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King Apathy
[08/22/2002] [Belgarion]

Here it goes, my first article as the new assistant editor on the E-Samurai. I wanted to thank Randall for the opportunity to do something I always wanted to do (improve my writing skills) and at the same time also do something I absolutely hate (writing).

Ever wonder why Amtgard, especially the government, hasn’t changed much in the last few years? I mean after all you can’t get on the Amtgard list without somebody bringing up Inter-Kingdom Government. Every time the “Evil” BLBOD does something unpopular in the game, I spend days deleting IKBOD emails. They even went one step further, they (BLBOD) tossed Wetlands out on the streets and yet six months and one Clan later nothing has changed. Why do the people of Amtgard take it all the time?

I think the answer is very clear. Currently the only form of Inter-Kingdom Government that non-Burning Landers have a say in is the Circle of Monarchs. I am often surprised at what they do. Nothing. That is right, NOTHING, when the BLBOD kicked Wetlands out they did nothing for almost four months. Then, when they did meet face to face, rather than stepping up to the plate and saying to the BLBOD “You are Wrong,” they instead rolled over and gave the win to the Burning Lands. Eight kingdoms were represented at Clan XX Monarch Meeting, and of those kingdoms six had voted to support the Wetlands in one way or another before the meeting. Yet, instead of condemning the BLBOD, they instead asked the Wetlands to change their knighting system and then they, the COM, would ask the BLBOD to accept Wetlands back. Seems to me that instead of saying Amtgard is ready for Inter-Kingdom Government, our Monarchs instead said that the BLBOD was right and we should support their decisions.

Before I go on, let me say that I was one of the Monarchs present at that meeting and I am ashamed of myself and my performance. I walked into the meeting wanting one thing for Amtgard and came out with something complete different. I wanted to support the Wetlands and tell the Burning Lands “You are Wrong,” however, instead I let my friends, my fellow monarchs, my kingdom, Wetlands, and all of Amtgard down. I have nothing to say in my defense except I am sorry.

Over and over again, we the monarchs of Amtgard have proved that we don’t have the drive to change Amtgard into a better place. At the COM meeting at Clan XX we the monarchs agreed that we would talk about Inter-Kingdom Government over our email list. Well almost a month as gone by and I have heard nothing out of us.

Maybe it is time we got a swift kick from the people we represent. If you want Inter-Kingdom Government, I suggest you tell your monarch to get to work and do his job. Ask them what they have done to forward the IKBOD this week, because until we can fix the lack of drive in the COM I doubt very much that Inter-Kingdom Government will ever exist. The Burning Lands Board of Directors doesn’t rule this game but neither do the Elected Monarchs of Amtgard. Apathy rules Amtgard and I hope you enjoy it because he is King for Life.

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