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'Rakis 2003: Cultural Olympiad Results
[07/03/2003] [News]

I have formatted these scores to be easy to read and post online. The original list of scores, stored in Excel, is rather large and the HTML export is still nearly 200k. To see that file, which includes the individual judges' scores, go to this mirror on the Dragonspine website or check the files section of the Iron Mountains website.

-- Randall

Overall Standing

1stZachary 53
2ndSiobhan 48
3rdEvil Ryss 34
4thLilly Sumac 33
5thNightengael 26
6thForest 22
7thTotem 21
8thValandar 19
9thThalen Tannon 17
10thFreud 10
11thBlackthorn 8
12thJoy 7
12thRandall 7
14thShelai 6
14thAlexar 6
16thRoo 5
16thKhanar 5
16thKeloric 5
16thKimmie 5
16thArminius 5
16thGalen 5
16thVaras Tyr'Rath Darkjester 5
23rdMim 4
23rdMelora 4
23rdRabbitt 4
23rdQuintus Aulus 4
27thGalen 3
27thGrendel 3
27thLonewolff 3
30thFrancois 2
30thAzrael-Jade 2
30thDark Tigger 2
33rdBebhinn 1
33rdGlenalth 1
33rdSerpentara 1

Vocal Perfomance

Owner Item Avg. Score
Thalen Tannon Amtgard 4.51
Nightengael O Mio Babbino Caro 4.4
Forest Squires Honor 4.34
Thalen Tannon Gonna Get Some 4.23
Forest Hallelujah 4.18
Thalen Tannon The Promise 4.17
Forest Royal Assassin 4.1
Zachary Ironwolf Black & Tan 4.08
Nightengael Danny Boy 4.03
Nightengael Fiddlers Green 3.85
Thalen Tannon Ballad of Blahwin 3.67
Zachary Ironwolf Blade Bird 3.56
Zachary Ironwolf Fairy Story 3.54
Siobhan Demeters Daughter 3.22
Thalen Tannon It All Comes Down to Cocksucking 3.14
Zachary Ironwolf Patriot Games 0

Instrumental Performance

Owner Item Avg. Score
Zachary Ironwolf Midsummer Evening 4.28
Zachary Ironwolf Classical 4.23
Zachary Ironwolf Greensleves 4


Owner Item Avg. Score
Forest Cask of Amaretto 4.68
Forest The Reluctant Martyr 4.61
Forest A Warm Welcome 4.51
Thalen Tannon Mark Antony 4.35
Thalen Tannon To Athena 3.86
Valandar the Red Extemporaneous Storytelling 3.76
Thalen Tannon Nameing of Cats 3.67
Thalen Tannon Hamlet 3.65
Lily Sumac Richard III 3.61
Nightengael Romeo and Juliet 3.6
Thalen Tannon To Lucaesta 3.6
Nightengael A Dramatic Naration 3.22

Group Performance

Owner Item Avg. Score
Nightengael & Forest Antigone 4.36
Zachary Ironwolf & Thalen Tannon Ireland 4.34
Zachary Ironwolf & Thalen Tannon Assassin Song 3.98
Nightengael & Dark Tigger Little Fall of Rain 3.74
Nightengael & Forest Phantom of the Opera 3.71

2D Art

Owner Item Avg. Score
Kimmie Dragon Hatching in Pencil 4.15
Siobhan Celestial Shaman 3.94
Siobhan Night Goddess 3.84
Lilly Sumac Seasonal Faeries on Embossed Paper 3.74
Lilly Sumac Red and Blue Dragons on Embossed Paper 3.73
Valandar Get Help! 3.65
Valandar Go Away 3.63
Valandar Rrargh 3.58
Totem Trumpets Castle 3.55
Grendel Red Dragon 3.52
Grendel Zombie Attack 3.48
Grendel Distorted Portrait 3.46
Valandar Look Out 3.36
Galen Embossed Picture 3.3
Grendel Underwater 3.3
Grendel Bo-Jangles 3.28
Valandar Dragon Night 3.26
Kimmie Bracer w/Dragonfly 3.23
Lonewolff Indian Chief 3.22
Lonewolff Snow Leapord 3.13
Rabbitt Butterfly Candle Plate 3.12
Grendel Spider Popcorn 3.09
Lonewolff Tiger 3.01

3D Art

Owner Item Avg. Score
Evil Ryss Flower Jewelry Box 4.35
Valandar Barbarian Charging 4.3
Grendel Black Mask 3.96
Totem Clay Sculpture 3.76
Lilly Sumac "Blu,Bla,Pur Polygonal Oragami" 3.64
Galen Gem Tree 3.56
Totem Wooden Spoon 3.04

