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E-Samurai Interview: Sanchez
[12/15/2004] [The Interviewer]

The one on the left State your full Amtgard name for the record.

Sanchez Zappatiesta du Chevalier.

Any titles?

Grand Duke, Duke, Viscount, Warlord, Defender, Master Wizard, Master Healer, and Knight of the Sword.

How did you come up with your name?

Well, when I first started Braveheart was fresh on everyone’s minds, so everybody was playing a Scotsman. I decided that I wanted to be different and decided on a Spanish persona instead.

What's up with that syr thing? What's the story behind that?

(laugh) I knew that was gonna come up. My knight, Syr Leo, was a squire in the SCA. His knight's name was Syr Tankred Del a Falco. So when Leo was knighted, he took the title 'Syr' in honor of him, and when I was knighted I took it to honor them both.

When did you start Amtgard?

September of 1996.

What's your earliest Amtgard memory?

Getting my nose broken by a pole at my first event.

What would you say is Amtgard's single greatest purpose?

To provided a safe environment for overly-aggressive people to beat on each other with foam padded weapons and not go to jail for it! And to provide a safe environment for the people who like to roleplay as well.

What's your favorite event?

Neverwinter’s coronation. Nothing beats going to Florida during the winter when you play Amtgard in New England! And, I guess Great Eastern.

What's your favored class, and why?

Wizard, because nothing beats screaming verbals at people and then throwing little balls with streamers, especially when you played baseball all your life.

What's your favorite weapon combination?

I don’t really have one per se. Whatever I feel like picking up at the time. Lately it has been pole, but next month it could be something different.

What's your favorite shot to throw?

Why, the lefty’s bread and butter shot, which is a high fake to the right side to bring the opponents block up and then a slot to the right hip.

You're a knight. How'd you get that?

By a whole lot of practice and bloodshed on the field.

What does the belt mean to you?

That I have become more than just a player in the game, but a role-model and teacher for those that come after me.

Do you think there are too many knights in Amtgard?


What's it like being a Goldenvale knight?

You name it, I have probably heard it. I just go out and try my best, and if that isn’t enough, try harder.

What's up with that whole four-belt midreign thing?

I think the information that I know is the same that has flooded the e-Sam threads.

What's it like being a Goldenvale fighter?

Well, being that most of the people on the east coast have been isolated from the source, the skill could be better, but as more people travel and bring back what they have learned and show other people at their parks, the skill will increase in time. Events like SKBC can only help that situation along quite nicely, as well as GE with more westerners attending.

7.0. Good, bad?

Don’t have an opinion on it yet because I haven’t playtested it enough.

IKBOD. Good, bad?

Good in theory, but like anything can become corrupt.

What's the best thing to happen to Amtgard in the last five years?

The Internet, and more people traveling.

What's the worst thing to happen to Amtgard in the last five years?

The Internet, and lots of poor attitudes.

What's your single fondest Amtgard memory?

Being knighted with my wife, Dame Fionna.

What's your worst Amtgard injury?

Blowing my left elbow on a sluffer three years ago. I’m just now able to fight without an elbow brace.

Who do you most admire in Amtgard and why?

The newbie who plays one weekend and then comes back the next with a whole set of garb and zest for the game. We need more of those everywhere.

What does Goldenvale mean to you?

It is the park that I play at and the kingdom I reside in. There are times that I love my kingdom and there I times that I want to choke the shit out of it!

What is the greatest misunderstanding people have about Goldenvale?

That we have three hundred knights when there are only about twenty now after this past midreign. So for being a kingdom for close to ten years, that is pretty standard.

If you could visit three (and only three) kingdoms, which three would you pick? Why?

Neverwinter, because I am from that area originally. Iron Mountains, to go fight with some of the meanest fighters in the game. And the Emerald Hills. I would like to visit Banner Wars.

What do you see in your Amtgard future?

Many ass-whupings, but also attempting to give some as well.

Do you have anything you'd like to say to the readers of e-Samurai?

Shut up and ditch!

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