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A Summary of the Rising Winds List
[01/14/2003] [Lord Lothair das RabeWulf]

Hail and Well Met.

This missive, though fictional, and possibly exaggerated, should give a fair summation of the horror that is the Rising Winds list. I have been on this list for nearly four years now, and it is a wonder that I can still complete a sentence or even think in a logical manner

I am Lord Lothair das RabeWulf, a normally proud citizen of the Rising Winds.

I come now, and bow my head in shame, for the secret horror that we as a group had hoped to wipe out and hide from general knowledge is escaped unto the world of Amtgard.

I will now testify to the plague that is our list:

A random sampling of our list, conducted over one week span of time during a recent winter month, by a group of slave labor peasants in my secluded tower showed thus:

86% of all messages to the RW list were posted in sequential response to previous messages, even messages that had been posted up to but not limited to one week previous.

47% of all messages to the RW list were less than four complete sentances in length. (NOTE: This particular portion of the sampling resulted in the death or insanity of at least five peasants working on this task for my organization, due to the lack of punctuation).

67% of all messages to the RW list included pointless attached or recopied previous messages to the extent of atleast three previous messages, and as far as eight in one particular one word response. This particular problem adds an approximate email size of 5K.

74% of all messages to the RW list include some usage of profanity or adult content.

87% of all messages to the RW list include some form of spam (ie: "so and so call me, I lost your number", etc), personal slam (ie: "you suck", "my company is better than your company", etc), or smack talk (ie: "I will take your entire company myself", "I am the greatest stick jock in the Kingdom", etc).

52% of all messages to the RW list are based on attempting to stop spam, smack talk, slams, and profanity. (NOTE: This current precentage has dropped to 12% due to many of us giving up hope of ever quelling this problem).

Nearly 70% of all messages to the RW list have such poor grammar that they are indistinguishable from the babblings of monkeys in a cage at the zoo (NOTE: the last five of my peasants went screaming from my tower after compiling this final percentage. They could be heard yelling something about: "My Soul for a spellcheck program". I was left alone to toil on this task).

12% of all messages to the RW list have some real bearing on the game of Amtgard, the status of the Kingdom, or an upcoming event or item of interest to the general populace.

5% of all non-business messages to the RW list are taken in good humor and appreciated by all.

4% of all messages to the RW list are actually read by myself at this point in time.

71% of all messages to the RW list prove that the American public school system is in need of true reform.

62% of all messages to the RW list are posted by children under the age of eighteen.

100% of all messages to the RW list should be moderated with a strict hand.

In summation,
If you are not on the RW list, give thanks.
If you are on the RW list, switch to daily digest setting.
If you are in the RW, please use discretion when posting.
If you are not in the RW, please have patience with the adults as we try to quell this problem.

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