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Wetlands Knights Support Compromise
[08/28/2002] [News]

I have been requested by the Circle of Knights to present the following Proposal to the populace of the Kingdom of the Wetlands. The document below is what was unanimously endorsed by all Monarchs present at Clan and presented to Pope O'Banion on behalf of the entirety of Amtgard. Please read the Proposal below before continuing on to the commentary.

Circle of Monarchs Proposal to Wetlands

We as Monarchs of Amtgard having satisfied Quorum during the Circle of Monarchs meeting held July 26, 2002 at Clan 20 HEREBY REQUEST:

1) The Wetlands make change to their Kingdom Corpora Section 9.2 - Knighthood to include the following sentence: "The Monarch shall have veto power with regard to the creation of Knights of the Wetlands".

2) Such change must remain in place and may not be subject to change by Althing or any other manner for the duration or their Amtgard contract.

3) That change must be effected to the Wetlands Corpora by September 20, 2002

Upon effect of such a change as outlined above, the Circle of Monarchs shall recommend to the Burning Lands Board of Directors that they reinstate Amtgard Kingdom status to the Wetlands.

Further, the Burning Lands Board of Directors has agreed to vote on reinstatement during their September 2002 Board meeting should the Wetlands effect the changes as outlined above.

King Sir Armen the Tall
Kingdom of Golden Vale

Kingdom of Neverwinter

Bone Efide Phule
Kingdom of Emerald Hills

Emric Bloodstone
Kingdom of Golden Plains

Kingdom of Burning Lands

Don Diego Velazques
Celestial Kingdom

Belgarion Jommed
Kingdom of Iron Mountains

Kingdom of Dragon Spine

The above Proposal was the collective work of the Monarchs of Amtgard and not the Burning Lands BOD. The Circle of Monarchs is a group that we can actually have proper representation within, unlike the BL BOD. Furthermore, their Proposal is a REQUEST and not a demand, which I feel merits consideration for the simple fact that they are treating us with respect and not attempting to strong-arm us into a course of action.

The change requested is something that has been discussed in this Kingdom time & time again. We, the Circle of Knights, feel that the time is RIGHT for us to implement this change in our Corpora. It's a change we were previously unwilling to make primarily because of the circumstances under which it was demanded of us. Nobody likes to be ordered to do something by an entity they have no voice in and no respect for. However, this time it is the collective Monarchs of all of Amtgard asking us to implement this change.

The other Kingdoms have been backing us from the beginning, even though they didn't have to. While this concession is not necessarily intended to be a reciprocal gesture to them, it would certainly show the rest of Amtgard that their faith in our integrity and vision for the future was well placed. Even if you never have the opportunity to visit their lands, it's nice to know that 8 different Kingdoms have enough respect for ours to support us through a most difficult time, work towards a solution that everyone can agree with, and help us to pave the way for a true Inter-Kingdom government.

With that said, we, the Circle of Knights, would ask the populace of the Kingdom of the Wetlands to support a Corpora Amendment that would give the Monarch the right to veto a candidate for Knighthood. We feel that the time is right for this minor change to occur and would ask the support of each and every one of you in helping to bring that change to pass.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sir Topknot Grimwulff
Representative, Circle of Knights
Amtgard: Kingdom of the Wetlands

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