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Horoscope: The March Forecast
[03/01/2003] [Sage]

Monthly Forecast from March 2 to April 1, 2003

This month's new moon is at 12* Pisces on March 2nd at 7:34pm MST (5:34pm EST). The next new moon will occur at 11* Aries on April 1st at 12:18pm MST.

For Everyone February's focus was on money and self-worth. As March opens, we'll have the sense of waking up to a new day and finding the world very different than it was the night before. It may be disconcerting, as many of the old assumptions we relied on vanish. Suddenly, our priorities change, and our energies flow into aesthetics and love. A spotlight will shine on the ways we love, the ways we need to receive love, and the fantasies we have of romantic fulfillment. We will likely see changes happening here, with a pressing need to try something new. Creativity will abound, especially in terms of artistic work, raising children, and sexual relationships.

There will also be a positive influence on the workplace throughout March. Things go well, with a heightened sensitivity to others, and a productive "let's get this done" vibe. Health matters will generally improve. Many of us have been sick for much of the winter, but March offers a strong chance to finally kick the bug. Points of friction to be aware of are a continuing tendency to exaggerate and project your illusions onto your loved ones, as well as the same miscommunication push-pull that we've lived with for some time. Be patient, and choose to exempt yourself from the power games. Look inward and figure out what it is you're trying to learn from the people you love. Things are changing all around us-it's time to learn to adapt.

Bards and Provincial Leaders Your creativity is far reaching, this month. You have the energy to talk smack fearlessly, to put forth radical new ideas, and to detail the arcane intricacies of your brilliant new plan. The question you must ask yourself is where to draw the line. You gain nothing by alienating your would-be supporters. Don't play diva.

Warriors, Paladins, Anti-Paladins There's a time when you have to put up or shut up, and it's not far off. You feel a need to defend your territory, be it province, house, or company. Your month will be full of uncanny insight into people's motivations. Use it wisely. Your blind spot will be in your close relationships. If you have enemies, grow eyes in the back of your head.

Healers March will allow you to fade from center stage, with a curious paradox. While less visible on the field, you will be more active in the game-especially helping to mend festering wounds that drive apart houses, companies, and provinces. Expect divisive parties to try to play you against their enemies. Choose the path of healing, and lead your group to greater structural integrity.

Mages You will find a bolt of sunlight piercing the fog this month. Your intuition thrives, and you have versatile new ideas for magic use in the game. There is still a tendency toward half-cocked exuberance based on faulty information, so check everything before embarking.

Assassins It's hard to be stealthy when you don't stop talking, and this month, people may start to wonder if you're quite yourself. You may attain a whole new level in priceless outlandish plots against your local leaders. Great role-play, but not much in the way of fiendish subtlety. Of course, no one ever said secret agents had to be subtle...

Barbarians and All Monster Races March draws you out of the public focus, and allows you to focus on creative efforts. Your energy for role-play may be stronger than ever, especially now that the pressure of having an audience has eased. Beware of overexcitement leading to injury.

Archers, Scouts, Druids, and Monks After keeping your head low last month, March brings a shift in perspective. On one hand you're aware of the need for forward motion, but at the same time it feels unpleasantly like driving with the brakes on. Things will smooth out after you process the events of mid-February.

Garbers and Artisans March is for making entirely new everything. No copies of old patterns-you'll choose something you've never tried before. Not only that, but you'll have the artistic sense to make it especially attractive and the diligence to finish it on time. With any luck (and there is luck to be had), you'll even find the materials on sale.

Turning of the Wheel Astrology is the study of the relationship between the orbital mechanics of our solar system and our daily lives. Newspaper Astrology misleads us by implying that the Sun is the only important point in the sky. That is not at all true. It's just the easiest, since it works by one day increments. To understand the rest of it, you need a natal chart. A natal chart is a snapshot of the solar system at the moment of your birth. (You can get a free chart from or This picture of the planets orbiting through the signs is an entirely unique picture for everyone. It's unique because it won't repeat again for 26,000 years.

