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Which BLBOD Member Are You?
[09/03/2002] [Randall]

Can you spell?
I can spell in shorthand if necessary.
Yeah, but I have grammar problems. Like with commas.
Spelling has me stumped.
I avoid writing, so nobody knows.

Are you male or female?

What do you enjoy most about Amtgard?
The politics
The fighting
The garbing
The drinking
The socializing

What is your favorite color?
Green and yellow... no, wait. Blue and yellow.
Yellow and black. No, wait... green and... I mean blue and yellow!
Grey. No, wait, blue.
Let me ask Aramithris.
White. Oh god, please, white.

Watcha think about the internet?
You can yell on all the lists you want and it won't matter.
People mostly use them to hide while they flame.
I'm capable of communicating coherently online.
I avoid it like the plague.
It's a good way to talk to friends.

Are you a mean person?
Yes, that is harsh, I am J.
I just like to say it like it is.
Mean? I'm a sword knight.
I'm just doing my job.
Only to people who deserve it.

Do you sluff?
No way, dude, sword knights don't sluff.
I don't take light shit.
No, and I fight as good as any man.
I fight hard, with attitude, and I totally fight.
I don't fight.

How committed to Amtgard are you?
I go when I can, but real life always takes precedence.
Twenty year veteran here, still caring and trying.
I go, but I'm willing to screw other events.
Committed enough to waste my entire adulthood on it.
I claim real life is more important but everyone knows I'm lying.
I like hitting people with foam. A lot.

What do you think of Chewie Lightguard, former King of the Wetlands?
He makes my life difficult.
He's a backstabber.
He's a tool.
He betrays.
Let me ask Aramithris.

How long have you been in Amtgard?
Twenty year veteran here, still caring and trying.
A long time. Honest. And I'm 25, damnit.
I took a break but I started a long time ago.
Not long, but I joined the right crowd to get elected.
Not long, but I act experienced anyway.

Why do people disagree with you?
Because they are young and inexperienced.
They are trying to be political and special.
They're stupid.
Because they hate my friends and I get dragged into it.
I don't care, people have a right to disagree with me.

How many people have betrayed you over the years?
Everyone betrays.
Lots of silly kids, but no-one important.
A few people, I guess. About normal.
One person, but I knighted him so it's okay.
Nobody has ever betrayed me and lived.

How do you feel about the Wetlands?
They should be thrown out of Amtgard.
They should be lectured, and probably thrown out of Amtgard.
They're lying scum.
They are orc abusers who only take.
Let me ask Aramithris.

How do your knees feel?
They hurt bad.
They've been better.
Just fine.
They worked last night...
I don't fight.

Just how sexy are you?
Damned sexy but I respect women here.
I wish I hadn't cut my hair.
I have nice legs.
I'm past my prime but still get laid.
I have a nice personality.

It's time for a new rulebook. What do you do to help?
I care and try, okay?
I post to all the lists defending it.
I go to events and defend it while drunk.
I make up stuff about graphics to make Ivar look bad.
I secretly work behind the scenes on it.

Amtgard is like...
A dream that has been tarnished.
A hobby that I do when I have time.
A place to hang out with my drinking buddies.
A lifestyle.

What's your favorite fighting style?
Florentine, I fought sword and shield the other day, it was great.
Florentine, as long as one of the weapons is cheesy and long.
Sword and shield.
I like all fighting as long as I get to hit things hard.
No-one has ever seen me fight.

What makes you cry?
My friends getting hurt.
I'm too bitter to cry.
Poetry and heroism.

Ever been monarch?
I'm trying and caring after seven reigns.
Yes. Four times. And people still don't take me seriously.
Once or twice.
No, but I will be.
No, but I get my way anyway.
Nope, no desire.


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