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Ask the Monarchs
[12/30/2004] [Randall]

The second part of ‘Persona Lite’ will appear in 2005. Hopefully, you’ll find this new feature an acceptable substitute.

While bouncing around ideas for articles, someone suggested polling the monarchs of Amtgard. Basically, we draw up some questions and fire ‘em off to all the kings and queens. Then, when enough of ‘em have responded, you get an article and some insight into the minds of the people in charge of the game. Seven sovereigns responded to these questions, for which they have my thanks. Of course, since there are twelve kingdoms, we gain and lose a monarch every month so some of these folks might not be in office anymore. And this information’ll be a little dated since it trickles in over the course of a week or three. But who cares! If this is a hit, it’ll be first in a series of articles. Otherwise, enjoy it for what it is – the second-to-last article of 2004.

1. Who are you?

The Emerald Hills

I'm King Sir McFadden of the Emerald Hills. (My term ends this Saturday. Sir Kaz is stepping up.) Who I am in Amtgard? Hell, if you don't know that, you must be a newbie. Really new newbie.

The Celestial Kingdom

Well, my mundane name is William D. Bedingfield III, but in the realm of Amtgard I am Jarl Bromhir Ethindale-Tannon, the High Ringgiver and Drool the Darktroll. I have my Masterhoods in Barbarian, Healer, Monster and just recently Rose. I have been playing Amtgard since Oct 31, 1993 and have held different posistions of leadership at both park and now kingdom level. When I started back in '93, I was playing in a 30 acre paster with high school friends in Jourdanton, Texas. We heard of another group that played in Pleasenton, a town four miles east of us, and raided them during our spring break in '94. It was after this raid that we joined together and formed the Shire of Keinplatz when Grand Duke Sir Arion Reinquist had first stepped up to throne. Since then, I have played Amtgard here and have claimed many different parts of the Celestial Kingdom as home.

The Iron Mountains

Tal. What? Fine. Grand Duchess Sir Talisin Silverwolf-Darkjester, Queen of the Iron Mountains for, oh, about 62 hours now. First day at Amtgard ever was back in the Burning Lands in, er, I think 1988, but all of what I consider to be my active Amtgard life has been in the IM since 1992.

The Mystic Seas

Shortround Rex, Squire to Sir Ursor Bloodrunner. I play in Mystic Seas Proper. No titles at this point in time. I have been in the game for 5 years, with a year and a half hiatus in the middle of that.


Amy B. Glickler, age 30, born and raised in New Mexico. In Amtgard, Baroness Azrael-Jade Longwalker. Other titles are Lady and Walker of the Middle.

I have an extraordinarily difficult time coming up with names (pets, gaming, etc.). Only after I decided on the name did I remember that it was also from the Smurfs. I did not intend to name myself after the cat from the Smurfs. Azrael is from Angelic mythology and is the Angel of Death, which is much more presumptuous. Jade is the name of one of my D&D characters. How lame is that? Longwalker is my brother-in-law's Amtgard last name (Trent Longwalker).

I play Amtgard at Dragonspine's main park in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I've been around Amtgard for quite some time, however I did not become active in Amtgard until my husband (Randall) ran and became monarch of Dragonspine in 2000.

The Valley of the Silver Rains

Trenton Kenmark, Count, Baron, Lord, Defender, Master Owl, Lion, Reeve, Warrior, and Monster, Walker of the Middle, Knight of the Serpent, Knight of the Flame. I've been in VSR since it was founded, and was in Mystic Seas before that. I'm a member of Blackwood Grove, but tend to spend most of the time right now running around to different parks in the area. Just finished two reigns as regent before going for monarch.

The Wetlands

Howdy! My name is Micah Mogle, or rather Lord Micah Helstaven esq. if you want to get all crazy about it. I have been playing Amtgard for over 10 years now and have been a member of the Wetlands since its conception. I have been a member of only one province throughout my entire Amtgard career and am proud to call the Duchy of Mordengaard in College Station Texas my home.

Myself and my sister squire became the some of the first squires of the Wetlands when the new Kingdom of the Wetlands dropped the sword on our knight, Sir Dreagon Helstaven.

I have lived, breathed, and bled for this Kingdom pretty much since I can remember, being brought in during my early days of High School. I look at where I am now and am proud to be walking in the footsteps of my knight. Event though he is not an active player these days, I can honestly say that everything that I have done so far is because of the inspiration he provided me when he did all of these things.

2. What is your kingdom best at?

King McFadden

Kicking Ass. In everything.

King Bromhir

Besides making other kingdoms not liking us?

No, I believe that we have some of the best fighters and workers in the realms. And beyond the regular scene, we seem to keep exporting some of our best leaders to other realms. That's for you, Mikey!

