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The IKBOD is Dead
[08/23/2002] [Moonshadow]

IKBOD (Inter-Kingdom Board of Directors) is Dead! Dead as can be. In the following article, I will attempt to explain the above stated sentence as well as provide an alternate means for reconciliation among the 12 Kingdoms of Amtgard.

Reason #1: It is being used as the Anti-Aramithris

The only time that IKBOD is brought up as possible reform is whenever Aramithris happens to piss somebody off. People only wish to trot out the dreaded “IKBOD” as a means to combat misinterpreted BLBOD (Aramithris) statements.

Reason #2: Where do I sign up?

Who’s in charge of this thing? Lack of a centralized party who can adequately explain the justifications for IKBOD is really killing any momentum that it could ever hope to attain. Give me a website, give me a battle cry, and give me some snack crackers. The IKBOD movement would do itself a major service to create a web presence to provide information to those who want to help this movement. Grass Roots campaigns are great and all but where do I sign up again?

Reason #3: It’s my Dream and you’re not Worthy

You have to give the Burning Lands (Aramithris) a worthy reason to want to get behind a movement like this because frankly, it’s his game and he doesn’t have to change if he doesn’t want to. Why would the Burning Lands want to back a movement that takes their dream away from them or modifies it in a way that no longer fits them?

Aramithris has previously stated that he would back a form of interkingdom government. However, it must be well-written. It must have a 10-year goal in mind from the beginning. It must have the support of Amtgard in general. And most important of all, it must have the support of the BLBOD (Aramithris). Sounds pretty simple, right? Read on, true believer...

The Solution:
A separation of BLBOD and Amtgard, Inc. BOD

It’s the only way to be able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement among all parties. The BLBOD needs only to be concerned with Burning Lands mundane affairs, period. However, an Amtgard, Inc. BOD should be concerned with all Amtgard affairs.

The need for separation between the two is obvious. There should be 2 distinct BODs. The Burning Lands can elect their BLBOD any way they see fit because, frankly, it’s a Burning Lands matter and not a matter for the rest of Amtgard. The Amtgard, Inc. BOD could consist of 1 representative from each Kingdom (12 Total). Each representative would be elected by their Kingdom in much the same fashion as the IRCA. That is more than fair and should appeal to the fundamentalists in the Burning Lands just as much as the radicals in the Wetlands.

The changeover process would be simple and wouldn’t require the treason & massive amount of signatures that the IKBOD is proposing. In short, there’s no reason to not expect this change. The ball's in your court!

In conclusion, it’s painfully obvious to see the steps needed to achieve this goal. It won’t be a broad sweep of changes but more a logical progression in the way things should already be. With this article, I can only hope that we evolve into the game we should have been 5 years ago.

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