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Top Ten Most Famous Amtgarders
[09/03/2002] [Randall]

We were all sitting in the Iron Mountains camp as the sun set on the second day of Harvest War VII. Someone was talking about famous Amtgarders, and we hit upon the idea of a top ten list -- you know, a Who's Who of the most well-known of us. Several people suggested names and we sort of settled upon a few, but the list was never finished. Until now. After much deliberation, e-Samurai presents to you the Top Ten Most Well-Known Amtgarders, along with five people who didn't quite make the list but are famous enough to justify a Runners Up category. Enjoy, and remember -- you can't disagree with us, because we're right.

The Runners Up


The co-founder of the Wardancers, Jetara is originally from Dragonspine, where he earned a sword belt for his flashy, kendo-inspired fighting ability. Known for his wit, charisma, and love for the ladies, Jetara was a primary architect of the Kingdom of Dragonspine and a prominent figure in those lands until he moved to California. It was there that he built the Duchy of Wavehaven, one of the most successful lands in the west. Jetara recently earned a crown belt from the Iron Mountains for his services as Emperor and Consort.


Roger Shrubstaff's name is almost synonymous with Neverwinter. He is Florida's first and most famous knight, having earned his flame belt from the Burning Lands before Neverwinter became a kingdom. Roger is well-known online for his finely-tuned sense of humor and quick wit, and is also one of the three wise men (Roger, Michael and Wulfram) who asked Aramithris to consider reforming Amtgard government.


As both a High Dancer in the Wardancers and an Amazon Matron Mother, Weilok is one of the most famous women in Amtgard. She was one of the main forces behind Dragonspine's drive for kingdom status and later served the kingdom as Queen, when she famously stripped a belt from a knight who stole from the club. Known for her irreverence, dedication and quirkiness, this flame knight is a proxy mother to Amtgarders all across the nation.


A young member of Archon with three knighthoods (and a fourth in sight) Raphael has long been part of the Burning Lands aristocrisy. He is most famous for bringing the BLBOD down upon the Wetlands in condemnation of their knighting practices. Despite two full years as monarch under his belt, many people still know Raphael as "the Boy King" from his earliest days on the throne.


Michael Hammer of God, founder of the Celestial Kingdom and proud citizen of the Iron Mountains, is perhaps one of the most well-traveled Amtgarders in existence. Known to be both rationally realistic and aggressively honest, he continues to uphold his three knighthoods. Michael likes to joke that, according to the e-Knight game, he'll have to quit Amtgard soon -- he's been playing Amtgard for nearly fifteen years.

Top Ten Most Well-Known Amtgarders

#10 Feral Lynn

Originally from Shadowvale, Feral made his mark as a singing bard before moving to the Kingdom of Dragonspine. He slowly worked his way up until he received a serpent belt from King Kurshan in 1999. Feral narrowly won a confidence vote to become king himself and served as Dragonspine's monarch during Clan XVII. It was during this time that he earned his nickname "the Fink", which later inspired his line of comics. Feral became an outsider of sorts after his reign, and remained out of power until he was elected as President of Dragonspine's BOD. Throughout this time, what made Feral most famous was his large internet presence, where he was often controversial and outspoken on issues ranging from Aramithris to buffetting. Feral is now a citizen of the Wetlands.

#9 Boots

Sir Boots is the only female Knight of the Sword in all of Amtgard. A native of the Golden Plains, she has long been famous as a dangerous spear fighter. Boots has since earned her serpent and crown belts after serving her kingdom for many years, and some speculate that she will become the first four-belted female knight. She has a small online presence and travels a little, but this doesn't diminish her status as one of the most well-known Amtgarders. With her silver-trimmed white belt, she is both the most unique woman and the most unique sword knight in Amtgard.

#8 Andralaine

One of the first ten knights in Amtgard and the first Princess Consort of the Burning Lands, Andralaine has been in Amtgard longer than almost everyone, including Aramithris. She served as Queen of the Burning Lands and has traveled a lot, visiting many kingdoms on her way to the midwest. She even earned a special place as Queen Mother of the Celestial Kingdom for her help in making them a kingdom. The co-founder of the Amazons, she is still very active after all these years -- her most recent claim to fame was picking up a sword for the first time in over a decade to fight against Forest at Clan XX. A vivacious woman with a powerful presence, Andralaine unquestionably leaves an impression on everyone she meets.

#7 Bolt

A member of Archon and proud citizen of the Burning Lands, Bolt is known for his constant service as champion of Amtgard's oldest kingdom. He is easily recognized on the field for his aggressive and strong style with the spear. As the chief liaison from the BLBOD, Bolt is most appreciated by the newest members of the game, and he works cheerfuly to help them establish their shires as legal Amtgard entities. Bolt was probably the most well-known squire in Amtgard after spending many years serving Aramithris; he has since become both a sword and a flame knight.

