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Battle of the Dens 6
[07/14/2003] [Greywind]

This article is about one of the more obscure events in Amtgard that happened on Independence Day weekend. Although the event wasn't held on the soil the day celebrates a great weekend was had nonetheless.

This event is Battle of the Dens, held by the Duchy of the Wolven Fang, just outside of its home park in Sudbury Ontario Canada. The event was a great success, with its largest attendance yet at 92. This may not sound like much to some of the larger events in Amtgard, but when you think of our group's isolation, it's quite an accomplishment.

The weekend opened with a full night of Capture the Flag with four handmade forts, one for each team. Unfortunately, as fun as the game was, it was called early due to the worst case of mosquitoes any of us had seen in years. Despite that, the event went on smoothly the next day, starting with a very filling breakfast provided by the Scorpions. Pancakes, fruit salad and drinks made the day go along so much better.

After breakfast, we moved into an amazing quest with more sub plots and alternate ways to succeed then you could shake a stick at. It was definitely the best quest I had ever been part of. Shortly after, there was a company ransom using Goldenvale rules. I don't think I have ever seen so many smiles while participating in a company ransom. Honor and respect ran rampant, and it was great to see.

Feast was provided by the Nordic Dragons, with ample amounts of food. The meal consisted of spaghetti with two types of sauce (one with meat and one without), salad, garlic bread, chicken and four large cakes. There was so much that, after seconds, there was still enough to store away for the next day.

Court was held by Duke Ce'Dar, and was presented well, with the first few minutes allowed for roleplay purposes and the rest for OOC court. Awards were given and so were a few speeches, but all in all it was wrapped up in a decent time. Following court was the Battle of the Dens auction, which raised $606, all going to next year's event. A few hours later, after many returned from their swims in the Wanapitei River, a bardic was held with some of the musical artists of Wolven Fang and its visitors from other groups.

The next morning brought another great breakfast by the Scorpions and a Jugging tournament. 1st Place went to Wolven Fang's the Eh Team, followed Closely by the Chaos Dogs and 3rd place going to Team OK. Six teams participated (the others being Juicy's Team, Team Sexcellent, and President's Choice) and what a tourney it was!

Following the jugging two events took place, the Champion of the Dens and the A&S tourney. While the A&S took place, the Champion of the Dens saw some great fighting. The winner in the end was Squire Siris. An archery tourney was held some time later, with the victory going to one of our visitors, Man-at-Arms Thorvold. There was also a woman's tournament with the victor being Sir Elizabeth. Afterwards, the Ladies favor tournament was won by Katarina, with her two men being Ducryus and Artemis.

Around then, I decided to pack it in and visit my family, since I'm living out of town at the moment. I reluctantly said my goodbyes and headed home with my girlfriend, who enjoyed the event despite not being an Amtgarder.

Apparently, bar room brawl and a lot of ditching and chilling happened after I left, too. The event was a great success with tons of fun, great weather and great people. I also might add, belt favors (hand embroidered with the Battle of the Dens logo and title of the winning event) were given to the winners of tourneys.

With two breakfasts, a great feast, constant free water, toilets and more, I think $10 Canadian was a great deal (especially since there are talks to cut the price next year in half). I may sound biased by making this statement, but this year's BotD was for me one of the best events I ever attended. And I must say, I still can't believe how much it has changed through the six years we have been holding it. I hope to see more people attend this event next year, for their own benefit.

I have decided to use part of Sir Michael's method of rating the event.

Best Thing
The activities, people, weather, price and meals.

Worst thing
Definitely the mosquitoes, which were the worst we have seen in years. The fact that there was no showers was also bad, and although most bathed in the river, there is nothing like a warm shower. But of course that would mean Wolven Fang would have to actually pay for a site... in which case, Wolven Fang would also have to raise the price for the event.

All in all
Battle of the Dens is a unique event that keeps both the roleplayers and the ditchmonkeys happy. It has great people and well run. It's an event that you have to see to believe.

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