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Come to Neverwinter
[08/05/2002] [OriGami KiriGami]

From all I see and read, Neverwinter is a different kingdom than most. In an effort to get more of you to visit, I figured I should write an article and let you know how we do things. I am known as one of the people who travels often, but this article isn't to say our way is better; it's just how we live the dream.

First of all, we're a floating crown. As Sir Roger pointed out, this is necessary in our clime. We have had kings from three different groups, regents from three different groups and prime ministers from two. If it wasn't for e-mail and cell phones, the monarchs would be broke from phone bills and postage. In fact, we couldn't operate as a kingdom without e-mail. Our BOD meetings usually occur over a mailing list and the results from voting are sent to a chancellors' list for recording and tabulating. Most of our important announcements come across on our e-mail list and we have our champion post his criteria on minimum weapon standards electronically.

Granted, this comes with its share of problems. We have to struggle to reach quorum for Althings and, if a large group decides to boycott, we have to wait another 3 months before it's possible. Also, some groups don't get to see the monarchy or have the kingdom champion check their weapons as often as they would like. Most of our groups are a couple of hours driving distance from the each other. We have groups in West Palm Beach up to Tallahassee, easily a 7 hour trip by car. This really makes planning intra-group events difficult.

This kingdom is still so new that we only have 7 knights. We've only belted 3 knights ourselves. Sir Kitirat and Sir Auwyne are our flame knights and Sir Cho-hag is our crown knight. Sir Tonbo, a flame knight, was also belted by Ahira when he visited us as king of the Burning Lands. We are also home to Sir Roger, also a flame knight, who many will recognize for his good humor and wit. Sir Serendipity and Sir Rekesh recently moved here, too.

Because of this unique situation we have developed a strange position on how squires and pages are seen. A page in Neverwinter is most often someone waiting for their squire to get a belt. As an example, we've had a page as a prime minister and a page as a regent. This will probably even out, but Neverwinter will always have older, adult people as pages.

Our parks are highly diverse in how they play as well. These days, if you go to the Grand Duchy of Darkwater, you're likely to run into a quest. Falling Fire has some of the best fighters all around and their ditching really shows it. Silverwater seems to combine the best of the two groups and hosts some fun battle games in some interesting terrain. Bloodstone and Lost Woods have some fantastic role playing. Dragon's Keep is famous for its tourneys and well-scripted quests. No one group only ditches or only does battle games.

We have some fascinating people in our groups. Sir Roger is probably one of our most recognized personages. The Rogues' former Florida chapter was very well known and the new Triads will be so again. The Evil French are known for their sense of mischief and for their helpful attitudes. Sir Tonbo, Squire Bjorn (Chile con Carnage), Toda, Sir Auwyne, Sir Cho-hag, Ahriman, AMC, Squire Stinkfoot, Sir Kitirat, Squire Velfan and many others are well-known throughout the Amtgard lands. We've had some fantastic people such as Kudzu and Evil Ryss leave these lands for others.

Our events are also fantastically done. Between FWACT (Five Weeks After Clan), Harvest Feast, Winter War and Dragon's Rage, we have some very large and fun events. Generally the games are well-done, the food is fantastic and the location is awesome.

There have been several visitors to Neverwinter who would probably agree with me. And, perhaps after reading this, you will be able to agree with me as well.

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