3D Painted/Miniatures

Owner Item Avg. Score
Valandar Growler Victory 3.58
Lilly Sumac A white lady paladin 3.32
Zachary Goblin Soldiers 3.1
Lonewolff Wizard 3.08
Lonewolff Griffon 3.01
Lilly Sumac Sorceress and Snake 3
Lilly Sumac A Smoke Elemental 3
Zachary Undead Zombie Knight 2.91


Owner Item Avg. Score
Siobhan Corridor of Time 3.7
Siobhan Sea of Celtic Crosses 3.67
Siobhan Spiritual Light 3.63
Azrael-Jade Warwick Castle 3.54
Siobhan Ring of Kerry 3.53
Nightengael Sun Dappled Butte/Crested Butte 3.52
Siobhan The Raven 3.51
Nightengael The Road Less Travelled 3.5
Siobhan Rock of Cashel 3.5
Siobhan Killkenney Castle 3.27
Melora Photo of a Maiden 3.24
Azrael-Jade Dragonspine vs. Dragonspine 3.24
Grendel Playground Equipment 3.18
Grendel Amtgard Fight 3.14
Grendel Snakeskin #2 3.08
Nightengael Hiding Place 3
Lilly Sumac Parting Clouds in Bla/Silv Frame 3
Grendel Snakeskin #1 2.98
Grendel Ravine and Raccoon 2.96
Grendel Movie Posters 2.89
Grendel "2 eggs, 1 candle" 2.84
Zachary Sir DeBold Drunken Vigil 2.78
Grendel Pinhole Negative Tree 2.76
Zachary Sly Thalen 2.7
Zachary Sir Crom soils Sir Daxon's Shoes 2.6


Owner Item Avg. Score
Evil Ryss Dragon Belt Favor 4.13
Lilly Sumac Stitched Frogs in Grn/Gld Frame 4.01
Siobhan Fantasy Becomes Reality 3.97
Khanar An Initiates Spell Primer 3.9
Serpentara Serpent Cross Stitch 3.88
Siobhan Yule Angel Pillow 3.83
Totem Beaded Mermaid 3.7
Shelai Cross-Stitch 3.68
Ailanthus Lion Favor 3.62
Nightengael Corsair Religious Icon Favor 3.62
Totem Beaded Purse 3.56

Active Construction

Owner Item Avg. Score
Totem Darkjester Puppet 3.82

Passive Construction

Owner Item Avg. Score
Siobhan Pine Needle Basket 4.26
Blackthorn Skull Shiv 4.25
Lilly Sumac Blue/Gold Wire wrap pendant 4.05
Blackthorn 4 blade Dagger 4.03
Lilly Sumac Green/Silver Wire wrap pendant 4
Evil Ryss Pillbox 4
Evil Ryss Question Mark Candle Snuffer 3.98
Totem Gypsy Purse 3.51
Galen Gold Tiger Eye Circlet 3.48
Galen Silver Moonstone Circlet 3.32
Lonewolff Entangle Ball 2.24

Armor Construction

Owner Item Avg. Score
Keloric Paladin Brig Armor 4.56
Evil Ryss Tank Tread Armor 4.4
Evil Ryss Half Persian Corduory Chain 4.24
Francois Leather Armor 3.96
Glenalth Stainless Mail Shirt 3.54
Tirtul Chain Mail w/Hawk 3.49
Zachary Galvanized Chainmail Shirt 3.47
Nightengael Black Brigandine 3.37
Zachary Yellow and Blue Brig 3.08
Shelai Padded Armor/Arms 3.04

Shield Construction

Owner Item Avg. Score
Evil Ryss Tiger Stripped Zulu Shield 3.68
Shelai Shield 3.6
Totem Raven's Shield 3.44
Zachary Sir Diebold's Shield 3.4
Nightengael Personal Ensignia Shield 2.96

Weapon Construction

Owner Item Avg. Score
Zachary Blue/Yellow Javelin 3.46
Zachary Blue/Yellow Shortsword w/rope grip 3.3
Totem Six Foot Bamboo Staff 3.23
Blackthorn Silver and Gold Sword 3.22
Nightengael Black Sword 3.14
Nightengael Polearm 2.94
Zachary Blue/Yellow Shortsword w/tape grip 2.92
Zachary Bastard Sword Tape Grip 2.89
Spider Sword 2.88
Nightengael Battle Spear 2.54
Lonewolff Blue Short Sword 0

