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Let us be Flurby
[09/08/2006] [Raven]

It's been a week or so since midreign, and I'm still sore. But you know, it's a happy kind of sore. My dreams are still filled with that glorious fight in the rain, trying to set up that damn castle, good food, the attentions of a handsome warrior (I am indeed flattered Hyacinth) and the camaraderie I felt.

However, if you had asked me two months ago what I was doing out there in the park fighting in pajamas and swinging around funoodle bats, I would have said, "Hell if I know."

When I first started Amtgard, I was scared. It was my first battle and I had no idea what I was doing. I just did whatever Ryshad told me to do, mostly because I was on his team and I was scared shitless at the the thought of one of the bigger faster guys beating on me. And I thought to myself as I ran forward to try and kill the wizard, what in the name of hell am I doing out here?

Then, about a month later standing on the hill at Sunrise Park, feeling the cooling rain on my face and hearing the sounds of battle accompanied by an occasional crash of thunder, I knew the answer.

I am an Amtgarder because in this world, I can be somebody important. I'm not the skinny girl who got picked last for teams from elementary school. I am here because I believe in having fun and preserving tradition. I thrive for grandeur, and am eagerly looking forward to coronation. I am here at Amtgard because I want to be. Here, I am slowly becoming accepted into the group of amazing people who really do kick ass!

But hey, if you want the short version, just come and ask me any day at the park. I'll give ya the sum up of all this: "Because it's damn fun!"

Anyway, moving on.

I love our kingdom. I mean, we have great battle games, great monarchs, and generally an amazing group of fighters. We all seem to have a lot of fun, but something seems to be missing. Now, I’m gonna get called a flurb for this, but. . .

ROLEPLAYING! I mean, even just a little of it would be nice. I mean, could we even just throw a little of it into our battle games, people? Could it hurt to be just a little bit flurby? Just a teeny bit?

In the rule book, it clearly states (and I quote):

“Amtgard is a not-for-profit; free, non-sectarian group dedicated to the recreation of medieval and fantasy genres.”

Now, to me, that states that we also try to throw a little role-playing into the game. Would it hurt to maybe put it in to one of our battle games? Would it hurt for any kingdom to do a little role-playing?

Of course, I may be the only flurb in the entire kingdom of Dragonspine who says this, but I hope that the others hear what I have to say. I believe that role-playing adds a little flavor into our already wonderful kingdom. Once again, I’m not saying we have to go full-blown play by play role-playing!

Here’s what I mean.

Say, in example that in a battle game, one team is expected to take a castle, playing as the Infidels. The leader could spice it up a little by pacing back and forth and giving his troops a little speech like this:

“Men, we are about to embark on a sacred mission for the all-powerful Allah—“ (at this moment someone could scream, “PRAISE ALLAH!” and the others could scream too) “that he has chosen us for. If you die, take the Christian dogs with you. You shall be welcomed into heaven with open arms. 72 black-haired virgins await you! Join me, my brothers to cleanse the land of the Christian Scourge! PRAISE ALLAH!”

You see? It’s got a little comedy, a little talking smack, and a little cheesiness. And if the others on his team don’t go along with it, fine. If they do, even better! It also gives the other team a chance to have a little fun by their leader coming up with a speech like that. And those who run the battle game can say that the teams can stick with it, or they don’t have to. Give ‘em the option!

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