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Goldenvale Responds to Charges of Corruption
[02/02/2003] [News]

Well well well....

I have a group of people here in this house as well. We all have our opinions, and we all see things differently. cannot see things that you are not around to see. You cannot hear things that you are not around to hear. This is why hearsay is not a method of evidence that can be used in a court of law.

Pertaining to the current status of the monarchy in GV. At court, King Goliath chose Dame Willow (WHO DECLARED HER INTENT TO RUN FOR REGENT) to become his Regent. She was vacationing in Aruba during court, and we were unable to get ahold of her in any way shape or form, and at the time there were questions on what to do about Champion. An ALTHING WAS HELD. It was decided that Champion was to be determined by a tournament the next weekend. No other opinions (from even those outside the kingdom who were there and are the chief complainers on this matter) were brought forward.

Apparently, there were two different interpretations made. The way things were to go was that there was a Champions tourney to be held this weekend. Dame Willow found out all of this when she returned from Aruba. She knew the decision a week in advance, and never told King Goliath her answer. Before the tourney, she was asked twice what her decision was, and King Goliath told her to give him her answer on Saturday. It wasn't until THE SECOND before the tourney was to be held that Dame Willow decided she would loudly voice that there was to "be no tourney today". She declined Regent.

A discussion was held amongst the dues-paid members as to what had happened at court. The majority of those members interpretted the decision at court to be "there will be a tourney". At this point, King Goliath AGAIN asked whether or not she would accept Regent, and AGAIN she declined the office, and chose not to run for Champion either. AFTER the tourney, King Goliath asked ONCE MORE if she would like the position of Regent and she AGAIN declined. Therefore, King Goliath chose another Regent.

As to the "injustice" done to Dame Willow. In my eyes, there was none. My opinion is that had she not been vacationing in Aruba....had she been able to be contacted that night....there would never have been an Althing. If you are serious about running for a kingdom level position, you declare for the office that you WANT, and when you are chosen, you ACCEPT said position. It was King Goliaths impression that since she declared for ALL THREE OFFICES (not just Champion and Monarch) she wanted ANY of the three, and he CHOSE her for one of them. Had she been serious about becomming an officer of this kingdom and serving the people of this kingdom (in this GLOBAL GAME) she would have gladly accepted the honor of becomming Regent of the Kingdom.

I'm sorry that you all feel that Dame Willow has been wronged. I'm sorry that you decided not to voice your opinions while you sat in our court and WATCHED the althing that was taking place. If I feel there is an injustice being done, I'm going stand up for what I believe in...and have to date. The shires, baronies and duchies under GV can be upset about this decision all they want, but I am sure that you will see in the coming months that you now have a monarchy that is concerned for you, and for this kingdom and will do it's best for you. They are not just in office to achieve another belt. In fact, two of the officers have been in the game far longer than a lot of you, and have attained the criteria set forward by the corpora and STILL have not achieved white belts...and THEY are two among those who you would call part of "the clique".

You can direct any and all flames to me, Dame Katala, as I am the one who wrote this post. However, EVERYONE who is sitting around me at this moment telling me to add things in here agrees wholeheartedly with me. In fact, here are there comments:

Squire Galtana: If she didn't want Regent, then she shouldn't have declared here intent to become Regent. The immature way she held herself at the field showed me that if anybody was chasing a belt, it was her--because she wasn't getting her way, and wasn't getting the position she wanted in order to achieve that belt.

Dame Fionna will reply to "the injustice" in her own email.

Squire Ahno: To me this is more than just backing my company brother. I believe that the only grave injustice that has been done here is the highly political and selfish way in which certain people are striving to serve themselves more than the (GLOBAL) game. Also, if Artemis deserves to be a knight, I deserve to be a four-belted Grand Duke with a large harem of beautiful porn stars.

King Goliath: I made the decision I made with the knowledge I had at the time. All during Crown Quals, when anyone asked me, I ALWAYS said "I will chose Dame Willow as my Regent". When I spoke to her the Wednesday following Coronation, she gave me no impression that she was running for Champion. ONLY that she was going to accept or deny the position of Regent. ONLY Regent. It was also my impression that she understood the decisions that were made at Coronation.

Squire Skive: I have been in this game since 1994. This is my first time in any office (at any group level) and I plan on doing the best job I can. I am in the process of creating a new email address, and will publish it soon for any who need to contact me. Feel free.

To the end of all this, my personal opinion on the hissy fit that Dame Willow threw on the field (you know--the one she threw for attention) was thrown because she didn't get what she wanted. She had the option of fighting in the Champions Tourney, and she declined. She had SEVERAL times been asked what her answer was (EVEN AFTER SHE DECLINED the office she was chosen for) on the acception of Regent. The "clique" of which you all speak (speaking to those that wrote the massive email complaining) is non-existent. If there WAS a "clique", you would be a part of it. There were several of you here all weekend long, and you were told (by King Goliath) what his intentions were, pertaining to the Regency. Had any of you had an opinion to the counter, you could have voiced it then. You didn't, and then chose to hide behind your little electronic box and THEN voice your opinion. Who's the real hypocrite in this situation? All opinions are valued here in GV and everyone was given the chance to speak at court AND on the field. Hate it for you if you can't speak up for what you feel is right. There is a reason there is an ELECTED monarchy. It is so that the people can speak.

And so they have...............


Baronet Dame Katala
King Squire Goliath
Regent Dame Fionna, Lady of the Crown
Champion Lord Squire Skive
Lord Squire Ahno
Lady Squire Galtana

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