Court Garb

Owner Item Avg. Score
Joy Green Court Dress w/Ribbon Sleeves 4.44
Lilly Sumac Black and White Satin Dress 4.42
Totem Boddice Skirt and Underdress 4.37
Joy Phoenix Sluff Coat 4.28
Lilly Sumac Gold and Blue NW Dress 4.18
Shelai Jacket 4.09
Nightengael Blue Trimmed Long Coat 4.05
Azrael-Jade Gold and Cream Top & Skirt 3.86
Gwendolyn Brazier Purple & Lavender Court Dress 3.79
Nightengael Gold Bodice 3.78
Evil Ryss Phoenix Guard Sluff Coat 3.77
Lilly Sumac Turqoise/Gld Dragon Boddice 3.73
Zachary Yellow and Blue Doublet 3.66
Roo Red Velvet Dress w/ skirt 3.58
Roo Blue Dress 3.4
Rabbitt Kilt and Drape 3.3
Alexar Court Garb 3.28
Siobhan Black and White Cloak 3.27
Shea Cream and Tan Reversible Jacket 3.14
Rabbitt Purple Lace Pants 3.06
Zachary Black Velvet Tights 2.94
Rabbitt Purple Lace Tunic 2.82
Shea Green Shirt 2.82

Field Garb

Owner Item Avg. Score
Shelai Surcoat 4.22
Rabbitt Diamond MacG Tunic 3.86
Lilly Sumac Multi-color overcoat/pants 3.79
Lilly Sumac Green/Red Fighting Dress 3.75
Roo Black Orc Tunic 3.61
Lilly Sumac Red and Green Appq. Sq. Tunic 3.58
Zachary MHog Surcoat 3.5
Totem Blue Flannel Wrap Pants 3.36
Rabbitt Black Poofy w/Blue Sides 3.34
Roo Red/White Tunic 3.22
Nightengael Striped Pants 3.2
Lonewolff Blue/Maroon Tunic 3.15
Nightengael Burgundy Metallic Tunic 3.1
Nightengael Black Tunic 2.92
Zachary Blue Tunic w/Yellow Trim 2.82

Monster Garb

Owner Item Avg. Score
Totem "Fire, Air, and Earth Elelmental Tabards" 2.76

Garb Accessories

Owner Item Avg. Score
Evil Ryss Serpent Belt 4.37
Alexar Embroidered Pouch 4.16
Lilly Sumac Gradient Blue Patchwork Cloak 4.1
Siobhan McKenzie Sash 4.05
Bebhinn Grn/Blk & Blu/Purp/Grn Beaded Belt 4.01
Totem Velvet Vest and Pouch 3.78
Roo Squire's Belt/Blk Lace 3.77
Galen Belly Dance Set 3.76
Siobhan Coronet 3.7
Nightengael Tiger Scarf 3.67
Ailanthus Man at Arms Belt 3.62
Melora Page Belt 3.61
Lilly Sumac Color Shifting Rope Necklace 3.6
Shelai Maroon and Black Hat 3.59
Zachary Dark Blue Cloak w/Sleeves 3.59
Roo Blue Suede Bodice 3.47
Zachary Chainmail Quoff 3.42
Azrael-Jade Blue and Green Vest 3.4
Zachary Chainmail Stainless Bag 3.34
Rabbitt Purple Snood 3.33
Blackthorn Master Rose Belt Favor 3.31
Roo Teal Bodice 3.31
Zachary Chainmail Galvanized Bag 3.28
Serpentara Golden Red Knights Belt 3.12
Roo Purple Shirt 2.97
Lonewolff Brown & Yellow Belt #2 2.94
Lonewolff Brown & Yellow Belt #1 2.88
Daenen Trelmayn Black and Gold Woven Belt 2.84


Owner Item Avg. Score
Siobhan Bead Shirt 4.47
Lilly Sumac Black Lace woven Color 4.36
Khanar GM of Druids Spell Book 4.34
Alexar Silver Chain necklace 4.33
Evil Ryss Malachite Ring 4.29
AuWyne Double Half Persian Twist 4.16
AuWyne Knights Chain 4.06
Galen Garnet Ring 3.9
Evil Ryss Half Persian Knights Chain 3.9
Roo Chainmail Headress 3.9
Roo Beaded Pouch 3.89
Galen Beaded Byzintine Set 3.85
Galen Flat Mail Ring 3.82
Roo Chainmail Heart Belt 3.79
Lilly Sumac Black/White Russian Teardrop Necklace 3.64
Evil Ryss Scaled Hand Flower 3.62
Lilly Sumac "Blue, Yell, Turq. Woven Necklace" 3.55
Totem Amythist Necklace 3.47
Arminius Beaded Choker 3.39
Glenalth Stainless By Spiral Chain 3.38
Nightengael Moon & Stars Necklace 3.35
Ailanthus Brass and Steel Knights Chain 3.32
Alexar Ankh Necklace 3.23
Zachary Heavy Knights Chain 3.17
Alexar Celtic Malachite Necklace 3.17
Alexar Pearl/Garnet Necklace 3.17
Lonewolff Beaded Bracelet 2.92

