002] [Corum Hibernius]
Should we actually ban someone for pretending to be a knight?

E-Samurai Interview: Spyn
[11/18/2002] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer incredulously records the story of Sir Spyn, the cocky Wetlands Rogue who hasn't let anything -- even nearly dying from Amtgard injuries -- slow him down.

The Tale of Lord Gimpyknees
[11/16/2002] [Corum Hibernius]
What used to take nearly a week to recover from is now cut down to a few days.

Hands in the Cookie Jar
[11/16/2002] [Randall]
If you’re thinking about giving yourself an award, just say no.

10 Steps to Not Getting Knighted
[11/13/2002] [Randall]
Knighthood isn’t for everybody, and if it’s not for you, try any of these ten easy steps to avoiding a white belt.

The Deadliest Weapons
[10/24/2002] [Randall]
In the end, it’s not the Zulu Spear that’s wrong. It’s us.

Sir Forest Justicar
[10/21/2002] [Randall]
An intrepid e-Samurai photographer catches the heretic knight by surprise.

The Emerald Hills is Wrong
[10/21/2002] [Randall]
Impose a puritanical tyranny on the masses if you wish, but don't pretend you're doing it to save women.

A Farewell to Arms
[10/17/2002] [Arthon]
My first year, that magical year, will haunt my every waking step as a constant reminder of the flurb that I was.

When We Were Flurbs
[10/17/2002] [Randall]
We were all flurbs. If we weren’t, we wouldn't have loved the game so much that we stuck with it.

Settle the Issue
[10/17/2002] [Randall]
It’s time to enslave the Emerald Hills.

E-Samurai Interview: Crosser
[10/16/2002] [The Interviewer]
The Interview trecks into the backwoods of Amtgard to find the wisdom of an old knight when he puts Sir Crosser in the hot seat.

Angus and Atomic Clock are Both Wrong
[10/11/2002] [Randall]
A truly great fighter doesn't need to rely on the game system to beat his opponents. And Lord Angus is wrong.

The Power of the Throne
[10/08/2002] [Randall]
"Any king who is happy to be stepping down failed," I told my friends. I was wrong.

First Thoughts
[09/30/2002] [e-Samurai Editors]
6.1 will be a great unifying force for our club if the 6.1 committee is willing to listen to the concerns of Amtgard.

Wetlands Updates and More
[09/30/2002] [News]
The Wetlands has been accepted and Amtgard Combat is back, plus news from Forest Evergreen and the folks at Redhawk Radio.

Knighting by the Numbers
[09/30/2002] [Yoni Hamagid]
Numbers are the only thing that matters in choosing who to knight, but not the numbers you think.

6.1 Released for Playtest
[09/21/2002] [News]
And as always, e-Samurai is there.

Different Warlords
[09/18/2002] [Michael]
It is interesting to know how others Amtgarders evaluate their best fighters.

Rules Rape 6.1
[09/16/2002] [Randall]
It doesn’t take nine years to revise the rules, but that’s just enough time to hack them apart, completely rewrite them, and use them as a political weapon.

Breaking News in the Wetlands
[09/15/2002] [News]
The Wetlands approved the letter.

Keeping up Appearances
[09/12/2002] [Arcana Le Elfriche]
Honor is not always about taking your shots. Sometimes it's doing the dirty work that no one else wants to do.

The Essential e-Samurai
[09/09/2002] [Randall]
You spoke. The Electric Samurai listened. Now we'll tell you exactly what you're like based on your answers in the e-Samurai polls.

Amtgard, a (Dysfunctional) Family
[09/09/2002] [jewishjedi]
I guess you could say Amtgard is a family, but very often it seems we’re dysfunctional.

A (Different) View on Goldenvale
[09/04/2002] [Baronet Greywind]
We understand that friends and fun come above awards, and that hard work should be rewarded. We learned this from Goldenvale.

Review: Feast of the Dead
[09/03/2002] [jewishjedi]
I just wish the weekend hadn’t been so short. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Which BLBOD Member Are You?
[09/03/2002] [Randall]
Take this tongue-in-cheek quiz to find out which BLBOD member you most resemble.

