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Forecast: Gemini
[06/30/2004] [Sage]

Astrological weather: June 17 - July 16, 2004

This month's new moon takes place at 26* 57' Gemini (June 17, 2004, at 3:27pm CDT in Austin, TX.)

This forecast is for everyone and will cover the duration of the lunar month from June 17 to July 16, 2004. New moons are always times of new beginning and growth, so they make a good point for which to draw a forecast. For a free natal chart, I encourage you to visit or

The forecast for the coming month is largely focused on polarities. Most of the planets are high in the sky at the moment of new moon, with Mercury falling in close conjunction to the luminaries. When Mercury is in its home sign of Gemini, its energy cranks up its volume, easing communication and allowing ideas to flow more freely. Sometimes we get too talkative and our ideas run away from us before we can guide them into concrete form.

However, when Mercury adds this elevated energy to the Sun and Moon at a new moon, it affects the entire month to come. Expect a highly creative time with an overwhelming mental/verbal aspect to it. Writers, actors, journalists...anyone who uses lots of words in their daily lives, will benefit greatly. However, it may require a significant effort to translate this intellectual/word-based energy into a tangible creation we can hold in our hands.

Pluto sits directly across the sky from the Sun-Moon-Mercury conjunction, but its orbit is moving away from exact opposition, thus weakening the pull. Still, we may feel some lingering impetus to tear down our old ideas. We may feel a drive to rebuild our understanding of the world on some (seemingly) new information. It's a time of powerful realizations and growth. As we evaluate our lives, we'll also be reconsidering who our allies are.

There's a sense of contemplation pervading our closest friendships and intimate relationships, too. On one hand we're experiencing a wonderfully harmonious time, where things flow easily between ourselves and our partners. There's definitely potential for summer romance in the air. And yet, we have to wonder if we're not seeing the world (and our loved ones) through rose-colored glasses.

We're not likely to jump into an extravagant change in relationship status, but we do recognize an undercurrent of tension when we feel it. The goal now is to slowly and thoroughly understand where it's coming from and decide whether it's a pleasant or an uncomfortable tension. If it's not bothersome, then it's not to be bothered with. If it is bothersome, then it's time to observe the causes.

Mars is the principle of active assertion, and there's quite a lot of relatively mild friction in store for the coming month. This friction provides a touch of gentle support to the Sun-Moon-Mercury (brilliant-idea) complex. And a bit of Mars-related friction adds healthy spark to the sex drive. The perpetual difficulty is knowing when (and how) to stem Mars' forward momentum.

It's easy to cause harm without realizing we're doing so. This month, we'll see changing power dynamics between the Authority and the Nurturer forces in our lives. This may come down to parental or boss-related issues on one side and mother or home related problems on the other.

At any rate, the best solution is careful observation and evaluation of the situation. Flying off the handle in anger or attempting to ordain new law won't help your case unless you have complete understanding of the problem. It's a very good time to cultivate patience.

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