Your chart may have the Sun all by itself in one sign, while there may be clusters of planets in others. When this happens, you will generally feel greater resonance with the cluster's sign than the Sun's. Realize that all the planets and signs are vital, and the interaction of their archetypes is just as complex and amazing as we are. Please note that if your Sun is on the cusp between signs, you have a blend of both types of energy. Whenever you read your horoscope, always read your Moon (needs) sign, Sun (ego) sign, and Ascendant (personality).

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) Up until the Sun enters your sign in three weeks, you may find yourself a bit lost-sort of like going to the mall, and then getting so distracted by the sensory overload that you forget what you went in for. Expect some conflict that takes a few days to pass. The wave of fiery energy you're riding hasn't run out yet, but it is shifting toward a more diligent and focused direction. Find a worthy project.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) How often do you think about love? What does feeling loved mean to you? March shines a very bright light on the needs of your heart. Consider those needs. Have you ever told your partner what's on that wish-list? Expect an increase in sex drive, as well as a tendency to slip off into dream-land at work. It's likely you'll feel shyer than usual this month. Be gentle with yourself and protect your confidence.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Your usual nervous energy is rather muted this month, but luckily you have everything in place to direct some potentially brilliant mental work into concrete reality. Writing is especially benefited. Also, pay attention to your career. The time is ripe for some fortuitous change. Do your best to stay grounded.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Expect March to draw some focus onto going back to school or at least getting instruction in something you dreamed of, but never learned to do. Your relationship is due to reach a new level of intensity. It may be a strange trip, but will be easier if you talk out your feelings. You may find yourself challenged by someone at cross-purposes with you. Be compassionate, but don't let them make you a victim.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22) You'll feel like a somewhat subdued version of your usual sparkly self this month. It feels a bit odd, especially since you're being noticed anyway. Resist self-doubt, and make an effort to talk out your feelings with your partner. Romance increases, but continue to avoid projecting onto your loved ones. Expect good news regarding your career, and surprise benefits from unexpected sources.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22) March brings you tremendous energy and desire for a loving relationship. If you're single, you crave a partner. If you have a partner, you want to improve your connectedness. You're on the cusp of a significant change in your life, but it will take a few months to fully manifest. Flow with it, and put greater than usual attention on being true to yourself.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22) Although your symbol is the scales, Libra is the only sign without a natural sense of balance. Your mission is to learn to find, and keep, your balance. March especially will test you in avoiding extremes and walking the middle path. Also, expect conflict with authority figures and partners. The best news is an upsurge of creativity. Find solace in work well-done.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) This month you are able to access a new level of sensitivity and compassion, particularly in regard to your partner, children, and creative expression. The overhaul of your sense of self continues, but your ability to communicate the changes is going to improve dramatically. Toward the end of the month, a bit of career expansion is likely, but be extra sure to nail down the details in writing.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) This point in your life might feel a little like college. You find yourself talking, reading, and absorbing new ideas about what humanity is, and what your greatest potential might be. Don't worry if your friends are confused. This is your journey, not theirs. Fulfill your need for a safe personal space. Devote time to healing the voice that undercuts your self-worth.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) March brings you a renewed sense of vigor. Physical activity increases, as does general productivity. This is matched by increased self-worth, improved confidence, and out-of-the-ordinary skill in expressing yourself to others. Look for surprises on the home-front, and increased petty annoyances at work.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) This month odds are high that a new relationship will burst into your life. If you are already involved, it will either improve dramatically or fall to the wayside. Your attention is on money and confidence, and a reduction in the boundaries between yourself and others. Love thrives, and old wounds retreat to be dealt with in dream.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) March brings activity, public visibility, and a heightened need to feel appreciated. You may sense a major personal transformation just over the next hill. Don't fight it. Things are also changing at work, but trust your instincts as the path unfolds. Also expect a month of vivid and unusual dreams. Write them down. They may help explain what in yourself needs to change.

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