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Getting Things Done:
or How to Get Along Well With Your Parent Kingdom

[01/21/2002] [Francis of Ravensholm]

While most small groups can survive without much contact with their parent kingdom, it is essential to maintain good relations and open communication with the kingdom that you've signed the contract with.

When I first started in Amtgard, I felt I had been called to lead people and help the group grow. Like many new officers, my head got a little too big to hold itself up. I thought I knew it all and some of my friends assisted me in this belief.

One of the mistakes I made was not keeping in contact with my kingdom, which led to many problems. First was the fact that I was in a shire and could not issue orders and awards above 2nd level and second, I thought that our king should know instinctively who deserved awards above what I could give. I had no idea that I was supposed to keep an open flow of communication with him.

I soon became frustrated because the people in my land were not being recognized for their hard work. This led me to believe that, as a small shire, we were not important to the Kingdom and I started plotting how to find a new kingdom to sponsor us. As I looked for another kingdom, my requests for sponsorship were denied. The other kingdoms had not heard there was this serious a problem and advised me to discuss the issue with my king. This further frustrated me and affected the way I performed as an officer within the group. I was disappointed when I was not re-elected and I blamed everyone else. After some time away from the group, I moved to a different city where I discovered a new group. The itch to play again hit me.

When I started with this new group, the Barony of Ardent Sands, I vowed to myself and my wife that I would stay out of leadership and would just play. This worked for awhile, until I started speaking up during Althings and was asked to run for a BOD position. I grudgingly accepted, knowing what my wife was going to say. When I got home that evening, I discussed it with her and she confided in me that she knew it was bound to happen and was surprised that I had remained uninvolved for so long. She gave me her blessing to again run for a leadership position.

I tried to hold out from my calling as long as I could until it became time for Crown Qualifications. Our group was in a situation where no one wanted to run for Regent. I again discussed this with my wife, who reluctantly agreed to let me run. I ran for the position and won and my role as a leader was again in full swing. At first, I tried to hide behind the title of my job, but soon noticed that things weren't always being handled and had to step up.

At this point, some friends told me that the most successful officers maintained open communications with our parent Kingdom. I found out who the king was and started bombarding him with e-mail and instant messages. This communication paid off and our group has been recognized when needed, while our kingdom knows the Barony of Ardent Sands will be there for them. I believe this happened because we supported the kingdom and maintained contact with them.

Lord Francis of Ravensholm
Baron of Ardent Sands
Kingdom of Dragonspine

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