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A Time for Revision
[03/18/2002] [The Isolated Knight]

I support Rising Winds sovereignty. I support the right of any people to govern themselves without people from a distant land telling them what to do. My ancestors fought the government for that ideal in the 1860's. They came to this country to get away from a king who controlled lands. They came here to start a new life without an English lord telling them what they could or could not do.

While I understand the Burning Lands position, I find it hard to swallow. Call it the rebel in me I guess, but I think it's time to rethink they way we make kingdoms. There are easier ways to go about it, and to be honest, having to get the approval of every kingdom is getting pretty lame, since SOME kingdoms never travel much past their own lands, unless it's personal interest.

The best way is geographically. Goldenvale could consist of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire; Dragonspine could be all of New Mexico and Arizona, and so on. Out here on the coast, away from the beaten path, three groups that I know work the closest together are Black Rock Hills, in Nitro, West Virginia; Crystal Groves in Hagerstown, Maryland and Twin Lakes in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. They have the makings of a good kingdom. Most of them get along pretty well and they visit among each other when it's practical.

The old system was great when it was just a few lands and the Burning Lands could keep an better eye on things. Now, the game is going global. No longer can the Burning Lands continue to be a parent. Every parent knows when it's time to let the children leave the nest and stop sticking their noses in their children's business when they aren't asked. And unless the family is dysfunctional, the kids come home to visit.

It's time for our mom and dad in El Paso to give us the keys to the car and trust us, we the people who make up the game from Seattle to Ontario, to make the right decisions on the club's future. Yes, they deserve a say, hell, I'm almost 30 and I still need my parents to bail me out once in a while. But the constant struggling between the Burning Lands and the Wetlands is getting to be an almost yearly thing, like rules 7.0 (stop calling it 6.1, they stopped being a rules revision supplement 4 years ago).

Just as I shouldn't tell Ardent Sands how to run their group because I've never even been there, so should the policy for the Burning Lands. We'll simply go on being geeks with nifty armor if we don't start taking some clues and start claiming what is ours. No threat of lawsuits, no arguing or calling JW an arrogant drunk will further our cause. Only open dialogue and adult discussions will do it. And when we do achieve our goals, the first act should be to not ONLY make a universal corpora binding all kingdoms, but award Rising Winds the kingdom status they have earned and award it to all the other lands after they pull some things together.

That's all this week, campers. Next week, if there's a story, Money, Events and Petty politics on the Forgotten Coast! Stay Tuned.

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