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Worst Clan Ever
[07/28/2003] [Sir Feral Lynn]

I just got back from what I consider to be the worst Gathering of the Clans since I joined Amtgard. There were many many factors that contributed to this, most of them falling directly under the pervue of the Burning Lands.

There were a few good things about Clan this year. The first was the site. It was a fantastic site and I truly hope that it is used again. It had everything that could be hoped for. The site itself was beautiful with lots of shade and a river and lake nearby. The town was not far away and there were hotels and restaurants aplenty if you needed a shower or a non-fire pit meal. The battlefield was passable and after the first day of fighting the nettles were trampled down to a manageable level.

Another great thing was the feast Saturday night. Now, one would think that Burning Lands would have provided the feast. Sadly this was not the case. Sterling Dog Battle Company provided a feast consisting of elk stew, drinks and bread and fed more than a hundred of the attendees of Clan.

I have to give props as well to the Drunken Man's Escort Service. Three enterprising individuals formed the escort service to follow some of our more verbose drunks around and to ensure their safe arrival back at their tents. These kids should have charged money for their services (they could have made a bundle) but instead chose to take their pay in the laughs that the drunks provided. Well done!

The merchants were excellent; Great goods, great prices and great selection. I have never seen so many golf shafts sold at one event and the bamboo was choice.

The casino was a great idea and I had a lot of fun. Thank you to the folks who provided it. The $10 cover was well worth it.

Forest War was, by all accounts, awesome. A great time had by all. The only drawback was that there were only two reeves. Other than that, thank you Forest for another wonderful battle.

Now, as awesome as those things were you should notice that not a damn one of them had anything to do with the autocrats of this event. Not a single one of the positive things of this event were provided by Burning Lands. I wonder exactly what we paid for?

We paid for no battle games to be run by the war-o-crat. That would be Sir Aramithris. In fact, three weeks before clan he went to Dragonspine to see if they would take the war events off his shoulders. He was, reportedly, displeased that they had the audacity to say no (with only three weeks to plan what was supposed to have been his job from the start).

We paid for a 6.1 meeting that the editor in chief did not even bother to attend. Again, that would be Sir Aramithris.

We paid for no feast (save but what the Dogs provided).

We paid for a 6.1 battle game where we were supposed to give feedback. Too bad that all of the feedback was received with a dismissive attitude. The people that played felt even more disenfranchised with the whole process than they did before.

Most chose not to pay for the worst Clan t-shirts ever. These were horrible. I felt like we had stepped back into the 80s with the quality of artwork and the color choices. I think the artwork would be great for a wall hanging, but terrible for the way it was used on these shirts. If I were the artist, I would be pissed.

We paid for porta-potties, but those were already there and were provided by the Forestry Service free of charge.

We paid for a Monarch's Meeting that the King of the Burning Lands did not even attend.

Essentially we paid Burning Lands for the right to gather and hold our own event. Since folks other than the autocrats did everything that happened at Clan, I think it is safe to say that we, the attendees, showed up and provided the event for them. I think they should be paying us. So, I want my event fees back Raphael, in full.

I will leave you with the most often overheard quote: "Remember when Clan was fun? You know, back when Ivar ran it?"

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