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[02/15/2004] [Paiden]

I just would like to start off by saying that from looking at the other list of contributors and submissionists on the e-Samurai that I might be the youngest, both in real life age and time in Amtgard. But something has happened at the last coronation in my land that I thought I should say something about. So I start the actual part of this by asking you a question.

Why is it a joke is funny 300 times, but not 301?

Because at a certain point, the purpose of the joke, and the person the joke is about gets tired of it. There are certain limits that a person can take a joke. Everyone has his or her limits. The audience needs to learn and respect that limit. It takes a lot of courage and spunk to get on stage and perform in a crowd of people. And the topic of Amtgard, when you aren’t directly in the mainstream of the group (i.e. an outlying group, such as Astral Winds) makes it really hard to some up with some period topics. And if they were to dig back into the past, and pull in some jokes from say, Victorian days, who would understand it? ‘I seeith that King Henry is in thine periodicals this fine morn. (Guillotine motion) choppy choppy!’ Yeah… see what I mean? Not quite the same thing.

Also, I want to point out that I act, sing, and do a lot of stage work, so I am used to hecklers, so before you start thinking ‘That Paiden… he’s just a cry baby!’ please remember I‘m trying to get some respect for the forgotten court member: the person who has to get up in front of the hardest audience of them all (their peers) and perform material they have already seen and such. How many of you actually think that this would be an easy job? Well, I’ll tell you this much, it certainly is not as easy as people think. And no, you’re not going to please every person out there. And in what I have experienced, working with children and what not, making the one stoic person on the field or in the audience smile and laugh is harder and more satisfying then taking on the ten best fighters in the realm and winning. So, because I am sure that you don’t want to hear from the small ‘halfer’ from the land of frozen foam, I will end it by merely saying that if you are the jester or herald in your land, keep up the good work. Making people enjoy themselves is one of the greatest things a person can do, and you will feel better because of it.

So to all the heralds and jesters in the world of Amtgard just remember: It’s a thankless job and a job of high standards and low results, but if you can get that one smile, it’s been a successful show. And that’s how many people can keep going on stage.

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