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The Shrinking Amtgard
[12/06/2004] [Arminius]

There was a time that when Amtgard was a vast entity. Hundreds of people lived hidden from the rest of the game. They weren’t on an email list, nor did they go to large events. Those days of obscurity are disappearing because of new tools at our disposal. The Electric Samurai, ORK, and the Amtgard Atlas have managed to shrink the Amt-world into something we can all manage and view.

The Amtgard Atlas

As most of us know, Sir Snicker Furfoot runs the Amtgard Atlas. It is a great tool for finding a particular group, contact for that group, and possible direction of its website. But this tool is also good for other information. You can tell a land’s stability and health by when the last update was made. This is helpful because if you are starting in an area that has a dead group, you may be able to find contacts still interested in the game. You can also track monarchies of groups across the country. You may even find freeholds that might be interested in joining your kingdom. Primarily, the atlas serves for those of us in the game as the greatest email address book we have. You can find a contact for almost any group -- even companies and households -- through it.


Created by Rewth, the ORK allows you to view the credits and awards for anyone in a group with their records on it. You can keep track of your own records and awards to verify their accuracy. You can also track the progress of others, like a squire brother in a group across the country. It allows you to see the pedigree of knights, the service records of titled nobles, and even, if the entry is created, the history of the particular group or awards a household has been given. With ORK, and accurate entries, it is possible to track the previous monarchies of a group, and even reconstruct its history to some degree.

The Electric Samurai

The Electric Samurai has replaced most email lists as the source for news, discussion, and communication. Everything from event postings and announcements about new knights to rules discussions and event mundane political discussions happen on the E-Sam forums. Even more people read the articles, which include interviews of famous Amtgardians and headlines for high profile news off the different email lists. And if you have something to say, you can write your own article, or simply post a gripe in the forums. Combined with the link to Red Hawk Radio and Fink-o-rama, it is the Amtgardians one-stop entertainment site.

These tools combined have caused the game to shrink significantly. They have helped to standardize the game through the sharing of ideas and increasing communication. Think about it. How many of you checked ORK when the News article on the recent Goldenvale knightings occurred? How many times have you used the Atlas to contact a neighboring group, or to get directions for a park near where your business trip of vacation took you? How many times have you checked this site this week? Without them, we would be playing our medieval LARP in the dark ages.

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