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E-Samurai Interview: Moonshadow
[03/04/2003] [The Interviewer]

Please state your full Amtgard name for the Record?

Lord Squire Moonshadow Everdarius. (ed. -- He is also a Master Rose.)

How did you come up with your name?

An elvish visitor (I don't remember his name) came to the Barony of Evermore Hollow and gave it to me. No real cool story or anything, sorry.

What would you say Amtgard’s single greatest purpose is?

It is an outlet to have fun. It is an outlet to express one’s creativity, as well as who one is, but the main purpose is to have fun. If you can’t have fun, you can’t play Amtgard.

IKGov: Good or Bad?

Could be good, if done right. We need some centralized leadership that can be fair to all parties and provide the standards on which to grow our own local Kingdoms. As Kingdoms, we should be allowed a voice in the game that we help perpetuate.

6.1: Good or Bad?

Very good. The effort is to be applauded and it is a step in the right direction. However, the value of the spellchecker/grammar checker is not to be overlooked.

For the readers in VSR, War with Iraq: Good or Bad?


Your Knight, Sir Euric Bloodstone, is stepping down from his 8th term as King as you step up for your first term as King. Does this place any added pressure on you?

It adds a lot of pressure on top of the pressure of the office. Not only do I have to prove I can do the job now, I have to prove I can do it AND live up to the precedent my knight has set.

What do wish to accomplish in your reign?

I wish to convert the Golden Plains to a strong limited floating crown system. I also want to help ensure that the populous of all our groups grow during my reign. Safety will also be a keyword during this reign and will be stressed to all groups under the Golden Plains.

Any ideas on how to get the floating crown system implemented?

It is going to take a heavy hand to get it done. I am anticipating some strong resistance from some of the older members of Kingdom Proper, but I think the overwhelming support that has been shown by the Kingdom Greater will be able to counterbalance that resistance when it comes time for the vote.

While, for the most part, the floating crown system will work well for the Kingdom of the Golden Plains due to its size, how do you think this change will affect the two shires in Illinois?

Unless the shires begin to show more interest in Kingdom affairs, I don’t foresee any change in the relationship between the Kingdom and our lands in the North.

You’ve recently been awarded the title of Master Rose, thus qualifying you for a Flame belt. What is your opinion of the Flame belt?

Flame is actually the most important belt one can earn. Without Flame, there wouldn’t be a group to fight in. Without Flame, there wouldn’t be a government to serve. Without Flame, there would be no Arts & Sciences. Flame Knights are the backbone of our game and will be the ones to spur us into new horizons in the future.

While everyone recognizes the importance of the Knight’s belt, what are your thoughts about being given a Squire’s belt?

A Squire’s belt is the greatest honor a Knight can bestow unto another. It is a belt of continuous service, regardless of which order of Knighthood you are attempting to obtain. After becoming a squire, you have to think about how your actions will not only reflect on you, but how they will reflect on your Knight as well. Squires are the future of Amtgard and they must strive to make Amtgard the best that it can be.

You won the election for Monarch over Sir Boots. This was Sir Boots’ first election since she was awarded her Crown Belt at Clan. What are your thoughts on being elected over a newly-made Crown Knight?

In a nutshell, it feels good. It is also somewhat humbling to know that the populous of the Kingdom has so much faith in me that they are willing to give me a shot over someone who has proven herself in office multiple times.

The Golden Plains, while one of the oldest Kingdoms of Amtgard, is commonly overlooked. Do you have any plans to increase the Golden Plains' visibility and reputation?

As far as getting the Kingdom name out there, we will continue to do as we have always done. Golden Plains is known for its people and its honor, and as far as I am concerned, that will not change. We will be sending volunteers to Clan XXI to help King Kurse with Gate Duty. We will be pursuing Non-Profit Status, Group and Individual Insurance, and we will continue to put on fun and exciting events.

If you could pick any three Kingdoms in Amtgard to visit, which three would you pick? Why?

Absolutely none of them. Golden Plains is the finest Kingdom and has some of the best people in all of Amtgard. To visit any other Kingdom would be a disappointment. We have a central location to all of the major Kingdoms yet we are allowed to participate in semi-isolationism. We have the best of both worlds here.

So you’re saying you have no desire at all to visit another Kingdom?

Ok, maybe Iron Mountains. But otherwise, that is exactly what I am saying.

Any final words for the E-Samurai readers?

I am of the firm opinion that we must overthrow Sir Randall and his loyal army of E-Samurai so that we can exploit its resources for our own gain. Power to the People! =)

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