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Horoscope: Taurus
[06/03/2004] [Sage]

Taurus: New Moon Forecast

The New Moon in Taurus occurs May 18, 2004; 11:52pm CDT; Austin, TX at 28* 33' of Taurus.

How to Read the Astrological Weather for Your Life

The problem with astrology is that it is enormously complex. Dozens of seemingly random elements (10 planets, 12 signs, 12 houses, 5 important astronomical points, 5 first tier geometric relationships, 5 or more second tier relationships, etc.) all combine together to create a chart that's completely unique for the next 26,000 years.

Newspaper astrology lies in that it implies that everyone can be divided according to sun-sign. The location of your sun is only a small part of the big picture that is you. If you want to understand the astrological weather, you have to apply it to your own chart, and I highly recommend you visit for a free chart.

For a quick test, check your natal chart for any planets within a handful of degrees of the New Moon degree of ANY sign. This month's New Moon point is 28* Taurus, so any planet at/near 28* of any sign is going to be in a geometric relationship with this New Moon. How the trigger manifests depends on the angle and the planets involved. If you're interested in learning more, I've written a quick and dirty guide, available here.

For now, it's enough to realize that a New Moon is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon, so the emotional resonance of the moon is combined with the active energy of the sun, hence creating our monthly new beginning. Having a natal planet at/near 28* of any sign will correspond to a new beginning for that planet's archetype. If you look at what sign that natal planet occurs in, you can figure out what area of your life will be affected.

The Forecast for Everybody

All New Moons are characterized by a coalescing urge to make a fresh start. Often there's a large degree of hesitation, at least until a sufficient support net is established to buoy one's courage.

This month, the new moon is at the end of Taurus, the sign of beautiful things and pleasing surroundings. Matters of luxury and sensuality are brought into high focus, and brought so for a reason. There's a need to reevaluate one's emphasis on materialism...whether to embrace it further or curb one's impulses is a personal issue. But, because the new moon conjunction occurs without any other planetary aspects, it's an issue that will pervade the month.

This new moon takes place the day before the Sun moves into Gemini, and the sun's sign change strongly affects the flavor of the forecast. Gemini is the late spring breeze that pushes pollen away and brings the first heat of summer. It's a talkative time. Ideas fly free. It's difficult to hold the balance between ever-shifting thoughts and creative jags. It's good to keep a notebook handy to jot things down for a day further into summertime, when motivation and diligence occupy the same mental space and complete the projects begun today.

This month progress is difficult. Mars applies to a conjunction with Saturn, exact a few days from now (Monday 5/24). Mars is like flooring the gas pedal. Saturn is like slamming on the brake. They don't blend easily, and yet, that's what they're trying to do. It's a frustrating experience, trying to drive with the brakes on. It's happening in the sign of Cancer, too, which implies friction with nurturing figures, women, the ability to convey one's emotions effectively. There's a tendency to bury oneself in work or to pursue some completely different, possibly transient, hobby for a few weeks, just to ease the tension. The important thing is to be aware of one's actions. Rather than embracing rules (Saturn) and stifling action (Mars), or vice versa, it makes more sense to find yourself outlets for each. These archetypes always vie for expression, but this month they're a lot more obvious about it than usual.

Add to all this a pretty mixed up few weeks in the relationship department. Venus and Pluto are in opposition, and they're *both* currently retrograde. Venus retrograde is a fairly uncommon experience, but carries with it the same pattern typical of all retrograde cycles. The planet's energy turns in on itself. Functionally, we over-think, over-consider, over-plan...and often end up missing the moment because we were too busy imagining how it might be. In Venusian terms, this means we fantasize more about what we want from a relationship than actually applying ourselves toward making the relationship better.

Pluto retrograde, on the other hand, draws its obsession with transformation, power, darkness, and secrets inward, so we over-think the ways power impacts our lives and the lives of others. In opposition with Venus, this can easily manifest in struggles with our loved ones. On the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, the struggle amplifies itself to risk -- in the worst case scenario -- going off half-cocked, making rash decisions with partial information, false assumptions and no clear understanding of the situation. The best one can do is exert enough self-control to metaphorically press Pause and channel the feelings into something constructive. The issues can stand to wait a few weeks until things are more amenable to a calm discussion.

In the meantime, it's a good time for writing and trying new things. There's a satisfying level of creative energy in the air (especially in the realm of short-term projects) that could be put to great use with just a little extra diligence. Odds are, the rush of productivity will be so good that it won't even feel like work.

I'm still looking for a format for these forecasts that is clear, concise, relevant, and doesn't take too long to write. Constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome (email sageness (at) texas (dot) net).

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