Food - Desert or Bread

Owner Item Avg. Score
Nightengael Low Fat Caramel Cheesecake 3.58
Melora Irish Soda Bread w/fruit spread 3.56
Galen Cream Cheese Candies 3.26
Lonewolff Peanut Butter Cookies 1.7
Lonewolff Chocolate Cookies 1.7


Owner Item Avg. Score
Evil Ryss Hot Sex w/Evil Ryss 4.34
Zachary Iron Wolf Red Beer 4.22
Zachary Iron Wolf Honey Brown Beer 4.16
Zachary Iron Wolf Blonde Beer 3.85
Zachary Iron Wolf Brown Ale 3.76
Zachary Iron Wolf Wheat Beer 3.69
Kyrill Straberry Candy Liquor 3.67
Nightengael Wassail 3.61
Kyrill Vanilla Schnapps 3.52
Casca Blackberry Honey Rum 3.26

The Rose

Owner Item Avg. Score
Zachary Pirate Ship Battlegame 4.09
Mim Monopoly GV Edition 3.92
Nightengael EH Monarch's Crown Pillow 3.91
Totem Loaner Garb/Strips 3.78
Zachary Wetlands Collegium Website 3.7
Totem Poetry Books 3.6
Shelai Astral Winds Captn. Of Guard Mantle 3.58
Lilly Sumac Dark Water Banner 3.4
Galen Segmented Box Knights Chain 3.22
Galen Segmented Box/Byzantine Knights Chain 3.18
Galen Byzantine Knights Chain 2.98
Ailanthus Garb for Dragonspyne 2.94
Grendel MVZombie 2.72


Owner Item Avg. Score
Nightengael EH Regent's Crown Pillow 3.7
Siobhan Personal Heraldry Banner 3.39
Roo Orc Banner 3.39
Totem Darkmoon Cross Stitch 3.29
Shelai Astral Winds Banner 3.28
Lonewolff Housman 3.26
Caretaker Personal Banner 3.15
Nightengael Eagle Shire Banner 3.14
Lilly Sumac Personal Red/Green Squirrel Heraldry 3.1


Owner Item Avg. Score
Valandar Vengeance 3.94
Randall A is For Amtgard 3.89
Randall Magic In Your Eyes 3.71
Freud Questions for S 3.44
Freud On The Way to Hells Backyard 3.36
Totem Full Moon Risen 3.26
Freud Primordial Soup 3.25
Lonewolff Dreams of Life 3.2
Siobhan Freyja 3.18
Varas Tyr'Rath Darkjester A Warrior 3.12
Siobhan The Queen 3.1
Arminius A Brothers Blood 3.04
Randall Sam Cutter 3.02
Randall One Two Three 2.86
Varas Tyr'Rath Darkjester Devils Inn 2.79

Factual Persuasive

Owner Item Avg. Score
Arminius The Cure for Apathy 3.26
Lonewolff What Makes a Sucessful Fantasy Story 2.97

Factual Informative

Owner Item Avg. Score
Galen Astronomy 4.05
Quintus Aulus Lorica Hamica 3.96
Siobhan Crosstitch 3.84
Freud A Guide to Making Amtgard Legal Weapons 3.67
Totem A Brief History of Blackwork Embroidery 3.67
Freud Amtgard Legal Throwing Weapons 3.64
Totem Michelangelo 3.56
Arminius Reflections on aYear as a Squire 3.39
Siobhan Father 3.07

Fictional Composition

Owner Item Avg. Score
Freud Ends Beginning 4
Varas Tyr'Rath Darkjester Gargouille Diabolique 4
Siobhan Green Dragon's Tale - Running 3.84
Siobhan Green Dragon's Tale - Searching 3.76
Siobhan Green Dragon's Tale - Beginnings 3.7
Freud The Greatest Gift 3.64
Lonewolff My Story 3.46
Lonewolff Day of the Dead 3.44
Galen Catsden 3.42
Totem Dark Warrior 3.32
Lonewolff Legend of Arilorn 3.3
Varas Tyr'Rath Darkjester The Kings Champion II 3.24
Galen Andovey 3.21
Arminius The Tale of Balir the Giant-Slayer 2.98


Owner Item Avg. Score
Valandar the Red Amtgard Demo Poster 3.71
Zachary Mordengarden Newsletter 3.16

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