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Horoscope: The July Forecast
[07/01/2003] [Sage]

The July Forecast

(June 29, 2003 to July 28, 2003)

The New Moon ruling July takes place June 29, 2003 at 12:38pm MDT at 7* Cancer. The New Moon in Leo occurs July 29th, at 00:52am MDT.

A Special Note: The time from New Moon to New Moon (called a synodic month) is 29.53 days. Because we started these monthly forecasts with the February 1st New Moon, you'll see the beginning of our Astrological Month slide slowly into the prior Calendar Month. Why does this happen? Because the Solar Calendar we plan our day-to-day lives by does not mesh cleanly with the Lunar Calendar (which fits 13 Moons into the solar year). Thus, the last three days of July will fall within the "August" forecast.

Astrology studies the connection of our solar system's orbital mechanics with our daily lives. Newspaper Astrology falsely implies that the Sun is the only important point in the sky. To understand real astrology you need a natal chart (a snapshot of the solar system at the moment of your birth). You can get a good free chart from Astrolabe or Astrodienst.

Realize that all the planets and signs are vital, and the interaction of their archetypes is just as complex and varied as we are. Please note that if your Sun (or any planet) is on the cusp between signs, you have a blend of both types of energy. Any time you check your horoscope, always read your Moon (needs) sign, Sun (ego) sign, and Ascendant (personality).

For Everyone

Last months' Gemini solar eclipse certainly came through on the "battles over being right." Happily, July brings a fundamental change in attitude. With four planets in Cancer, expect a vast amount of energy to go toward issues of home, nurturing, and emotional authenticity. If you've been hiding your feelings about something important, don't be surprised if you feel a need to come clean. Use good judgment, but resist the urge to slam the brakes on yourself. You may feel either closer to your mother, or more resentful of her than usual if she didn't provide the kind of safe haven you needed. At work, the focus will grow on security issues--both the obvious kind, as well as a growing emotional connection among coworkers. Authority figures will do well to play mother-hen or caring-patriarch this month--especially if they have changes to implement in the workspace. Being too autocratic will alienate people far more than necessary.