Top Ten Most Famous Amtgarders
[09/03/2002] [Randall]
E-Samurai presents the Top Ten Most Well-Known Amtgarders, plus a few extra famous guys as a bonus treat.

E-Samurai Interview: Glenalth
[08/28/2002] [The Interviewer]
" evolved from me making Dolphin noises, which I can't do anymore." The Interviewer encounters true strangeness when he examines Glenalth.

Clan XX Monarch's Meeting
[08/28/2002] [News]
The Circle of Monarchs approved the minutes of their informal Clan meeting and released them to the public.

Wetlands Knights Support Compromise
[08/28/2002] [News]
Pope O'Banion: "I fully support this and ask that you do the same."

A View on Goldenvale
[08/28/2002] [The Amtgard Traveler]
Goldenvale has no concept of what makes someone deserving.

Wetlands, IKBOD, BLBOD, and Me
[08/28/2002] [Baronet Karlriche]
"What can I do?" Anything you want, just shut up and do it.

Alternate Classes
[08/23/2002] [Quintus]
Evolution of the game, or crutch for the non-creative?

The IKBOD is Dead
[08/23/2002] [Moonshadow]
I can only hope that we evolve into the game we should have been 5 years ago.

King Apathy
[08/22/2002] [Belgarion]
Apathy rules Amtgard and I hope you enjoy it because he is King for Life.

Is Winning Worth It?
[08/22/2002] [jewishjedi]
Is it worth it to hurt people severely to win?

The Middle of the Road
[08/20/2002] [The Isolated Knight]
I think I understand the stick-jock mentality as much as I understand the roleplayer mentality... both sides of the same game that have their own merits.

Chains of Fealty
[08/05/2002] [Randall]
To whom does a knight owe fealty – to the king, or to the kingdom?

Come to Neverwinter
[08/05/2002] [OriGami KiriGami]
Neverwinter is a different kingdom than most.

What's a Vigil?
[07/30/2002] [Snicker Furfoot]
At Clan 2002, I was blessed by my Kingdom and Circle of Knights with one of the highest honours in Amtgard - Knighthood. I thought I would share my experiences with something few Kingdoms know about, and even fewer do: The Knighting Vigil.

The Monarchs Met at Clan
[07/29/2002] [News]
And we're one step closer to reuniting Amtgard.

An Unfortunate Trend
[07/25/2002] [The Isolated Knight]
I refuse to be an unpaid baby-sitter for someone's little snot buckets.

Cullum's Clan Prophecies
[07/24/2002] [Cullum]
I was reading through the quatraines of Nostradamus and was struck by the number of them that seemed to be relevant to current Amtgard events.

The Danger of Not Having a Floating Crown
[07/22/2002] [Roger]
Mystic Seas is in grave danger of losing their crown because it does not float.

Mystic Seas Supports BLBOD, Controversy Ensues
[07/21/2002] [News]
The gulf between Mystic Seas proper and its vassal states grows wider with two controversial decisions.

Knighthood: Paperwork or Person?
[07/18/2002] [Castings]
Masterhoods are exceptional achievements, but being a Master and being a Knight is not the same thing.

Ditching Sucks
[07/18/2002] [Sir Feral Lynn]
There is far more to Amtgard than ditching.

Wetlands: The Emerald Hills Landslide
[07/17/2002] [News]
Amtgard's second-oldest Kingdom recognizes the Wetlands and rejects the decision of the BLBOD.

Wetlands Update: Golden Plains Makes it Official
[07/15/2002] [News]
They decided a long time ago, but now it's official.

One Ring
[07/08/2002] [Randall]
There is evil in this game, but it can be defeated.

[07/01/2002] [Lady Aramis of Oceana]
Allowing baronies and duchies to have sublands creates a win-win situation.

You Have To Piss People Off
[06/27/2002] [Chekers]
No matter what you're trying to do, people will get mad.

