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Horoscope: Pisces
[02/24/2004] [Sage]

Pisces: The New Moon Forecast

February 20, 2004; 3:18am CST; Austin, TX; 01*04' Pisces

In the hours leading up to this month's new moon, the Moon sweeps over Neptune and Mercury in the latter degrees of Aquarius, enters Pisces, and slides into conjunction with the Sun less than two degrees before meeting up with Uranus.

All this takes place in the 2nd house of the New Moon chart, which is the stage-set of our self-worth and personal finances.

Let's take a moment to put these basic archetypes together before we see how they fit into the rest of the chart. First, the planets, because they are the characters in this ongoing play. The Moon is what we need, while the Sun is our energy for getting those needs met. Conjunctions happen when planets occupy the same degree of longitude from Earth's point of view, and in astrology represent a significant blending of energy. Each New Moon is a conjunction of Moon energy and Sun energy. It represents a monthly alignment of what we need and our ability to make that happen.

Because the Sun and Moon are so very close to Uranus this month, this New Moon is a conjunction of all three planets, rather than just the usual solar-lunar blend. Uranus energy (and yes, you should laugh at the name of the planet--truly) is all about rebelliousness, thinking outside the box, doing things that upset the applecart, and making people question their preconceptions. Uranus enjoys that its name sounds vulgar in English, even though it's not. It's exactly the kind of impression it wants to leave--to make people think about the ways simple things like words affect us.

When the Moon and Sun meet up with Uranus, it's like shining a giant celestial spotlight on our need to be different, to shake things up a little, to have an ingenious idea, to throw out the old and stagnant and do something exciting and new. Uranus loves change, especially radical change, and the effects of this conjunction will be felt throughout the month until the next New Moon.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are much like costumes that our planet-actors wear. If they're in Aquarius, they wear the uniform of the revolutionary genius. When they pass into Pisces, they change into scuba gear. Why scuba gear? Pisces is the realm of mutable water, ocean, where things are constantly changing. When a planet is in Pisces, all of its energies are canted toward melting through boundaries, being sensitive to emotional states, understanding things that perhaps lack rational explanation, etc. Dreams, drugs, and psychic power fall into this sign, but so do things such as theoretical physics and intuitive mathematics.

Astrology is about blending these archetypes into a big picture we can understand. So we now have a large spotlight showing us rebellious or innovative behavior, especially regarding parts of life where we break through the normal boundaries with other people and on the stage set of selfhood and/or money.

So, based simply on that, we can project some significant personal space issues. We may feel like the ways we relate to people are changing, and those changes may feel like attacks on our individual self-worth. Or the people around us may feel like we're pressuring them to be like us. We could also expect attempts to blend further, especially in close relationships, where it may feel natural or inevitable to dissolve one's own identity into that of a greater whole.

This is neither a good nor a bad thing, in and of itself. It simply is. These are the tendencies that are in place for this month, given the placement of these three planets. But at this point, we've disregarded their relationships with all the other planets, and what's going on in all the other signs. And that's a lot of archetypes to put together. However, we can't skimp. If we stop now, we've got an extremely unbalanced idea of what the coming month is going to look like.

Late Sagittarius is rising in the east, where Pluto is just five degrees above the horizon. Jupiter, as the natural ruler of Sagittarius, is the ruler of the chart, and looks down on all of this from its position high in the 9th house. Pluto is the archetype of power, transformation, and fundamental change. Jupiter is optimism, faith, justice, and expansion. The sign of Sagittarius encompasses the Jupiter archetype, also including travel, philosophy, rushing in where angels fear to tread, going off half-cocked, and putting your foot in your mouth.

Pluto moves so slowly that its sign placement is not terribly relevant (14 years to get through a sign, even while wearing the Sagittarian red and gold spandex apropos of The Flash). Instead, we look more closely at the geometric relationships with the other planets and important points (such as the Ascendant and Midheaven). Pluto has mobilized Mercury as its active mouthpiece, while standing ready to be seen as the mover and shaker behind-the-scenes. Pluto is pouring a massive amount of creative energy into the Sun-Moon-Uranus conjunction, as well as giving a shot in the arm to our careers and ability to work with authority figures.

Pluto's work is not without conflict, though. Regardless of sign, Pluto's typical m.o. is to rip things up by the roots and toss them into the compost heap. It's radical change. And Saturn, the force of order, rules, and reasonable limits, has some things to say about all this. Saturn's wrapped in the clothing of Cancer right now, meaning the drive for organization and discipline is focused through the energy of caring, nurturing, and creating a secure home. Plus, Saturn's on the stage-set of intimate relationships and close friendship. The geometry from Saturn to the Sun-Moon-Uranus creative/revolutionary complex in Pisces is actually quite positive. Saturn's more than willing to devote quality time to working constructive changes. But Pluto...let's just say that Pluto's aching for something a lot more radical than fits easily within Saturn's comfort zone. Metaphorically, they'll spend the month arguing about it, which in real life means that we'll consider significant change in our lives, jobs, identities; then Saturn energy will erupt as a counter focus on the value of our relationships, and the need to feel secure in our place with our partner or close friends. Again, it's neither good nor bad. It's just the nature of the situation.

Venus is the archetype of beauty, aesthetics, love, and romance, and is located opposite the Midheaven in this chart, in Aries. The costume of Aries is a military uniform girded for war. When Venus is here, she doesn't change her inner nature, but her tactics change dramatically; she goes out and seizes opportunities for romance and she inflicts her aesthetic on others with little care for diplomacy. The stage-set is the 4th house of home, nurturing, and security. The aspects focus on a dreamy alliance with Neptune and a high awareness of career relationships. It's an uncomfortable position, because fantasy and tact give little room for the kind of relational assertiveness that feels natural right now. Obviously, there's a risk of unexpressed frustration being misdirected toward the homefront.

Mars, the archetype of active, forward-thrusting energy, is dressed in luxurious, materialistic Taurus, located in the 5th house of creativity, children, and love affairs, is having a fabulously energizing relationship with exuberant Jupiter, is struggling to give enough attention to career issues, and is having an unsettling argument with Neptune.

Taurus is the archetype of fixed earth. Mars, even with all of its active motion, still slows down and enjoys the rich textures of the Taurean environment. Neptune in Aquarius, on the other hand, is full of revolutionary fantasies. Neptune wants to motivate Mars energy to fulfill some of those dreams; but Mars, very comfortable in this sensual realm of tactile senses, sex, and creation, is having none of it. Next month perhaps, but right now Mars is slipping a necktie onto the doorknob and leaving Neptune out in the cold. The only other thing likely to rile Mars up are mother issues, which translates into arguments with our mothers, an increased need for approval, and perhaps a creative streak devoted to things our mothers value/d as we think about the ways we love and need to feel loved.

As you can see, there's a lot going on. To recap, the emphasis this month is primarily on our self-esteem, especially as played out through our career choices and relationships. We may feel a need to blend with other people, to better understand their motivations as we evaluate who we are and what we must change to be more true to ourselves. The heavy Jupiter influence this month underscores this point: now is the time for a good, long look at our personal integrity and whether we live by it.

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