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Do You Remember Your Persona?
[02/12/2007] [Raven]

Ah, personas. The nexus of all role-playing games; those characters that live in our heads just waiting for a chance to break free and live in the real world. Maybe they’re the reason I went into Amtgard in the first place. Being a writer, I do have many characters in my head that often need a chance to get out and live, even if it’s for a few hours on the weekend.

I’m sure you stick jocks out there are saying, “Personas are for flurbs” and yes, maybe they are, but they are an integral part (whether you believe it or not) of Amtgard.

Personas are an extension of your self. They’re that little bit of you that gets to come out and shine, even if it’s only in your head. I, for example, take personal pride in being called by my persona name. It’s one of the names I answer to on the battlefield, in Althings - in any Amtgard way.

Personas are great because they can be anyone or anything if you really think about it. For example, mine is a half-elf who once lived on the streets, but now she has become a ranger and wanders the lands telling stories. Now some people may roll their eyes and say, “well elves are a dime-a-dozen in Amtgard”, but that’s not entirely the point. My persona story isn’t that complicated and is easier to remember, so if anyone asks I can give the basic idea of it.

Besides, I think that it is fun to be called by your persona. I take personal pride in being called Raven and will answer to it when called such.

It states in the rulebook that to get started you should, and I quote, “Develop a persona and persona history.” If it’s in the rulebook it has to be pretty darn important. They are a necessary part to Amtgard and if you at least don’t have an idea of one you just might be sunk. That’s not entirely my point, though.

I think that some people in Amtgard overlook their flurby days when they could tell their persona story at the drop of a hat. Some people, being in the game so long, honestly forget their persona.

Then one day there’s that newbie, eager and bright-eyed who you hear talking to their friends about their persona, and there they are. They’ve never really left your head but have been asleep for so long that you really have to think about why they’re there.

And that’s when you realize you’ve been in Amtgard for such long time that you’ve forgotten your roots.

I can only hope that this speaks to all you older players. I hope you all understand that stick-jock or flurb, newbie or old guy, ditch-monkey or battle-gamers, no matter what class you play, that personas are still important. They are a mainstay of this game and they should be utilized to their full extent.

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