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Spatial Awareness
[05/08/2003] [jewishjedi]

One of the keys to surviving on the battlefield is to have a good sense of spatial awareness. This is something that many new players seem to have a problem with. This article will discuss the four main types of spatial awareness as they pertain to Amtgard.

The first type of Amtgard spatial awareness is your personal space. This is the area that each individual on the field ‘threatens.’ It is the area that when another person enters it, you have the chance to hit them with your weapon. It is different sizes for different people. For some, it is the length of their arm and weapon. For others, it may be that point and a step or two forward. Whatever its size, you must learn what your personal space is. Once you’ve learned it well, you will know when you can throw a shot and also when to not bother throwing shots.

The next level of awareness is the one-on-one space. In this area, you need to remember your personal space, but you also need to be aware of the other person’s space. Just as you threaten an area, they threaten one, too. More often than not, for them to be in your threatened area, you must be in theirs. You need to pick up what their space is, and be able to move in and out of it so you can hit them without being hit yourself.

The third level of spatial awareness in Amtgard is the ditch awareness. At this level, you need to follow both of the previous levels, but you also need to watch for several other people. You should be aware of everyone’s general spot on the field. I say ‘their general spot on the field’ since you need to devote most of your attention to the guy in front of you. You need to give enough attention to everyone to know if someone might be behind you and able to backstab you. In addition to knowing where everyone on the field generally is, you also need to know who is on your team and who isn’t. In the ditch, there are some people that are not trying to kill you, and some that are. You need to know which is which and be able to go to your teammates’ aid when they need it.

The forth and highest level of awareness is the class battle game awareness. At this level, you need to be paying attention to the three previous levels, but also to the fact that some people’s threatened area may be anywhere from twenty to a hundred feet in front or in back of them. Spell casters, archers, and dagger chuckers all complicate the space of a battle game. Knowing exactly what abilities they have is secondary to how far away they can get you from. You also need to watch these ranged killers to see when they are not paying attention to you. When they’re watching someone else is the time to go run them down.

There is a lot to be spatially aware of in Amtgard. Its best to take things one step at a time and not get upset at yourself when you get backstabbed. Start by learning how much of an area you can hit and go from there. When at events, watch what the better fighters do and how they keep themselves aware of their surroundings. And finally, trust in your teammates to watch the flanks and keep you from getting backstabbed.

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