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E-Samurai Interview: Grix
[01/23/2009] [The Interviewer]

State your full name for the record.


Where did you get the name Grix?

There was an NPC in a table top game a friend was running named Grik. I liked the idea of something short, but Grik didn't seem quite right. I started swapping out letters until I found something I liked and stopped at Grix.

What would you say is Amtgard's single greatest purpose?

It's a place for people to come together and have fun. If you find yourself regularly frustrated and upset, you should probably take a step back for a while until you figure out what you enjoy about it.

You're from the Principality of Westmarch. What do you think will need to change before your group can become a kingdom?

Westmarch had a long and rocky beginning. The individual parks have come far from their xenophobic past, and need to continue to work together for the good of Amtgard in California. Westmarch should look at Desert Winds as an example of the drive and solidarity that we need to work towards to build a successful multi-park kingdom.

Do you think there are too many knights in Amtgard?

Not really. Though I do think that there are too many players who simply call themselves knights, as well as too many knights who have yet to be recognized as such.

If you had complete control over the game, how would you fix this?

I think that the current system works. For the most part, bad knights will eventually go away and new knights will be recognized in time. The only real suggestion I have is for people to communicate more with their knight's circle. Let the circle know what you want to see in a knight and who you think is a good example.

What's your single fondest Amtgard memory?

I came up with a number of individual moments, and then settled on Clan 2008. The entire event was one long weekend of awesome that reminded me of why I love Amtgard. I got to hang out with most of my favorite people, some for the first time in person and some that I didn't even know were going to be there. I saw a couple of friends get knighted, one of which was a surprise. I found out that the nearby Pizza Hut had "Goodbye Horses" on the jukebox. I scored a badass duckie hat.

What's your worst Amtgard injury?

I've never had a serious Amtgard injury. The worst I ever get are random bruises or a sprained ankle.

What is the greatest misunderstanding people have of Artisans in Amtgard?

That that's all we're good for or interested in. I love every part of Amtgard, and often find myself switching in and out of different roles. In addition to my involvement with the arts and sciences side of Amtgard, I've tried to office whenever possible, worked to further Amtgard in my region, and just yesterday I did my best to teach basic and advanced single sword classes at the Westmarch Tutorial for Fighters.

Who do you most admire in Amtgard and why?

The people that have been able to overcome their differences with others and improve Amtgard. Everyone has disagreements, but some people handle that gracefully and strive for the outcome that benefits as many as possible. One of these days, I'd like to be that guy.

If you could visit three (and only three) kingdoms, which three would you pick? Why?

Dragonspine, Iron Mountains, and Desert Winds. The majority of my friends in Amtgard are part of those kingdoms and I always feel incredibly welcome when I visit.

Do you have anything you'd like to say to the readers of e-Samurai?

Find out what you love to do and do it. Don't ever let anyone tell you that there's a specific path you have to follow.


San Dimas High School football rules!

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