Empress Talisin

I'll probably get impeached for not answering "fighting", but in my opinion the Iron Mountains has this amazing, weird ability to attract really high-quality people. When we get new members, an amazingly high percentage are motivated, intelligent, and end up being actively involved at a deep level very quickly. It makes it interesting- all those strong personalities in one place can be challenging.

Shortround Rex

Well, it used to be best at pissing off VSR, but that seems to have changed in the last year or so. Out of the two kingdoms in the Pacific northwest, our strength has come from our fighting abilities, and I think we have been doing a pretty good job with our inter-kingdom event Pac War, which seems to get better year after year.

Queen Azrael-Jade

Dragonspine puts on some of the best feasts in Amtgard. In my travels, I've been to many lands and feasts and ours most defiantly rank very high up there.

King Trenton

VSR is better known as an A & S kingdom. We can put on a pretty good feast, and have at least a couple of people that are getting good at homebrews.

King Micah

My kingdom is best at so many things. We are fortunate to have perhaps one of the best fighting companies in the Amtgard community, Rogue Company, headquartered in our kingdom, but on top of that we are lucky to have some of the biggest-hearted people as well. I must say that of all the different kingdoms that I have visited, that there is always a slew of people willing to go out of their way to help. (Most of the time this includes pulling people out of the mud, but hey, it's the Kingdom of the Wetlands, right?) I have never seen a kingdom with such a big heart to help make things come together.

3. What's something your kingdom is good at that most people might not know?

King McFadden

A & S. You wouldn't believe the quality of artisans we have.

King Bromhir

The Arts & Sciences.......We have been blessed to have several Serpent Knights and others that do not all revolve around the same projects. So the A&S tourneys have become something more than a passin' fancy.

Empress Talisin

Breeding. Seriously, do you have any idea how many babies there are up here? In twelve years, ya'll are in serious trouble.

Shortround Rex

Service to the club. Most people only hear of things like the Lukalon and the sniping that used to be prevalent between us and VSR, but we have started the merger process with VSR to create a newer, better kingdom in the northwest, with an eye to the future of Amtgard in the area.

Queen Azrael-Jade

As stated above, our kingdom puts on some mean feasts. We are also a very service-orientated kingdom, from park proper to our shires.

King Trenton

We've got a growing drum circle going at most kingdom events lately.

King Micah

One of the things about the Wetlands the people may not know is that we actually have a growing force of Bards and artisans. For some time, our skills in these areas somewhat dwindled, but they are now coming on strong. Some other things you may not know is that the ingdom event site we use is currently a shared site with the SCA.

This site is unique because it has one of the best, well-built castles I have ever seen on it. Not only is it functional in a battle, but it looks great as well. Even better is that the SCA is continuing to work on it and is making it bigger and better then it ever was.

Plans are in the works at the site to build a grand feast hall in the next year or so, and I know myself and several other Wetlanders are looking forward to the chance to go out and work along side the SCA to make it happen. It is nice to see the SCA and an Amtgard group working together for something like this.

4. What's the one thing someone absolutely should do if they visit your kingdom?

King McFadden

Don't start no political shit. You'll be run out of town.

King Bromhir

Depending on the time of year and where you go in the kingdom, I would say Spring War in March. Beyond that, I would suggest that you try your sword skills at either Tori Mar or Traitors Gate. Doing this will show you the major differences in fighting styles and attitudes in the Celestial Kingdom.

Empress Talisin

Fight at Stormkeep on Friday, IMD on Saturday, and the Northern Holdfast on Sunday. Bring oxygen. And kick Cedric in the shin.

Shortround Rex

PacWar. Last big event of the summer, it is definitely the event that all of the people up here get together for, and where their talents and abilities shine the greatest.

Queen Azrael-Jade

Maize Maze is the must attend event of the year. This is by far the coolest thing I've ever done in Amtgard. Just imagine running through a cornfield maze, in the dark, hitting people with foam.

King Trenton

Rosewood is worth the trip most years. Other then that, we're busy working on a kingdom merger with Mystic Seas right now. That should have a major impact on Amtgard in the northwest for years to come.

King Micah

If you make your way down to the Wetlands, then I have to encourage you to do so at one of our events. I believe that currently we have perhaps one of the best event sites in Amtgard. With full showers, hot water, restrooms, laundry, electrical campsites, an awesome castle, and lit ditch and feast areas, this site rocks!

If you want to come down and join us and check out our site as well as hang out with some really great folks, then don't miss our upcoming interkingdom event. It is being held on March the 4th - 6th at the event site. It has been titled ‘The Piratical Sabbatical’ and should prove to be one of the best events we have ever put on. I am making a full effort to create an unforgettable atmosphere as well as to bring back some of the majesty that is the Amtgard I remember when I started playing. For more information about the event, please see to get directions and event details.

Again, if you have ever thought about coming to visit the Wetlands, now is a great time!

If you have questions you’d like to ask the monarchs of Amtgard’s kingdoms, drop the e-Samurai a line at

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