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Goldenvale and Olympiad
[07/23/2003] [jewishjedi]

Goldenvale is a big kingdom with thirty groups. From the Shire of Griffon's Peak at the southern edge of Georgia, to the frozen wasteland of the Duchy of Wolvenfang in Ontario, Canada, from the Shire of Ellsworth (a petitioning group) in eastern Maine to the Shire of Dragon’s Lair in western Kentucky, Goldenvale is big geographically speaking. This puts the center of the ‘kingdom’ roughly at Charleston, WV.

Of these 30 groups, 14 are north of the geographic mid-point, 9 are to the south, 14 are east of it, and 11 to the west (note: some are so close on the north-south and east-west access as to not be mentionable). This gives us a total of 5 groups north and 3 groups east. Even if it meant moving the center another hundred miles for each of these groups (i.e. 500 north and 300 east), the center is now somewhere in near Philadelphia, PA.

There are two duchies, three baronies, twenty-four shires, and one kingdom-sized park that make up the kingdom. If each duchy has 40 people, each barony has 20, each shire has 7, and the kingdom proper has 75, then the ‘kingdom’ of Goldenvale has 383 members. Going with this many people and their parks being at their locations, there are 218 people that play north of our divide, and 98 that play to the south of it, with a total of 120 people north of Charleston. There are 130 to the west and 184 to the east, with a total of 54 to the east. If we assign 3 miles to each person we’ll go 360 miles north and 162 miles to the east of our mid point. This time our population mid point is close to Washington, DC.

These three points make a triangle, whose middle is near to Hagerstown, MD. If the officers of one park in New Hampshire want to put Olympiad in a place that is equally fair to all members of the ‘kingdom’, they would have it near this location. If they want it somewhere that is fairest to the members of one park in the far northeastern corner of Amtgard, they would hold in Nashua, NH. This whole argument of where to hold Olympiad brings up the larger question. Is a kingdom that one central park that controls the others, or is the kingdom the combined total of all the parks it oversees?

All these numbers lead us to an amazing coincidence. Goldenvale already runs an event in the part of the country that these numbers point to. This event has drawn close to 200 people for the last few years. People that likely are already planning on being there next year! That’s right, I’m talking about none other than Great Eastern 6! If Goldenvale wants the most people from their kingdom, and the rest of Amtgard for that matter, to be at and enter Olympiad this year, they should run it at GE6 and keep GE in the general area that its been run at for the past 5 year.

Holding GE and Olympiad together will maximize both events. It will lead to larger attendance at GE next year and in years to follow. It will also help to increase Goldenvale’s reputation amongst Amtgard as a whole. However, a GE without Olympiad will stay at close to its current numbers. It won’t help Goldenvale grow. Likewise an Olympiad without GE will likely turn out to be a dismal failure. It will be close to the 50 people that showed up when Dragonspine ran it, a kingdom running a shire level event.

If you, or someone you know, is an officer of Goldenvale proper, please do the best thing for everyone. Please hold Olympiad at GE and leave GE where it is!

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