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Uphold the Corpora
[01/22/2002] [Sir Feral Lynn]

I was asked to write a column for the premier issue of this new Amtgard E-zine. I was told I could write about whatever I wished and that, beyond very basic editing, the piece would be left alone. After having dealt with editors for a long time, that was a dream come true (now if I can only get Randall to pay me).

So, after thinking of any number of hot button issues I could write on, I decided to forgo the apparent need for journalistic sensationalism. Instead, I want to talk about something that goes to the core of Amtgard society. I want to talk about knighthood and the responsibility of being a knight. This is, in a way, addressed to other knights, but read on no matter what belt you wear.

As knights, we who wear the white belt have responsibilities that I think get overlooked far too often. We are not simply knights of the flame, or the serpent, etc... rather, we are knights of Amtgard, and of our kingdoms. As such, we have a responsibility to ensure the growth and stewardship of both our kingdoms and the game as a whole. It is in that vein that we often forget our duty. We have a duty to take the new people and teach them, even when it isn't as much fun as ditching with the other veterans. We have a duty to assist first-time autocrats and those who have less experience in office. Yes, the younger members will have to learn some lessons the hard way, just as we did, but we should try to help them avoid most of the pitfalls that we went through. It not only keeps those who are trying motivated, but the kingdom and the game benefit when things run smoothly.

There is another aspect of service that knights all too often overlook. As custodians and examples of the dream, we must uphold the corpora and the rulebook. In that corpora, the right to grant knighthood is given to the king (in most lands). It is the duty and responsibility of every knight to uphold that right, even when the knighting is, in your opinion, not deserved. By standing in the circle around the candidate, you do not necessarily show support for the candidate. Instead, you are showing your support for Amtgard and for the Corpora, because it is those institutions that are on display every bit as much, if not more, than the candidate. Remember, not everyone supported your belt when it came before the circle, and not all of the populace thinks you are worthy. And yet, they all cheered, they all congratulated you and the dream was enhanced. So should it be with ALL knightings.

I have seen many knightings over the years. I have watched folks make a show of non-support. I have seen backs turned and fits thrown. I have recently watched knights walk out of a knighting. These are not the actions of a knight; these are not the actions of someone who places Amtgard before himself or herself. These are selfish, vain and prideful actions not worthy of one who represents the Amtgard idea.

I'm not a perfect knight. I will never be half as good as I wish to be, nor half as good as my land deserves. I have made my fair share of mistakes, and it would be easy to ignore my words based on the 'well what about you' factor. Then again, truth has a way of making itself known. So, the next time you think about 'boycotting' a knighting, take time to reconsider. The next time you have a chance to help out a newbie, do so. It will all be worth it; for you, for your kingdom and for Amtgard.

Long Live the Dream!

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