#6 Lief

Few discussions of who is the best fighter in Amtgard end without mentioning Lief. A fluid and graceful fighter, Lief is known for his speed and talent. After all, who hasn't heard stories of the guy with one sword, tearing apart the ditch lines at Clan? A sword knight among sword knights, Lief is easy to recognize with his Green Dragon's belt, blond hair, and upbeat attitude. He's not just the best fighter in Amtgard, either... he's a Master Lion who is dedicated to serving the Iron Mountains.

#5 Zodiac

Zodiac has the biggest, loudest, and most active family in Amtgard: the Darkjesters. Despite his cultish followers' reputation for debauchery (or maybe because of it), Zodiac served the Celestial Kingdom as king and earned both a crown and a flame belt before moving to Dragonspine, where he swept several tournaments and became a Warlord. Now a member of the Iron Mountains, Zodiac spends much of his time in Amtgard poking fun at the BLBOD and championing causes like the Rising Winds or the Wetlands. He has secured a place for himself for years to come as the anti-Aramithris.

#4 Snicker

Like Feral, Snicker got his start in Shadowvale but eventually escaped to Tennessee, where he helped start Mystic Glade. He became a Wardancer and moved to the Wetlands, where he carved out a niche for himself as a provider of information and controversy. His Amtgard Atlas became an Amtgard icon, and so did Snicker as he became a loud, polarizing, online voice in favor of Interkingdom government. Snicker was eventually knighted by the Wetlands, having earned his flame belt many times over in his years of service. Amtgard's most famous halfling (and least famous archery expert) is still a bard to the core; he sang into the wee hours of the night for his old kingdom of Dragonspine at Clan XX.

#3 Forest

Forest Evergreen is the loudest citizen of the Emerald Hills. Never one to be afraid to speak his mind, he can always be found in person or online saying exactly what he means about anything and everything. He's even got a net radio show where he mercilessly hammers away at any issue that comes along, whether it's Emerald Hills controversy over who can vote or angry debate over the entire structure of the Mystic Seas. Forest is a champion of the little guy and a dedicated worker who was made a flame knight in a surprise knighting at Clan XIX -- after which he ran the wet t-shirt contest in his own unique Forest style. Forest's most famous contribution to Amtgard that doesn't included nudity is Forest War, an event where he declares war against some group at Clan. It is a great testimony to his charisma and persistence that people will join him in droves; he won the most recent Forest War, forcing the Amazons to temporarily abandon slavery.

#2 Ivar

What can be said about Ivar that hasn't already been stated a thousand times over? He's the man with the imperial death march theme music, the grand old man of Burning Lands politics, the wanderer with a knighthood from three different kingdoms. Ivar runs and has been accused by Aramithris of being nothing less than Sauron incarnate. Indeed, Ivar is blamed by the BLBOD for the very Wetlands crisis that split Amtgard. While his former colleagues in the Burning Lands may consider him a lying betrayer, the rest of Amtgard knows Ivar to be an intelligent, suave knight who is never far from a beautiful woman and a tankard of beer. A former Claw member who ended up in the Green Dragons, Ivar still manages to travel to many events and does his best to nudge Amtgard's diverse groups in the right direction.

#1 Aramithris

He wasn't the first Amtgarder, nor was he the founder of the game... but Aramithris is the closest thing Amtgard has to a leader. He's the man to rebel against, the king-for-life who believes he alone knows what is best for his subjects. From his days as Noman when he was banned from Amtgard, to his current status as King of the Burning Lands and President of the BLBOD, Aramithris has been the most prominent and dominating figure in the entire game's history. He built the Claw Legion into one of the best companies in Amtgard, only to rend it asunder when it dared to disobey him. Taking his loyal friends with him, he founded Archon, one of the most elite companies in Amtgard. His experiences have given him a certain worldview in which he and his few allies are the lonely defenders of the dream against the barbaric masses. Known for his incoherence and arrogance, Aramithris nonetheless has earned four knighthoods and inspired great devotion in many people. Certainly, few people have no opinion on him; he is ridiculed by hundreds (and has made Franzia more famous than it should be), while his supporters often defend him in much the same way an abused spouse defends her husband. Aramithris is the most hated man in Amtgard but has been elected seven terms as King of the Burning Lands. He's a natural aristocrat and a reflexive despot who would rather do what he feels is right than worry about what others -- especially the barbarians -- think of him. His knees are more legendary than most Amtgarders can ever hope to be, and people can earn acclaim (or infamy) merely by being around him. All this and more easily makes him the most well-known Amtgarder.

[ This article was modified on January 28th, 2003. ]

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