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Cover Story
[09/09/2006] [Ascolis Wyldfire]

Over the years we have made a lot of changes to the rules for the betterment of the game, much like the set of rule changes recently discussed by the Circle of Monarchs at Clan. However, there is one rule change that some feel is not for the betterment of the game. It seems more of a rule to make the game look prettier. The proposed cloth cover rule is more an elimination of construction choice than an improvement on the rules.

Many feel there may be some angles that have not been looked at or discussed on this rule. There is nothing overtly dangerous about the use of nylon covers. Sure, many feel they look bad, but it is the choice that we all should have the right to make. This seems to be a rule change pushed by those who may not have seen all the angles.

First, there are the many who chose to have weapons with better functionality rather than looks. To many, light makes right and every ounce counts. I, among many others, feel that until you can make a cloth cover that weights less than a nylon knee high nylon panty hose, we will not change our construction. We should have the right to choose to make our weapons light over pretty. Some tell me that they worry about nylons being loose and getting a reservoir type tip and could hurt someone. Ok, fine - then change the rule to say the nylon must fit tightly. That makes more sense than banning them. Taking the right of choice away seems very wrong.

Also, there are arguments to be made that cloth covers are far more dangerous than nylons. I myself have been a duchy level champion on many occasions and kingdom champion as well. I have found more atrocities hidden by a cloth cover than under a nylon by far. Any time I checked weapons, I always required that a player take off their cloth cover and allow me to see the blade. Hidden by cloth covers, I have found swords with patched holes in the blade, as well as coins, washers, tacks, duct-tape covered blades, and all manner of illegal things. Now I will admit, I myself have blown out swords and patched them up and hid them with a cloth cover. I then was free to take the now illegal, but well hidden sword on to the field. The one weapon that has been cursed more than any is a duct sword. I myself have never seen one covered in nylon - it seems the are always hidden by cloth. If the rules change, you will never know just what will be hitting you.

There are going to be dangers with any weapon. However, it seems to me there has been more danger connected with cloth covers rather than nylon. So if pain sticks and illegal weapons are frequently hidden by cloth, then why ban nylons? Many, like myself, no matter what the decision, will not change my light, comfortable weapons. Until someone, any one, can prove that nylon themselves are dangerous, there is no need to change. Maybe, due to the danger of pain sticks and hidden illegality of weapons under cloth weapons, we should be looking to ban a different type of cover.

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