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The Best Event I Never Fought In
[03/09/2003] [Arminius]

Last weekend was the Kingdom of the Golden Plains Twenty-First Coronation. Sir Euric stepped down from his eighth term as King, and both his squires, Moonshadow and Neon, stepped into office. It was a great event to be at, but for me, it wasn’t the event itself that I enjoyed. It was the chance to just be me.

The event was set up like most Golden Plains events: ditching, camping, relic quest, feast, and court. Due to a new medical complication, I am not allowed to fight for now, so I couldn’t take part in the relic quest or fighting. All the festivities started late. The feast was terribly bland and poorly orchestrated, and court was long like it always is. And as far as camping, at least it stayed in the double digits overnight this time. Looking at my general pan of the event, one would wonder how I could say I enjoyed it so much.

My fun began after camp was set up on Friday night. A good-sized group of us stood or sat around the fire making jokes and telling stories. After most everyone else had become sufficiently drunk, they asked my fiancé, Lady Callandra, and myself to sing for them. We sang some songs together, and each sang a song on our own. And let me tell you, it kicked ass. I only started trying to perform for people two weeks prior at Quals, and then I was too nervous to really enjoy it. Now I’ve found that I enjoy singing before others, and plan to do it more often. In the morning, I awoke before everyone else and cleaned up camp. By about ten in the morning, I set up my little shop. My fiancé and I sell jewelry and little trinkets, generally to raise money. I ran the shop all day, along with some wandering about. I made some new jewelry for the shop. I also sang for others who asked, and tried for a while to keep up with the drumming circle. I talked a lot, got to see some faces I hadn’t seen in a year or so, and just enjoyed the company of my Kingdom’s populous.

Let this serve as an example to all you stick jocks out there: you can have fun in Amtgard without ever touching a weapon. Those of us who did not fight at the event were told quiet a few times that we added a great deal to the atmosphere that made the day so much fun. Remember, next time you want to make fun of that newbie who wants nothing more than to sit to the side and play music or work on crafts, without them, you’d just be some freak with a foam padded stick.

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