Forest Fires
[06/26/2002] [Randall]
There's smoke in the skies.

Your Inner E-Samurai
[06/26/2002] [Randall]
Is Amtgard better because of me? Yes, it is.

E-Samurai Interview: Trent
[06/25/2002] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer snares Sir Trent Longwalker of Dragonspine, the prettiest bishonen fighter in all of Amtgard.

Attack of the Clans
[06/18/2002] [Randall]
Is Belgarion a Phantom Menace?

E-Samurai Interview: Chekers
[06/11/2002] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer drifts dangerously close to controversy when he espies Squire Chekers, Champion of Pegasus Valley in the Kingdom of Dragonspine.

Take Off Your White Belt
[06/11/2002] [Randall]
A simple game of ‘Newbie Monk or Crappy Knight’ can keep you occupied for hours.

House Chiurgeon
[05/27/2002] [Malek Marlschev]
If there is an injury and the chiurgeon is called for, there is a new household on the block.

Crisis in the Wetlands: NW Recognizes Wetlands
[05/22/2002] [News]
Neverwinter now recognizes the Wetlands as a Kingdom of Amtgard, making Neverwinter the third kingdom to reject the BLBOD decision.

Titles in Amtgard
[05/15/2002] [Bear]
What does a title really do for you? Oh yeah, you can have lots of pages.

Reeving - Spirit and Intent
[05/14/2002] [Count D'alle de Salle']
As a Reeve you are expected to enforce the rules, tempered with reason.

Against Single-Seat Kingdoms
[05/13/2002] [The Isolated Knight]
Wouldn't it be easier for a kingdom to be made up of several lands where everyone gets to vote for offices?

Crisis in the Wetlands: GV
[05/09/2002] [News]
Goldenvale's position -- it's not neutral.

Crisis in the Wetlands
[05/08/2002] [News]
Breaking news from the Kingdom of Neverwinter.

Representing Amtgard
[05/06/2002] [Arcana Le Elfriche]
People should be smart enough to know how to act in public.

Quote of the Day
[05/03/2002] [Randall]
Will your kingdom be the next random victim of the Burning Lands BOD? You may think not... but let's ask Aramithris, President of the BLBOD, just to make sure!

The Art of Amtgard Warfare
[05/01/2002] [Chekers]
If you cry like a little bitch every time you get hit, then eventually you will die from a brain hemorrhage caused by being a pussy and getting yelled at a lot for being a pussy.

E-Samurai Interview: Willow
[04/30/2002] [The Interviewer]
The Interviewer fixes his eye on Countess Dame Willow Dreammaker, the Prime Minister of Goldenvale and one of its newest (and prettiest) knights.

A Fundamental Flaw
[04/30/2002] [Randall]
Try to remember the last time anybody thanked you.

We Do NOT Care About the Relative Length of Your Penis!
[04/25/2002] [Snicker Furfoot]
Some people throw their accomplishments on the table, for all to view and measure, as though this were a penis measuring contest. I have news for these people: life is not fair.

Letter to the Editors
[04/24/2002] [Anonymous]
This is a role playing game. I say role play it.

Citizenship In Amtgard - Membership and Fund Raising
[04/15/2002] [Count D'alle de Salle']
Getting some new blood is always interesting on both the battle field and on the art and sciences killing floor.

The BLBOD is Not Government
[04/11/2002] [Corbin]
We are gamers and we love to make rules, but we must temper our urges to elaborate and focus our efforts on the simplest path forward.

Crisis in the Wetlands
[04/10/2002] [News]
Dragonspine and the Iron Mountains recognize the Wetlands and call for interkingdom government.

Greater Than His Institutions
[04/10/2002] [Aramithris]
Only a tyrant would attempt to force "the law" upon an unwilling person, and only a coward would submit to such treatment.

No More!
[04/10/2002] [Corbin]
It is unfortunate that we have come to this point, but you leave us no alternative.

Go to Clan
[04/10/2002] [Randall]
The hopes and dreams of your youth await you there.