The other major focus for July is on relationships and dreams. Now is the time for your summer romance: flowers, candlelight, sappy movies, the works. You need to love and feel loved more than usual this month, and your fantasies pull you further and further into it. Enjoy it, but be very aware that your desires and fantasies and those of your partner may be totally different. False assumptions and failure to spell out exactly what you want will lead to a lot of needless heartache. The danger is that in wanting to meld into something new, you risk losing yourself. Throw some miscommunication in the mix, and the time is ripe for a lot of pain. So, talk things out from the start and avoid the mess.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) This month you may feel a bit as if the world has turned on its head. You may find yourself questioning everything you once took for granted, including your relationships--and especially your family. Treat past or present turmoil at home as a challenge to remake your homelife in a way that better suits you. Try to find a better avenue to vent your stress than the workplace. Take solace in love.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) Your career aspirations will rather dominate this year, Taurus, but July in particular finds your head in the clouds, dreaming of what you really want to do with your life. Write it all down. There are some small steps you can take now to get there. Also this month, you have a great need to be heard. Just be sure you do your own fair share of listening.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) This month finds you torn between reason and feeling. It's a phenomenal time to overhaul your self-esteem, and radical career shifts actually bode quite well (for once) in terms of financial opportunity. Be careful that you don't waste all that energy on talking instead of doing. Your need to feel appreciated may hit an external snag. Be patient while lovers sort out their own issues. Be true to yourself.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Happy Birthday! You have an uncommon confluence of intelligence, self-discipline, and emotional integrity taking place in your sign this month. Expect things to feel as if they're going a little haywire--it'll pass soon enough. Make especially sure your home feels like a safe harbor, and that your partner understands that you need a little extra tenderness now. Travel goes well. Expect surprises at work.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22) July is for soul-searching, Leo. Whether consciously or not, your thoughts will turn to the influences in your early life that have made you who you are today. Embrace the trip down memory lane. Also, your dream girl or guy will be on your mind. Give yourself time to delve into the ways that you love. Which of your relationship needs are changing and why? Devote extra effort to your work this month, and please do double check your finances before you spend anything.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22) Things move pleasantly along at work this month, but the real news is your lovelife. On one hand, major (if transient) sparks with your partner. On the other, a huge opportunity to talk out old hurts and find real peace. A tremendous amount of your ego will be invested in feeling appreciated. Recognize that conflicts and insecurity are temporary. Do your best to be true to your feelings without becoming a slave to them. Make peace with authorities.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22) Love is in the air this month, as is bouncing from one extreme to the other, and concern over whether your partner is not also your competitor. Surprises come from your intimates and threaten your emotional security. Counter runaway feelings with earthy centeredness. Do not let conflicts with coworkers escalate. Channel your stress before it takes a toll on your health. You feel more attractive than usual.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) This month brings added passion and urgency to your everyday Scorpionic intensity. Expect increased sex drive and a greater ease in both articulating your feelings and acting from them. Conversely, relationships demand more energy. Don't lash out at partners for what you haven't explained. New ideas come to fruition with little trouble. Dream of houses and compare your own. If you feel stuck in a rut, now's the time to vault yourself out of it.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) This month brings an unusual array of influences. First, you are feeling very secure in yourself. Your major relationships are essentially harmonious, and communication is easy. Emotionally, though, it is time to dig deep into long unspoken feelings of grief and fear. Expect a long term shake-up at home, but realize you are more than capable of adapting to the new situation. Surprises come from children and lovers.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) July brings quite a bit of tension to your life, especially in the realm of ego conflicts and miscommunication. Your words are perceived as more aggressive than you intend. Your personal boundaries are unusually fluid. Relationship conflict is likely, unless you make an extra effort to speak with heartfelt compassion toward your loved ones. Romantic sparks with a coworker will cause more trouble that it's worth.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) This month, the bulk of your energy will go toward work and dealing with coworkers. The boundaries have stretched, making it a more caring environment than normal. Be prepared to walk a fine line between professional behavior and emotional expression. Relationships should continue to glow. Your personal worth thrives when you present yourself as gently assertive and tenacious.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) You may find yourself feeling rather overwhelmed with emotion this month, Pisces. Your ability to put yourself in other people's shoes will be in rare form. There will be challenges to your ego, but teamwork will be generally favorable. Your love life may need quite a bit of adjustment, given that your ability to give love may be on a different level than your ability to receive it. Heal your own wounds before you address those of your loved ones.

Amtgard Character Class Horoscopes

Provincial Leaders Your people need you. Show up, listen, and demonstrate that you care. Enact your vision of what you want your land to be. It's a great time to do the work, but do listen to detractors and counter-plans. Diplomacy is on your side.

Bards This month, the songs you sing, the dreams you weave, and the stories you tell will be heard, and they will be make them good. Innovation is welcome and well-timed.

Warriors, Paladins, Anti-Paladins Congratulations if you survived the last few months without injury! July (finally) offers a reprieve to the casualty list (except for heat exhaustion). Group tactics work well. Strategists tend to lose perspective.

Healers This month you find yourself in a love-hate relationship with authority. You get taken for granted, and you're not getting the support you were promised. Stick to your guns and demand what you need.

Wizards At last, you've got the ear of people. You've got the drive, the discipline, the brilliant idea...or do you? Seize your moment: Tailor it carefully for visual and aesthetic impact. But don't hesitate. One blink, and it'll be gone.

Assassins This month, you will find yourself caught in the middle of a battle between good and evil (rather than just playing one side of it). There will be no shadows to hide in. Thwarting authority may become obsessive.

Barbarians and All Monster Races This month brings something new. Maybe baby monsters from last month's debauchery? Maybe new love affair between faerie and elf? Maybe trolls smoke themselves into another dimension? Maybe barbars invent wheel?

Archers, Scouts, Druids, and Monks Make your case with facts and figures. Change is good, but so is explaining the details of each new invention in little bitty words. Jumping the gun will send tempers flaring. You can't make anyone believe before they're ready.

Garbers and Artisans You are shining so bright this month. June's bevy of ideas are still coming to fruition. Your craft could easily consume all available energy. The next stage is to teach. Students are ready and waiting to learn.

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