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E-Samurai Interview: Trent
[06/25/2002] [The Interviewer]

State your full Amtgard name for the record.

Full? Hehe. Trent Longwalker. I'm assuming titles aren't important?

Titles are fine.

But not necessary? If not, don't use 'em.

(Trent is Lord Sir Trent Longwalker, Defender. He's also a Weaponmaster, a Master Rose, a Master Lion, and has more Griffons than you can shake a stick at. -- ed.)

What would you say is Amtgard's single greatest purpose?

An escape from the real world for a short while.

You are a Flame knight. What are your thoughts on that belt?

It's the greatest belt. It gives (or should give) the most back to the club. You recieve more flak for not continuing to do service as a flame knight than you do for not leading as a crown, not fighting as a sword, etc. Serpent comes close, in my humble opinion, but flame still stands out more. Personally, I think there should be a little bit of flame belt in all the other belts. Knighthood itself is about service, although not many knights do all they can to help, if at all.

Do you think there are too many knights in Amtgard?

Yes and no. There are too many, however it is the nature of people to need recognition, and knighthood being the greatest goal in Amtgard, many aspire to attain it. I do think, however, if it were very hard to attain, it would carry more respect.

If you had complete control over the game, how would you fix this?

I would make knighthood harder to attain. It is difficult to lay down specific rules for awards and so on, so it merely takes a strict, but fair judge. I'm not saying I'm that person, but it would certainly make the game more to my ideal. Everyone has a different vision of the game though, and I don't think what we have is bad, by any means.

Zulu spears. Good, bad?

Bad. They are a lame tactic used (for the most part) by people who need/want a lighter weapon (at the sacrifice of safety) to fight better. At the same time however, the same could be said about flails, and I have always said that the people who bitch the most about flails are the ones who don't know how to fight against them. I'll admit I dont like zulu spears, but my main problem with them is the lack of padding.

You were Dragonspine's first champion. Any wisdom, memories, or stories about that? Correction -- I mean first Kingdom-level champion.

Heh, I was about to correct that as well. Yeah, stick to your guns. If you feel something is illegal, call it so. I remember telling someone they needed to put stoppers on their arrow shafts in order to bring them down to a safe draw. They told me f- you and the horse you rode in on, but I just called the next person over and went on with my business. The next week, the same guy had stoppers on his arrows.

What's your single fondest Amtgard memory?

Hmm. A fighting one. I was fighting in a 5 on 5 at Renfaire in front of a crowd of 200+ people (non amtgardians). I was doing okay, and we had a last run where I was backed up against the stage and the person at the mic (describing what was happening to the people) called a hold and explained it, and while he explained I realized it was just me against 3 people. One had a sword and shield, directly in front of me, and the other two were running florentine.

We moved away from the stage, lay on was called and I stepped into the guy on the left, throwing my shield across my back as I pivoted. I brought my sword up, then down, and hit him clean across the gut. Spinning around, the other florentine guy was moving in and I got him with the same move. As I turned to face the shield guy, he was moving in and we traded leg shots quickly, and as I went down I launched myself past him and threw a couple shots back and took him out as well. I ended up in a pose, all Jet-Li style. ;)

As I came to a stop, Quicksilver yelled out, "Go Trent!" and the whole crowd cheered. The fight was maybe 5-10 seconds long, and the cheer was about the same, but I felt really cool. It's nice to be able to pull off something smooth once in a while.

What's your worst Amtgard injury?

Hmm. A sprained ankle. I jumped to throw a spellball over someone and came down badly. Took a month to recover enough to run on it, and a couple more to heal almost completely. It's still a bit wierd when I spin on it.

Do you remember who you were throwing the spellball over and at?

Over a group of people including Quicksilver, but there were a couple taller guys near here that I was trying to get past. At, I have no idea.

What is the greatest misunderstanding people have of Dragonspine?

Hmm. Hard to say. Probably that we can't fight. We get numerous people coming down and trash talking, and then we pound on them, and then they slough, go home and keep talking trash. Kind of amusing to hear a slougher talk about how someone else can't fight. ;)

People spend a lot of time talking about what makes a good knight, but there's other belts out there. What makes a good squire?

A good squire strives to learn and improve themselves. There are a lot of good squires out there, and not all of them have good knights. It doesnt take a knight to make a good squire, except to give them the title itself, but a good knight can help a lot, if he/she has a lot to teach.

Who do you want to be able to beat in fighting?

Hmm. Leif. I have high aspirations. ;) (Hope I spelled his name the way he does ;) )

Who do you most admire in Amtgard and why?

Hmm. Who do I most admire. *ponder* Hard to say, I don't really have "favorites" Ironpaw, I think. I've never met anyone with more style. He's just cool, flamboyant, and stylish.

If you could visit three (and only three) kingdoms, which three would you pick? Why?

One of the Seattle ones (not sure which, I hear one is bad and one is good - I'd have to ask Morgan), the one in Florida, and Goldenvale. (They're all pretty far away - Texas is easy to get to.)

Do you have anything you'd like to say to the readers of e-Samurai?

E-Samurai has readers? ;)

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