Another Fine Mess
[04/10/2002] [The Isolated Knight]
"Well, Ollie, this is ANOTHER fine mess you've gotten us into."

BLBOD Drops Wetlands.
[04/03/2002] [News]
Breaking news.

Supreme Executive Authority
[04/03/2002] [Randall]
Power to the People fans may wish to brace themselves -- I am about to say something bad.

Sword Safety
[04/01/2002] [Bear]
Are we letting people get away with too much?

Board of Discrepancies
[03/27/2002] [The Isolated Knight]
The BOD has a helluva lot of power, I give them that. But only as much power as we allow them to have.

We Didn't Make Up Amtgard
[03/21/2002] [Randall]
Sung to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.

A Time for Revision
[03/18/2002] [The Isolated Knight]
While I understand the Burning Lands position, I find it hard to swallow.

Black vs. White
[03/14/2002] [Bear]
What about all the people who end up being gray? You know, the ones on both sides of the fence?

On Being Neutral
[03/07/2002] [Sir Feral Lynn]
Burning Lands has to have at least one friend; otherwise I’d start to feel sorry for them. But let’s not kid ourselves about where everyone stands.

Futile Pet Peeves
[03/05/2002] [Randall]
If it was “your” belt, you would “have” it.

Dear Editors (or Whoever)
[02/17/2002] [Mim]
I'm not real interested in "fame, fortune, and your name in big, black, -1 font size letters" and I'm definitely NOT interested in "Wild Women", but...

Different Visions: An Essay on the Future of Amtgard
[02/17/2002] [Michael]
No one person or small group of Amtgarders should be in charge too long. It makes for stagnation and stifles the visions of others.

Curious Little Marks
[02/17/2002] [Randall]
By now, we’ve all learned the proper response to complaints of any sort of injury. It’s a contact sport.

The Book of Five (Belt) Rings
[01/30/2002] [Cullum]
There are many people who see Knighthood as a reward, and this is unfortunate. A Knighthood is not a reward, but a promise.

Malrik's Famous Alfredo
[01/30/2002] [Malrik]
This dish is not for those who are concerned about their weight, as it is fattening, cholesterol-laden and yummy as all get out!

The Stigma of Being Rude
[01/30/2002] [Sir Feral Lynn]
I am seriously considering just throwing away this system of instant ass-covering.

Better the Devil You Know
[01/30/2002] [Randall]
If the Burning Lands does not give a voice to the people, someone else will.

I am in Flavor Country Part 1: Role-Playing
[01/23/2002] [Phywren]
Roleplaying is the topic of this issue of "I am in Flavor Country." This mini-series of sorts will discuss some of the things that give Amtgard its own unique flavor, whether good or bad.

Pot, Kettle Black - an Essay on Hypocrisy
[01/23/2002] [Snicker Furfoot]
The current situation between the Burning Lands and the Wetlands is a perfect example of Aramithris' hypocrisy.

Uphold the Corpora
[01/22/2002] [Sir Feral Lynn]
They all congratulated you and the dream was enhanced. So should it be with all knightings.

Sausage Stew!
[01/22/2002] [Malrik]
This recipe will make about one gallon of stew, and should feed 6 people or 3 hungry Amtgardians.

Getting Things Done:
or How to Get Along Well With Your Parent Kingdom

[01/21/2002] [Francis of Ravensholm]
I thought that our king should know instinctively who deserved awards above what I could give. I had no idea that I was supposed to keep an open flow of communication with him.

Movie Review: The One
[01/20/2002] [Raeonn Tala]
If you see one movie this year, don't see this one. There are only two acceptable reasons to see this movie: It was 75 cents at the cheap theatre and you had absolutely nothing better to do, or your only other option was "Thomas and the Magic Railroad".

Let Them Run
[01/20/2002] [Randall]
Power to the People! It's a revolutionary battle cry, a defiant shout against the established order, and the bane of elitists everywhere. It taps into the democratic foundation of our club and feeds the paranoia of Amtgard's autocracy. It's about the little guy and giving him a say.

I am the little guy and this is my column.


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