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Watching Your Event Become More Successful
[02/05/2003] [Arminius]

When you create an event, you hope that that event is successful. But when it goes beyond your expectations and becomes a regularly schedule event, what do you do it make it even more successful? You could try to plan every single detail, make back up plans for your back up plans in case something happens, and drive yourself insane, or you can let go of your sense of ownership, allow others to help, and be proud of what you have started.

During my first reign as Ducal Regent, I created an event for the growing number of minors on our field because almost all of them could not seem to get permission to go to our regular events, which were being held with the Kingdom. I consulted with the Duke, Hern Sablewolf, and made the plans for the event. We planned a feast, a heraldry contest, some tourney fighting, and some athletic contests. As I continued to be known as “the Kingdom Fool,” we chose a date in January and named the event “The Festival of the Fool.” With the help of Hern’s household, I began advertising the event across the Kingdom, and got everything ready for the event. When the date of the event came around, people from all across the Kingdom arrived for the festivities. Everyone enjoyed themselves, making the event was a great success. Some participants even asked that it become an annual event. At the Althing held that day, it was added to the regular calendar.

Time passed, and as the Festival of the Fool approached for its second run, I found myself left behind by those planning the event. I had written out plans and what to do for the event, but never discussed it or let it be known. As I was visiting friends and my fiancé’s family in Illinois around Christmas time, Sir Hern and his house made plans for the event, asking the Hard Charger Company to aid with feast. As my knight is a Hard Charger, he asked me upon my return if I wished to help the Hard Chargers with feast. I inquired about the other plans and was informed that Sir Hern and his household had already made them. At first, I was extremely upset. The event had been mainly my idea, and I felt I was being robbed of my rights as “creator” of the event. After a few days passed, I realized I had only myself to blame. I had made plans for the event, but I never made them known. Sir Hern was merely protecting the reputation of his house, which was the sponsor of the event. I resigned myself to aiding with the feast, and aiding in what other ways I could.

With the passing of the Second Annual Festival of the Fool, I see now that I made the right choice in allowing “others to interfere with my event.” I doubt the plans I had made would have been as successful as the way the event turned out this time. This year’s Festival of the Fool was even bigger and much more successful than the last. As the day wore on, I came to the realization that the best events are the ones that grow beyond the capacity of their creators. I took pride in the fact everyone was having a great time, regardless of whether I came up with every single idea and executed every single detail. The point of the event was for people to have fun, and as long as that happens, whether I have a role in it or not, my original goal has been achieved.

I had prepared a short article to by released while the Kingdom of Goldenvale was still in violation of their contract, and Dame Willow was being denied the position of Champion. Like many other Amtgardians, I was quick to condemn Goldenvale for their acts in breaking the terms of their contract and corpora. It is only right that I should be as quick to applaud King Goliath for doing the right thing.

It is hard for any leader to go against a decision the had already made and executed, even if overturning that decision is the right thing to do. At the duchy level, which is where I have my experience in politics and being a leader of Amtgard, you have a back door: “Take it to Kingdom.” If Kingdom disagrees with your policy, then they overturn it, and you didn’t have to change your views, just accept you were overruled. When you are King, this back door does not exist. I not only applaud, but also admire King Goliath for the personal strength it takes to swallow your pride and admit you made an error, then correct that error. The honor of Goldenvale is more than restored; it has grown with King Goliath’s response to the situation.

I am not a man to give my respect lightly. There are very few people in this world I respect, and even fewer in Amtgard. With the strength and wisdom King Goliath displayed with his admission of error and correction of that error, I can now say there is one more person who has my respect.

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