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Best Thread Evar!
[01/03/2005] [Matthias]

As a totally useless exercise in curiosity, I drew up a list of the threads with the most number of views (not counting a couple of threads that must have gotten a lot of hits from off-site). View statistics are current as of December 30th. Note: The threads are designated [GA] for General Amtgard, [GD] for General Discussion, and [AD] for Article Discussion.

Anyway, first let’s see the Top Ten most popular threads in Amtgard.

#10: (3,600+ views) [GA] GE the Quick and the dirty: This thread includes a great discussion on how to run tournaments, along with different methods of providing for feasts at events.

#9: (3,700+ views) [GA] Arimithris is insane!: The thread that dealt with the alleged fight between Aramithris and another person, at a Renaissance Faire. In hindsight, it’s all T.M.I., but at the time, it was the story of the week. Includes segues about how to deal with folks who engage in illegal activities on-site during an event.

#8: (4,100+ views) [GA] VSR Funds stolen by Ex-Queen: The thread that went into detail about a monarch of VSR being caught embezzling from the royal treasury, and their subsequent crucifixion.

#7: (4,200+ views) [AD] Nobody quals in Goldenvale: A discussion on Crown Qualifications, and what should be done with monarch candidates who fail to meet CQ (and what to do if no candidate qualifies). A couple of segues is how this relates to Goldenvale’s corpora, and crown knight belts.

#6: (4,900+ views) [GA] levels of flurbdom: The original “what is wrong with this group” thread, Feanga mangled the Amtgard Rules of Play, removed officer term limits, banned outside Amtgarders from visiting, came up with alternative means of paying dues ...

#5: (5,300+ views) [GA] Sluffer or hero?: A person is filmed apparently sloughing a shot. Many people analyze the video and declare them a sluffer, but it is later revealed that his kingdom (NW) has a 45-degree-recoil rule for valid shots. Arguments ensue over the validity of such a rule, the merits of Atomic Clock, etc.

#4: (5,400+ views) [GA] Amtgard Card Game Submissions: Glenalth’s pursuit of an Amtgardian collectible card game really takes off. Everyone becomes a flurb for a day with their suggestions and autobiographical submissions. As an aside, Glenalth’s work continues in Return of the Amtgard Spellfire Thread and the external site Amtgard Spellfire Rules v 1.0.

#3: (5,600+ views) [AD] GV door prize: This thread began with the story that a Goldenvale monarch knighted four people in one day, and turned into a debate on who should have a say in who gets knighted, the dropping of belts versus setting them aside, the earning of belts before and after their awarding, the value of knighthood, the usual.

#2: (6,900+ views) [AD] Flurbs and Stick Jocks. The title says it all. What began as a slightly biased discussion on the merits of each camp turned into a spectacular (mostly one-side) flame war that became one of the most entertaining threads of all time on E-Sam ... then steadily devolved into an argument over simulcast spellball incants, and finally petered out into a discussion over the portfolio of kingdom-level GMRs and the origin of corporas.

And the winner is ...

#1: (10,900+ views) [GA] Help needed in dealing with local amtgard group: The ordinary title does not do just to the most entertaining thread of all time. An appeal to E-Samurai readers by a local refugee describing the heretical practices of a group in OK called Lazarus Grove sparks a firestorm never seen before or since. The flames are fed when the current monarch and chief instigator of the crisis chimes in to defend LG’s practices. Needless to say, there was plenty of “luv” to go around.

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